IUI Timing, Follicle Count?


I am wondering what is the perfect timing of a successful IUI. We will be going through our 4th iui this month. The first IUI 1mil swimmers and egg was about to drop, 2nd 6mil swimmers the egg dropped earlier, 3rd 4mil swimmers dr. went further with iui and egg did not drop yet had 18 follicles at the time. The dr. states 20 follicles is ideal. All 3 IUIs was with trigger shot, I was on clomid the 4th my wife will be on clomid. Is there a certain success rate depending on number of follicles? Timing of iui should it be before egg drops? I feel like our timing is always off. Thanks


I got pregnant twice when using a trigger shot and both times the IUI was 36 hours after the trigger and I ovulated probably 4 hours after the IUI so the sperm were waiting for the egg. Both of those times I had 3-4 mature follicles. This last cycle I had a 14.5, 16.5, 17.5 and a 25. I suspect the 17.5 is the baby, but who knows!

I got pregnant two other times just doing Clomid and using ovulation predictor kits. When I’d get a +OPK first thing in the morning I went in for an IUI 24 hours later. I can’t remember then if I felt ovulation before or after IUI…I want to say I think it was before. The cycle that resulted in my son I had two mature follicles, 1 20mm and 1 23mm.

Good luck!


Thats excellent. This cycle my wife will be taking clomid along with the trigger shot. I am just trying to help pinpoint best timing.


I’m hoping your doc means 18mm vs 20mm follicles, not a follicle count. 20 follicles at time of trigger is scary. 20 follicles at around day 3 (antral follicles) is fine.


:slight_smile: I thought the same thing! 20 follicles could break some records 9 months later!


All my BFP’s IUI’s have been 24-39 hours after trigger. 5 out of my 7 have been BFP. My follies ranged in size from 15’s to 22’s. Got triplets out of a 15, 17 and a 18.



yes sorry 20mm. This round my wife will be taking Clomid to help increase our chances.