IUI pre-wash and post-wash numbers and motility - what was it?


Hi ladies,
Would you mind sharing what your H’s pre and post wash numbers were for your IUI? And motility? If you would also share how many follies you had, I’d really appreciate it.
Thanks and GL to all of you!


You can see in my signature what mine were my last iui… Have my u/s this Thursday for round 2.

I did only have 2 mature follies at iui though… I just found out on day 1 on this cycle… They told me 4 follies at u/s but apparently only 2 were mature.


I had 4 follicles and my DH’s sperm count was 27 mil, but they didn’t say anything else, so I don’t know if that was before or after or what the motility was.


Thanks for the responses ladies!


From our first IUI a couple of years ago, I had 3 mature follies and post-wash sperm count was 25 million, motility 87% and we got a :bfp: .


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On my last IUI, in which I got my BFP, prewash was 59 million, post wash was 26 million, with 46% motility. I had one follicle at 25mm and by a it worked! Sending you baby dust!:babydust:


Hi ladies first 2 IUI 1 mature follicle at 2.2, with femara and ovidrel. DH sperm was 75 million post wash and 100 percent motility.

Going on 3rd IUI:pray: :bsv:


Here is the info for our 3 IUI’s. With sperm numbers, i listed it all. But you need to look at the post washed total motile count as that is what is alive and moving and put inside.

[B]IUI#1 - [/B]BFP w/ Triplets… had 5 follies

DH’s pre wash -
131 total count
67% motility progressive
87.08mil total motile

Post wash
26.5mil/ml count
91% motility
23.98mil total motile

[B]IUI#2 - [/B]BFN (Timed wrong done 2 days after natural ovulation) Had 5 follies

Pre wash
30mil total count
53% motility
15.90mil total motile

15mil total count
75% motility
11.25mil total motile

[B]IUI#3 [/B]- Chemical pregnancy… Had 4 follies

Pre wash
373.7 mil total count
69% motility
255.98mil total motile

Post wash
32mil total count
98% motility
31.98mil total motile


IUI #1 =bfn
Pre- 100 mil
Post- 56 mil

pre- 150 mil
Post-100 mil


My last post-wash motile count was 34 million. I don’t remember the pre-wash motile but I usually lose half during the wash. Total counts are usually between 100-200 million.

I’ve done seven of these now and I can tell you that the post-wash motile can vary wildy from IUI to IUI.

My wife almost always has two mature follicles.


[B]IUI #1[/B]: :bfn:
[][FONT=Arial]Count (million/ml) - 94[/FONT]
][FONT=Arial]Motility (%) - 70[/FONT]
[][FONT=Arial]Motility Grading - 3[/FONT]
][FONT=Arial]Number of Motile Sperm in specimen (million) - 250[/FONT][/LIST][SIZE=2]Postwash[/SIZE][LIST]
[][FONT=Arial]Count (million/ml) - 106
][FONT=Arial]Motility (%) - 60[/FONT]
[][FONT=Arial]Motility Grading - 4
][FONT=Arial]Number of Motile Sperm in specimen (million) - 31.8[/FONT][/LIST][B]IUI #2[/B]: :bfn:
[][FONT=Arial]Count (million/ml) - 64[/FONT]
][FONT=Arial]Motility (%) - 80[/FONT]
[][FONT=Arial]Motility Grading - 3[/FONT]
][FONT=Arial]Number of Motile Sperm in specimen (million) - 240.6[/FONT][/LIST][SIZE=2]Postwash[/SIZE][LIST]
[][FONT=Arial]Count (million/ml) - 144
][FONT=Arial]Motility (%) - 70[/FONT]
[][FONT=Arial]Motility Grading - 4
][FONT=Arial]Number of Motile Sperm in specimen (million) - 50.4
[/FONT][/LIST][B]IUI #3[/B]: 2WW
[][FONT=Arial]Count (million/ml) - 66
][FONT=Arial]Motility (%) - 75[/FONT]
[][FONT=Arial]Motility Grading - 3[/FONT]
][FONT=Arial]Number of Motile Sperm in specimen (million) - 222.8[/FONT][/LIST][SIZE=2]Postwash[/SIZE][LIST]
[][FONT=Arial]Count (million/ml) - 103
][FONT=Arial]Motility (%) - 90[/FONT]
[][FONT=Arial]Motility Grading - 4
][FONT=Arial]Number of Motile Sperm in specimen (million) - 46.4


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everyone’s replies! THank you all so much and wishing you all in treatments/2ww the BEST of luck that you get your bfps.


evyerthing i know is in my signature. Good luck to all!!!