IUI to IVF Advice?


I’m new to this forum and would appreciate any feedback! It’s all a bit overwhelming and reading other peoples experience is helping me greatly. My husband and I had been trying for 5 months when we decided to see a fertility doctor to get checked out. About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with minor hyperthyroidism which has been under control with no issues taking Synthroid.

The initial check up revealed my husband was fine and I had high LH levels along with mild insulin resistance. Doc had me go on birth control for 2 months and start taking Metformin back in June. My ovulation cycles seem to be different and confusing to the doc. In August we had a failed IUI where everything was going well on Bravelle, since then my LH levels were worrisome so they put me on Syneral which really helped. Last cycle I was on Menapur - started at 1 vial and went up to 2 but instead of follicles getting bigger they started shrinking so that cycle was a dud.

This cycle, I’m on day 17 and have been on Menapur for 14 days (started at 1 vial, then 1 1/2, now 2). Looks like I have about a dozen follicles and today I was told IUI was not recommended since several are over 10 while 1 follicle is 12.5. I’m concerned because a few days ago it was 13.5 so things are not going in the right direction. They recommended IVF which I’m nervous about but feel pressured to do it because I found out this year it’s covered by my insurance, while next year it’ll be all out of pocket.

Has anyone used Menapur and seen follicles decrease in size close to trigger time?


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