IUI this time! really nervous


Hi ladies-
I am new here and wondering if anyone an help… I was diagnosed with PCOS at 16 never received a period on my only. Was previously on bc pills. My hubby is older than me and his sperm are ok… I already did 2 rounds of clomid noo luck,bravelle no luck. My dr. wants me to take follistim this time around with iui…Any advice? Anyone else going through this currently… Please help
I have been so depressed and feel like i WILL NEVER HAVE MY OWN BABY.


Hey Nicole!

PCOS stinks! :frowning: I can say that Clomid did not work for me either. Though I never used Follistom, I did have to use a combo therapy of Femara and injections. All in all, it took me over a year and a half with many cycles where I either didn’t respond, or I over responded. It was super frustrating. I know it’s hard, but be patient. With us PCOS girls it just seems to take a bit longer to find the magic mix.

Good luck! :flower:


Thanks. I was reading yur info and are you currently preg? If so Congrats on the:bfp: sorry I am new here and learning… How many IUI’s do you think it may take for me to get preg?? I hope it comes soon bc my hormones are raging and I have been very uptight


Hey nicole!


Sorry you’re feeling depressed about your situation. Trust me, I do often too! IUIs are a pretty easy procedure, and hopefully, it will give you a better chance of geting pregnant!

I’ll keep you in my thoughts, Good luck!!


I would plan on 3-6 IUI at minimum with great timing and meds when you’re dealing with PCOS. But don’t be discouraged! One of my good friends has PCOS and a naturally conceived child. She is though having trouble with #2. Has your doc started you on glucophage? That seems to be a vital ingredient when dealing with PCOS. Clomid has some negative side effects like thin lining and poor cervical mucus which is why my doc and I have choosen to use Femara. I’ve done one iui so far and heading for my 2nd. I had one mature follie which is all you really need. But no :bfp: For me yet. I’m optimistic though that it will happen soon. I too have a naturally conceived child…by luck! GL and :babydust: :bsv:


:welcome: [FONT=Comic Sans MS]- and I totally get being depressed! I have PCOS too, and unfortunately, cycles with just Clomid or Femara alone did nothing for me. I’m now on IUI’s w/ a combination of Femara and Bravelle injections. It’s the only thing so far I’ve responded too, although I take a lot of Bravelle to get any response. Unfortunately I overstimmed this cycle and had to cancel it just this weekend (too much high risk of a large number of multiples). So I’m on a break right now from trying. My :cross: for you though…and just be patient, something I’m trying to master (easier said that done). But try…because PCOS likes to make our journey just a smidge more complicated. I know we will all get our miracle at sometime though. :babydust: [/FONT]


Nicole!!! Don’t give up. You sound like me a year ago…seriously. I am PCO but “lean”. I never ovulated on my own or got periods. I did two rounds of clomid and the growth took forever!!! After this I had laproscopic surgery (to start fresh) and then started injectables…and what do you know…someone who thought they would never have their own baby just like you…now 26 weeks pregnant. Follistim + IUI did it for me. It will happen. Like the girls above all said - once you find what works it will happen. Good luck. Check out my signature for detailed description. P.S. My husband had male infertility as well so you are once step ahead of us if your hubby has no issues! Hope to see you on BFP thread soon! It is scary going through it but once you get used to it, the scariness goes away and the acceptance of your own journey to have a baby will pave the way to success.


Hi Nicole,
Welcome! You sound just like me. I am 28 and have PCOS too. TTC since 9/2010 and began treated cycles 6/2010. I was on letrozole (similar to Clomid) for two cycles and had a poor response on multiple levels – poor lining, low estrogen, one cycle I didn’t ovulate.
Then I went to Gonal-F injections (same as Follistim) and everything in the cycle went much better. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOLLISTIM! I am currently in the 2 ww after a round on Gonal F so I don’t know if it worked but I had perfect follicles (2-3 good ones), pretty good lining, estrogen was excellent, and then my post ovulation progesterone was great. All of these parameters were not great with letrozole.
The needle used with the pen form of gonal f and follistim is tiny and barely hurts at all going in. It’s totally worth it! The monitoring is a lot more intense, and you need to have frequent u/s and b/w but if IUI is going to work, it’s more likely to work with injectables. One thing to watch out for is overstimming, so request a low dose at first, the doc can always bump you up. Best of luck to you and I hope you get your long awaited BFP!


Thanks ladies for all the welcoming and positive wishes. I have my dr. appt on Friday. I know this time we are def going with iui. Last moth I did the follistim and the trigger shot but tried naturally at home… Does anyone think I should skip iui and go right to ivf…I feel like i am wasting timee… Help