IUI procedures


Hi Ladies,

I was wondering how your doctor does IUI. I went in for my baseline ultrasound and she gave me the okay to start meds. She then asked me if I wanted to do bloodwork. She told me it would not yield anything different so I don’t need it. I was wondering if you guys had your blood drawn on your baseline? I am curious because when I did IVF, I had my blood drawn every time I went in for an ultrasound. Please advise.


I had my blood work done through my 4 IUI’s to track my thyroid levels. Also they looked at my e2 levels. I was thankful they did, we discovered a thyroid issue and realized I had a slightly low ovarian reserve. Bloodwork was also drawn after each IUI to test for pregnancy.


My blood work also tested for ovulation to make sure the follicle growth and blood work was insink. I always had blood done with each visit. But I know every doctor is different.

Why did she offer it to you if it wouldn’t make a difference? What blood work would she have done? Odd to put it on you as she is the doctor…

Good luck.


Erintobe: The bloodwork would have tested for FSH, Estradiol. Giving me the option to test sounded weird to me too. But I figure she is the doctor and since I never did an IUI before…she would know best. I don’t want to second guess her but I don’t know. So you guys all got monitored with bloodwork…

Wishes4baby: I know they test for pregnancy with blood but like I said, she gave the option to test for the above. This was my baseline. I thought it was mandatory. She also gave me the option to pick which protocal I wanted. The hybrid or the straight injectibles. I never went to a doctor with options which is nice. But it also makes me confused and want to second guess her.

Overall do you guys think this is weird. I don’t want to cancel. My meds are at my door as we speak. Please advise


My RE did not do any baseline blood testing at the start of each cycle or during the cycle. We did the FSH and estradol (sp?) a month before my first IUI. Heck, he never checked my progesterone. Just put me on the endometrin inserts after each IUI as a precaution.

RE was kind of hands off, really. Did the baseline u/s, went home, took meds for a week, came back for a check up u/s. IUI usually 2 days later. No checking of e2 levels to see how many follies were growing or where they were. Although if I hadn’t been reading these boards I wouldn’t have know what I was ‘missing’.

I have seen a lot of people on these forums get more monitoring, and it did make me a little uneasy. Being on so much meds the first time around I was a bit worried about being the octomom, but given my AMH I suppose that wasn’t likely. On the other hand, I was paying out of pocket, so I didn’t really want to rack up more charges. In general, I think for a lot of people, IUI gets way less monitoring than IVF. I would ask your RE about it if it makes you uncomfortable. She might just not think it is necessary. Kind of strange for her to leave it up to you? Maybe her way of asking if you are willing to pay for it?


I only had one iui with Clomid so far. She did do baseline u/s and blood work, took the meds, went back she did u/s to see response of the meds but after that she said she monitors with blood work up rather than u/s. I did get one more blood work up to see if I was close to O, then was asked to take ovidrel. She did not monitor the follicles as I think some of the re on these forum seems to monitor. But I have low ovarian reserve like Allison, so, may be she was not concerned about that.



I guess I should be happy that I am not required to do bloodwork. My insurance does not pay for it. I guess it is out of my hands and in God’s. Lotsa baby dust to us all.


[QUOTE=sophealy]I guess I should be happy that I am not required to do bloodwork. My insurance does not pay for it. I guess it is out of my hands and in God’s. Lotsa baby dust to us all.[/QUOTE]

I just started my 2nd iui, and they did only u/s, no baseline work up except thyroid test just because I am having some symptoms and it came back abnormal.


Hope you get :bfp: soon


My doctor doesn’t do a lot of bloodwork either. If there has been a break in fertility treatments, she does a baseline. If treatments have been progressing monthly, she doesn’t require a baseline each month unless something is funky.

I then start the clomid and go back for a follicle ultrasound on the cd14. We’ve had an issue with the follicles being quite large on cd14 (25-29), so I’ve insisted on an earlier day. My last IUI cycle monitering was done on cd13, which wasn’t soon enough (24, I think). When (and if!) I need another cycle, I will push her to moniter on CD11.

I WANT a doctor that gives me options and listens to me. But I also want a doctor that gives me my options and her opinion regarding the benefits and drawbacks of each treatment plan. I can do research on my own as well, but I’m paying her good money, so she better bring something to the table as well.

Best of luck!


Far2011 and janisj: Thanks for your input. Now I don’t feel so freaked out about the whole thing. So it is normal to not get monitored with bloodwork for every visit during IUI.
I like my RE when I met her. She sounded reasonable but now I am beginning to question her. I decided to use pills and injections with Bravelle. When I emailed her how much water I should mix with the Bravelle. She said it doesn’t matter. It could be 1, 0.5 or 2ml of water for the 2 vials I have to inject every night. Does this sound normal to you? Please help. I am really confused and don’t want to second guess my RE but I am beginning to wonder about her…

BTW: When I did IVF, I mixed 4 vials with 1 ml of water. If I go with her “doesn’t matter” attitude and mix 2 vials with 2 ml of water, wouldn’t that be too much? too diluted? what is your opinion. Thanks ladies.


I wish I could help, but no shots here. I hope someone with more info chimes in :slight_smile: Best of luck!


[B]sophealy[/B], It’d be nice if she gave you a more direct answer (since that’s what you were asking for). Although the RE is right in that it doesn’t really matter. You’ll be ok using 1ml for 2 vials (which I think is what most of us do). My syringes are 1ml so I typically use .8 to .9 of liquid & mix it with 1 or 2 powders (depending on what my dose is for the day). I find less liquid equals less sting (I use Menopur) & it’s quicker to inject than if I had 2 ml of liquid to push in. lol. The amount of actual medication (powders) stays the same whether you use 1ml or 2ml, it just changes the concentration level (for 2 powders with 2ml=75iu/ml or 1ml=150iu/ml).

Which injectable are you using? Usually you can find the dosing instructions (# liquids to powders) on the monograph info that comes with them.

Good luck! :cross:


woofwoof: I am using Bravelle. I decided to use 1ml of water. I went online and 1 vial = 1 ml. So I figure I will use it for 2 vials as 2ml is a lot of shooting up. Thanks.