IUI pain, P severity


Hi, I had my first IUI yesterday and it was painful. The doctor said she could not insert all the way (half-way, she said) because I was crying with pain.

This was after a first attempt, when my cervix was not straight, so I had to drink even more water to get the cervix to straighten out for the insemination tube to enter. Was very uncomfortable as the doc had to visit other patients duing the interim and I was bursting.

When she returned for the second IUI, the cervix was stright (so I assume as she continued) but it was very painful and she said afterwards it was because something was blocking the tube, and that for any future IUIs I would have to be examined under anesthesia to see what it is and remove it if necessary, like a polyp.

Is this common? Was your IUI painful?

I’m on Utrogestan progesterone (“P”) and it’s completly drugged me out, I will ask for a lower dosage after the weekend because this seems wrong, can’t even keep my eyes open.


Painful IUI

:cross: Hope it works for you…

So I too had my first IUI this month and I have to say it made me very tearful…The pain was almost unreal. She told me that my cervix was very hard to get to because it was backwards and to the side… I not only hurt that day but for two more days…Best of Luck to you:babydust:


I too had my first IUI today. I would say it was rather uncomfortable and I’ve been cranky ever since. I did not have any intense pain as you described though. It seems strange that you would have a blocked tube though, don’t they usually check that first? They definitely checked if my tubes were clear before letting me do the IUI.


I’m a small framed girl and so unexperienced nurses assume I need the smallest speculum but that is extremely painful so ask them to try different speculum because if its to small it may be harder to get to your cervix and it will cause pain.


IUI today 10/30/10

I had my first IUI today and only had slight discomfort during insertion of 9.3 million swimmers. I’ve experienced twinges of pain here and there but nothing unbearable. Now for the TWW. :pray: If pain persists I’d call the RE if I were you.

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had my iui last weekend and honestly, the speculum was the only part that hurt. i had just O’d naturally, so my cervical os was open slightly and so it was really pretty easy. no cramping, just a little bit of discharge about an hour later, and that’s it. IUI of approx 7-9M swimmers. now 2WW!!! -a-


Thanks everyone, and I’m keen to hear more and hope this also hepls others.

We are seriously thinking of changing doctors after this round, especially for the removal of whatever it is blocking things. Having said that, where I am and for our needs, our choices are limited.

Meanwhile my Progesterone is way too high and makes me legless wiht my eyes rolling back in my head. The doc said I could stop ro reduce from 2 pills to 1, so will try that tonight.



I am so sorry to hear about your IUI. I had B2B IUI’s last week Thu & Fri. Thu I didnt feel a thing and went back to work as if nothing happened. Friday though, first off the IUI was very painful (they had dig in there to find my cervix since it was curved) and then I had pain all day. But not ovulation pains, more like bladder infection/period pains. I was very incomfortable and didnt feel any ovulation pains. Added the :dance: on Saturday. Since then, I have been feeling fine. Just a bit awkward on Saturday (weird pulling in stomach). So I know to a certain extend how you feel.

As far as the Progesterone (I take Prometrium), I was fine the first week I took it last month, but ever since then when I take it, I get super dizzy. I started taking it at night at the same dosage, so I sleep through it. Have you tried that - taking it at night before you go to bed? Good luck to you!!


I am going to have my first IUI next month and I am pretty nervous. I don’t take pain very well. :slight_smile: For example, I found that my HSG was TERRIBLE!
I’d appreciate any other advice, descriptions of the procedure, what to expect, etc.

Good luck to all!


I did not have any pain with the iui (Friday) but the last few days I have been feeling crampy and uncomfortable. I was wondering if this is normal?


I totally agree with you on the HSG mk! If I had known exactly what they were going to do and how bad it would hurt (tiny cervix, had to “open it” grrr!)
Anyways, I had my first IUI last cycle (got canceled this cycle :grr:) and I was VERY scared. The opening to my cervix was still very small but the nurse got a smaller catheter instead of “opening” it…Thank God! I had no pain during the IUI, just slight discomfort due to the speculum. It was over very quickly, took less than 5 minutes. I did have some slight cramping and discomfort later in the day but all in all it wasn’t a bad experience for me. The nurse made me feel very comfortable and the fact that my DH was there with me helped too. Just try to think of it like you are going to the Gyno for your yearly checkup!

:babydust::babydust::babydust: TO ALL!!!


Please Help!! :’(

Im supposed to be having my pre IUI tests in two weeks and Ive never been able to have smear test because the pain has been so excrutiating it has made me sick and shake due to the pain so ive never gone fully through with it. Hospital are saying I have to have one before they can do IUI. Ive tried 3 times this week and same - I bleed so heavy afterwards and the nurse was older and completely unsympathetic telling me I was being silly and that I was wasting the IUI doctors time if I couldnt even go through with a “simple” smear test. The pain down below is so bad now I can hardly sit down. She said there is something blocking my cervix so that is why she struggles to insert the clamp thing. I cannot explain to you the lack of sleep I have had over this and the amount of hours I have spent crying. Im absolutely gutted that the nurse made me feel so bad but the pain is pain that I have never felt before. Im quite small build. Im just worried now that the hospital wont let me have an IUI and also the tests I need to have will hurt just as much. Im making myself physically sick with worry. Should I try and speak with my GP or should I try and speak with the hospital and see what they suggest? Someone please help me and Im so sorry to post this here but I dont know where else to post it. Thank you x