IUI success with DOR/POF


So my FSH has been pretty high thru out the past years. Last time it was tested was at 12. Im having my Day 3 labs done on thursday and it will be the first time ive had my AMH done and my FSH hasnt been tested in 4 years. Anyways, my DH has VERY poor morphology (0% normal) which is why we went to IVF/ICSI right away.

Anyways, my question is has anyone had success with IUI’s despite having high FSH/low AMH?? If we were to go ahead with a few IUI’s we would use Donor sperm and hope that h maybe his Morphology is so bad that with super good sperm, maybe my eggs arent so bad that they would make a pregnancy. Its hard to know if my eggs are the MAIN problem, or if his sperm is the MAIN problem or if our reproductive systems in general both suck!!! (LOL)

My RE kinda danced around whether or not with my FSH #'s I woudl have any chance at Pregnancy with IUI. but then said “i guess anything is possible” ??? Really??? Come on, give me the truth…

Just looking for some success stories with high fsh/low amh. Thank you


It is possible to have IUI sucess with high FSH/low AMH (see my signature for the numbers). My RE said some doctors would recommend we go straight to donor eggs with my age and AMH. Well, we got lucky on our 2nd IUI, although I think it did surprise the heck out of our RE. My RE explained that the high FSH primarily meant that I might be a poor responder to the medications, not that I didn’t have any eggs left.

We had originally decided to do one IUI with medium strength meds to see how I reacted to them (did I produce follies) prior to moving onto IVF. Well, we got 3 follies the first try, although a BFN, so we decided one more IUI try before moving onto IVF (since no insurance coverage). At my age we didn’t want to waste too much time before moving onto IVF. Well, the 2nd IUI worked and I’m currently 11 weeks pregnant. We used a similar dose of meds (100 mg clomid and 150 follistim), and got 3 follies again.

If you produced follies in IVF, you should be able to for IUI. You just might need more meds than the normal IUI. Plus, you have age on your side. At my age, egg quality has already decreased a lot. We were aiming for 3 or 4 follies each time b/c then I might have one good egg in the bunch. AMH and FSH don’t give you any indication of egg quality.

I would say give IUI with donor sperm a shot. It’s definitely a lot cheaper than IVF (unless you have insurance). Good luck and :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: !!


Thank you for the response!!!

I just got my Day 3 labs back and am disappointed… like i usually am. I dont know why the heck i put myself thru this.
FSH- 11.3
Estrodial- 47
LH- 6.0
AMH-??? (had to send out to a different lab, not back yet)

I guess my AMH will tell the story. I was hoping for some good news but in my head i knew there wasnt going to be any. Its not like my eggs will magically get better. My FSH was about the same 4 years ago, and i guess maybe i thought since i quit smoking, eating lots of sugar/soda, and eat more raw foods, that it might have helped. I guess not. I dont think i can waste money for IUI’s that probably wont be successful anyways. :grr:


I am in a similar situation. My FSH is very high. We are considering trying IUI’s. This infertility journey led me to workshop in Woodstock, NY that I highly recommend. It allowed me to follow my longing for a child with an open heart full of hope and possibilities. Here are a few links that may offer you some hope.

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All the best to you.