IUI Success with One Tube?


Earlier this year I lost my right tube due to an ectopic. I will be doing my second round of IUI and this month is the first month after 5 cycles of fertility meds, that my left side (good side) has actually responded, I was just wondering if anyone has had success with IUI and one tube, what meds you were on and how many follicles you had that cycle?? Thank you.


With your DH having good count/quality of sperm, I’d think your chances are pretty good. His swimmers are going to go everywhere and one lucky contender will surely find it’s target :slight_smile: Good luck hun!


I am in the same boat, just resently lost my left tube to ectopic. Our Dr. said that IUI was totally doable but it increasing the chances of another ectopic. Because if you ovulate on your right side when the egg releases it will travel through your abdomen to your left tube (visa versa for me). So if a swimmer gets out of your tube it could meet up with the egg outside of the tubes or it could meet up at the very edge causing the implantation to occur in the tube again.
But it is totally possible. As soon as it happened to me I had friends telling me about how they got pregnant (naturally) after losing a tube. So doing it with an IUI is possible.

We’re leaning more toward going with IVF but we are using donor swimmers and only have 2 vials left.


Hi Ladies,

Just wondering if any of you did get your BFP with one tube. Just had to remove a tube this weekend due to ectopic, taking a few months break and going to try again.



[SIZE=3][FONT=System]Hello Faith2006 – Yes it is possible to get a BFP with one tube. Now keep in mind you have to hope and pray that your follies decide to grow within your ovary that is located near the fallopian tube. They say the egg can float and get intercepted by the opposite tube but it’s a slim to none chance. For example I don’t have a right fallopian tube therefore, I always pray my follies develop within my left ovary so that the left fallopian tube can pick up the eggies. With stimming it’s been a hit or miss type of thing. I got my first BFP in June 2012 (with one tube) but it resulted in a chemical preg. Were back on the horse and TTC again. This month we have 2-3 mature follies 18mm+ within my left ovary and were hoping it results in a successful BFP. Time take to heal and good luck TTC again. [/FONT][/SIZE]