IUI ovulation follicle count?


Scenario wife is being monitored has 14 follicles and during monitoring it appears 2 grow each day. Ovulation is between 18-20 so tomorrow should be 18 but Thurs is our iui. My wife states she can tell when she ovulates. We just don’t want to miss the egg drop like the last 2 so we are trying to narrow the timing. ANy suggestions? Thanks


Do you use OPKs? A trigger shot?
If she knows she ovulated, then it’s time for the IUI - immediately.


Ovulation does not necessarily coincide w/ the specific size of the follicle, only that 16mm is considered mature and “could” produce an egg. Last cycle I had 3 that were over 20mm and I continued to take meds and did not have my IUI for another 3 days, I believe I’ve even seen some women have follicles close to 30mm before Ovulation…As w/ what Poenym said, do you use OPK’s or any other type of monitoring? That would be your best way to determine your timing. Timing is the only factor in IUI that is unpredictable and the hardest to nail down. Even with a trigger shot, you cannot determine exactly when you will O. And when did your RE state your wife had 14 follicles? What were there sizes?? If they were at the beginning of the cycle then she does not currently have 14 follicles, your RE should do another u/s around cd11 or cd12 to determine how many mature follicles she has now and then determine when to administer the trigger and schedule the IUI. Again, timing is one of the most unpredictable things in an IUI cycle…good luck to y’all!


This is IUI #3 and the previous 2 she took trigger shot. She also took the Ov test and it showed not ovulating. She went to dr. this morning who suggested 1 more day so Friday and Saturday w/o trigger shot but we have the trigger shot in case he changes mind. My wife might not be able to make Fridays iui so she is going to see if we can do it tomorrow (Thurs) and possibly Sat.