IUI to IVF meds... how big of a price difference?


My RE told me yesterday that they normally do 2-3 cycles with oral medications (Clomid and also took Ovidrel injection) before moving on to something else. I assume this means injectables, and am wondering. I know they are considerably more expensive, but any guesstimate on just how much I’d be looking at?

I just worry that my dh won’t go for the more expensive options, and it makes me stress more about the current and upcoming cycles!! Thanks


if we paid out of pocket - iui would be $3k and the ivf would be $16k. I have heard some IVF’s can go up to 20k. My insurance only pays 90% up to $12k so we can do more iui’s than ivf. We dont have an extra 4k! LOL! It changes in January to where there isnt a cap so we will do ivf in january if we do not get a BFP with 2 more iui’s.


I was watching Biggest Loser when I wrote my original question, but I totally goofed up my own question. What I meant to ask was, how big of a difference there is between regular oral medicine and the injectibles for IUI. I think my RE mentioned going to injectibles if the next couple cycles dont work, that’s why I’m asking. Thanks…


the only thing I know about medicine is that it is harsher on your body because the re want the ovarys to produce a lot of eggs. where as iui they just want 2-3.


Hope…I have done both…Clomid + IUI with HCG trigger and repronex, and then Gonal F with Ovidrel trigger and IUI…I had no IF insurance coverage…all out of pocket…Here are the CASH prices I paid

Clomid 50MG (brand) per cycle - $99

Repronex per cycle - $45

HCG 10,000 per trigger cycle- $59

Gonal F 300iu pen avg dose 1st time 112.5iu per day for 10 days - $260 or 4 pens @ $950

Ovidrel 250 - $50

U/S W/OB for Clomid IUI - $120

IUI W/OB - $135

IUI W/Injectables (incl. all test and monitoring) - $1500

on avg at OB

IUI W/Clomid $135
Clomid 50MG $99
Repronex $45
HCG 10,000 $59
U/S $120

Total $458

on avg at RE a

IUI W/Injectables $1500
4 Gonal F 300iu pens $950
Ovidrel 250 trigger shot $50

Total $2500

Hope this helps…Clomid cycle usually only requires one U/S around CD 12 then trigger and IUI…with the injectables and IUI, they monitor you on CD3 then usually CD7 and then again CD 10 and possibly again before trigger…much more expensive…

Good Luck…Baby Dust

BTW, my IVF meds were over the top…

Gonal F 900 iu pens - $780 @ 5 pens
Gonal F 450 iu pens - $390 @ 1 pen
Low Dose HCG - $69
HCG 10,000 - $69
Ganirelix - $95 @ 4 doses
Progesterone in Oil injections $$$$$$$$ not sure of how much I need…

Gonal F $4290
HCG $138
Ganirelix $380

Total $4808

IVF Cost…$20,000 @ 3 tries (drugs not included)

added cost to base IVF fee

ICSI $1800
Biopsy Assisted Hatching $1800
PGD Testing $3,000 - $7,000


[FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=3]For those that do, Great for you…For those that have to pay out of pocket…for most, that stress is overwhelming…it cost as much as a nice car…and most have to wait until they can raise that type of money, or borrow money from family, friends and/or bank, or never get the $$$$ to cover the cost…it is awful, that insurance companies are allowed to side step IF as a medical neccessity[/SIZE][/FONT]


To put the cost in perspective: daycare is $500-$700/month, and if you quit your job instead, that costs whatever you make per month. Plus, there’s the price of diapers and formula if you can’t/don’t breastfeed, not to mention a couple hundred dollars/month extra insurance premium (for us at least. My benefits suck).

The cost really, really bothered me until I realized that this is also what a baby would cost, and we were just getting used to it a little earlier. YES, to do this we had to go from living a middle class lifestyle to a lower-middle class lifestyle, and that sucks sometimes. I miss eating out–hell, I miss buying things at the grocery store that aren’t on sale–but it’s the same or cheaper monthly cost than parenthood.


depending on your insurance, your coverage varies…my last insurance covered ALL meds, including injectables. we were able to fill 3 Gonal F pens before our insurance changed. the new one doesn’t cover injectables at all!

HOWEVER…if you go to Freedom Pharmacy they are the cheapest. they are a small pharmacy in LaJolla, CA but have an online option. their prices are a BIG difference from most pharmacies.

for example: my local WalMart pharmacy was going to charge me $78 for Ovidrel, vs just $50 at Freedom. my Gonal F pens were a WHOPPING $4000 at Walmart vs only $700 at freedom. HUGE differences!!!

also, check with your RE. a lot of women will buy their drugs in bulk and then not need them, and can donate them to their doc office. many RE’s have access to good meds.

finally, there is a program through the Gonal F site that knocks a huge amount off of your gonal f if you order through freedom. i believe it’s $500 off, so the final price is <$300!!! really good deal…

best of luck. -a-


I am in Canada and this is what I paid for my med’s for my upcoming IUI:

Clomid 50mg (5 pills): $43.69
Puregon 300IU: $352.97 (pen was given free from clinic)
Ovidrel 250mcg: $96.36
Endometrin 100mg (42 tablets): $208.84

The cost to do an IUI is $750.00
Sperm Wash: $220.00
Operating Costs for 1 year to clinic: $400.00

OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) covers all bloodwork and ultrasounds and visits with the doctors/nurses.

I am not sure of the total cost of IVF but have heard it can cost $10,00 to $12,000 for the medications and actual procedure. OHIP covers the rest.

Quebec (a province in Canada) just approved under their provincial health insurance FREE IUI and IVF treatments for anyone living in Quebec. They want more babies born to increase their population!!

I live in Ontario and they are starting to talk about having that provided as part of our OHIP coverage but for now it is out of pocket.


Like angel said, I went through Freedom Pharmacy because it was alot cheaper. The only medication I got from my regular Walmart Pharmacy was my Femara because my Insurance covered a little and it ended up being $75 (that’s for only ten 5mg tabs!)
Through Freedom Pharmacy this is what I paid:

Gonal-F 300 IU RFF Pen: $260
Ovidrel PFS 250mcg: $50
Prometrium 200mg (60 caps): $225.60 (50 caps) :$188

Hope this info. helps! Lots of :pray: and :babydust: sent your way!