IUI timing advice


DH and I have completed all of our testing. We have been diagnosised with unexplained infertility. We were notified by my fertility OB/GYN that we may proceed forward with either medicated or unmedicated IUIs. DH and I have chosen to do medicated as our insurance does not cover the cost so we would like to start with the one that would give us a higher success rate. We go in tomorrow to sign our IUI consents. We are trying to decided when the best time would be to start our first IUI. I really want a baby and would really like to start this next cycle which would be April 1st however I want to be sure we take everything into consideration.

Considerations to start date of 1st IUI:

#1 My employer doesnt offer sick time or FMLA. I will have to save up my paid time off and can only carry 160 hours at any given time. DH gets 3-4 months off which is great EXCEPT he doesnt have to carry the baby/babies.

#2 We have a 16 days Disneyworld vacation planned November 6th-November 21st 2013.


#1 IUI could result in twins/multiples and if I end up on bed rest may not have enough time off even with 160 saved up (This is a concern regardless of what date we start). Also we have been informed that I will not qualify for state disability if put on bed rest b/c infertility is an existing medical problems and we knowing went and got pregnant (or so ive been told).

#2 I dont mind being pregnant while on vacation but I would be around 30 weeks if our first attempt was in April and I am concerned that if multiples I will be on bed rest when we are supposed to go on vacation (our honeymoon actually).

The date that seems to fit best for our first IUI is June 10th but that seems so far away and even then I would still be around 22 weeks preggo, again concerned if we end up with multiples. I think a singleton would be fine at 22 weeks but am I risking too much by going on at 22 weeks if I end up with twins/multiples?

Any opinions/advice is welcome. So anxious to get started but trying to play out every possible situation.



Hi Melissa,

This is kind of a hard thing to give advice about. In an awesome and perfect world… well, none of us would be members of this community because we wouldn’t have these problems! But a step down from that, in a perfect scenario, you’re right; you’d be pretty far along in November and that [I]could[/I] be uncomfortable, even problematic. On the other hand, your first IUI might not work. Your second, third, fourth, even fifth IUIs might not work. (I hate to sound pessimistic, but in reality I’m just trying to be pragmatic; even with a textbook medicated cycle, there’s not a 100% guarantee that, even if you start now, it won’t be a June cycle that is successful.)

There’s kind of a hard, fine line to walk when it comes to this stuff. At some point it can take over your whole life, and rather than planning somewhat invasive medical procedures around your life, you end up planning your life around those procedures. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, especially if, again, it’s what gets you your baby (or babies, sometimes.) But you can also say, hey, this vacation in November is also important to me… and there’s nothing wrong with that, either.

What you kind of have to do is find the right balance for you: whether the risk of being in the later stages of a pregnancy in November is more or less important (for lack of a better term) to you than not having successful IUIs for the first couple of attempts until your doctor finds the right combination for you. It could happen on the first try! Or it could not. You can’t predict that now, unfortunately.


I hear you. We didn’t start trying right away because we were painting the inside of our house - and being able to give my time to that (and not over stress about paint fumes) was more important last summer than starting to try. That said, I really wish it had worked on the first try (August) in terms of timing in my life. I am waiting on scheduling all sorts of things around this actually working… for example, we are talking about wanting to get away for our anniversary in May, and don’t know if we’ll need to be in the area for monitoring, so don’t want to schedule it yet. If I don’t get a positive (by this Thursday) we are more likely going to look for a B&B within 45 minutes of the clinic, so that we can at least plan and book it.

If November is really important to you, more important than this process, then you wait at least a month, because 30 weeks is really hard for travel. I wouldn’t start creating the bedrest issues and twin issues before you’re at that point.

Hope that helps.


If you don’t mind me asking, what state do you live in? I got pregnant through IUI with our 2nd due to unexplained infertility (at the time) and due to complications was put out on bedrest almost 3 months before my due date. I collected state disability through my 8 weeks post partum (c-section).

As far as the timing, like the above posts have said, you and your husband must come to that decision together. Personally, I knew from friends that statistics are very low for success with any ART on the very first month. I had JUST started a new job when I got the BFN from our second clomid/IUI. In fact I had the beta on my 2nd day of work. We went right into the 3rd cycle (injections/IUI) and it worked!!! There will always be some amount of timing issues and there really isn’t a “perfect” time for anyone. The one thing I would consider is that 16 day trip. You’d really want to do that earlier in the pregnancy no matter how many you are carrying.


Also curious as to what state you live in and also how many people are in the company you work for?
As far as your other questions, I agree with the other ladies.


Thank you ladies for your replies. I can’t help but wonder if I’m over thinking things.

I am located in Washington state. The company I work for has 200+ employees nationwide (they are located in Maryland). Here in WA state they have approx. 50 employees total spread out over 350 miles. My boss had infertility issues last year and looked into FMLA and disability after becoming pregnant and was denied on both. Wondering if she was just misinformed. I sure am hoping so.


FMLA is a federal regulation that is offered to anyone working for an eligible employer…a company that has 50+ employees working within a 75 mile radius. Also, Washington State has a requirment to provide parental leave to ALL employers regardless of the # of employees…I would suggest to do some more research into the topic because it sounds to me that you are working for an eligible employer. They cannot NOT offer you FMLA because it is regulated by the federal government, not an option. Good luck to you in your decision!

edited: found this site for some research…Laws About Caring for Family


I hope all works out for you and you get pregnant when the time is right!

I will say that every pregnancy can have complications, multiples or not. I was diagnosed with low-lying placenta (will be placenta previa if not moved by 20 wks, I think) and a 16 day trip to Disneyworld would be out of the question for me. I had a major period like bleed at 12 weeks and have been on doctor-ordered pelvic rest since then (6 weeks). This isn’t bedrest, but means I have to limit my time on my feet and not exercise, no intercourse, etc. I have heard that in my situation I could end up on bedrest or even hospital bedrest if I have serious bleeding later in pregnancy.

I have tried to plan pregnancy around work and such and other peoples’ birthdays, thinking that with fertility treatments surely we’d get pregnant fairly quickly (since this time around we know our problem) and it took us 14 months to conceive baby #2. You get to a point where there is no perfect time to get pregnant…you just want to get pregnant and don’t care what else is happening at the time. The other thing to consider in early pregnancy is that you have no idea if you’ll have severe morning sickness or not…vacation with m/s is miserable and I only had it slightly with my pregnancy this summer.

With an ideal pregnancy, anywhere between 16-24 weeks would probably be okay for travel and lots of walking. Like others said though, there isn’t a guarantee of when you’ll actually conceive though or a textbook pregnancy.

You just have to decide if you do go ahead and TTC at this point if you’d be willing to give up your trip if you had to. If not, maybe consider waiting until this fall to start TTC. It’s a hard decision to make, I’m sure.

Hope you can figure something out for FMLA or sick leave…seems like they have to give you something when a doctor would require you be off of work for 6-8 weeks. Best of luck with everything!