Iui re vs ob


Hi I need advice after 3.5yrs of ttc it is time to move on to the next step. I am wondering if having my ob do the iui is worth a try or if I should stick with re. Here is the situation I am running out of insurance I can only do 1 iui than I have to go to ivf. My re is 200 miles away I can do the labs and us here but I have to travel to do the actual iui. Re is more expensive because the protocol is multiple labs, more us and injectables. Ob protocol is only clomid and 1 us but ob is way less experienced. Ob would be way less stressful to me because I work at the same hospital as her so it is convienant. But she does not do iuis often. I don’t know what to do!!! I need this to work because ivf terrifies me and everything with ivf I have to travel plus dh and I both have full time jobs so it would be hard to just up and go for every test. Help please.


Wow. That is a really hard decision. It’s a lot of time and energy out of your life to drive 200 miles for as much as you would likely need (for the IUI or for IVF). For example, I’ve been at my clinic 4 times in the past week, and am going again in two days. I can’t imagine a 200 mile drive for that.

Add to that extra cost… I could see why you’d be inclined to do it locally.

That said, if you asked me the question “what would I do for my child”? I don’t even have one yet, and I know my answer would easily be “drive 200 miles every day if necessary.”

But it would have to be a big necessary, huh?

What does your ob think?


I would stick with the RE. If the OB hardly does them i wouldn’t want to put my last chance in the OB hands. Does the OB have a way to wash the sperm? I mean its really up to you. But i myself have drove 3 hours one way for ultrasounds and IUI’s.



I did’t even know my ob did iui she is the one that sent me to the re after my failed clomid cycles 1.5 years ago. I had my yearly physical last week with her np and she set me up for a consult with the ob in April so I don’t know if she just started doing them or what. I just don’t know what to do my gut says to travel for a better chance but my husband wants to stay here. Agh


If your gut says travel and you can afford to travel, then travel. If you stay and it doesn’t work, you’ll have regrets. If you travel and it doesn’t work, the lost time and money are a lot less to regret, and you can say you gave it your best.


Thanks. I think I will stick with the re it is more hassle but I feel it is my best chance and i feel more at ease with him. I thought about the sperm washing after I left my appointment I doubt the ob would do that the np had never even heard of follistum and i had to explain my normal protocol so that’s kind of a red flag to me. Thanks that solves one of my stressors


Speaking from recent experience…

I’m in the midst of an IUI cycle with my OB/GYN rather than my RE (who is also far away). I really like and trust my OB, but… the extra care and attention may really be worth it. When I was going through the same beta misery I am currently involved in with my RE it was was so much easier. Not sure if it was just their protocols, but, my labs were run stat, I heard back from a nurse who knew me and talked me through things, early ultrasounds were more routine etc. In the last week or so I have often wished I was with our RE instead.

That said, my husband’s job is very unpredictable and he’s on call just about 24/7 (he’s a corporate pilot) so making multiple doctor visits a couple hours a way rather than a couple minutes away is a big deal for us and not always an option. I’ll see how this cycle turns out, maybe do one more here and then (if need be) go back to my RE.


If you have done Clomid and had no response, I wouldn’t waste your time with OB (especially if this is the last IUI). That being said, my RE didn’t even do my IUI (and a lot of RE’s dont-they leave it to their RNs to do). Good luck with your decision! :babydust: