IUI Miscommunication?


I went to my second round US yesterday and found out that on the last months attempt they didn’t do the wash they had done with the past attempts for some reason that really wasn’t explained except that they didn’t remember. VERY Frustrated bc we are paying out of pocket this time as new insurance doesn’t pay and we decided regardless we would only try 4 times.
When I spoke with the nurses, they got really defensive and told me they have over 200 patients and it is my responsibility to make sure the wash is done right?
Has anyone dealt with anything like this before?


Which watch is better for you?


The amino bead wash has been the only successful for us.


[QUOTE=“PositiveThinking7644, post: 1788813, member: 50685”]The amino bead wash has been the only successful for us.[/QUOTE]
I honestly didn’t know there were different methods of washing. I’m going to have to talk to my doctor to see which method they use.