IUI to IVF? Questions


I just had a D&C today - pregnant from my 3rd IUI - embryo stopped growing at 8 weeks. My RE seems to think I should try again with IUI since it “worked”. My question is this: since the egg quality is known with IVF, do you have less of a chance of ending up with a non-viable pregnancy? Especially at almost 40 - I don’t know how “good” my eggs are…


In my opinion, I’d do IUI again since it worked. Although they can recognize egg quality and watch embryos grow in the lab, there is still a chance of miscarriage. Many of my friends have gone through that with IVF. Also with ivf, egg quality can be worse because of the hyperstimulation.

I would discuss your concerns with your doctor. Then get a second opinion if you feel you need it. But, if it were me, I"d stick with the IUI.


Dear Katherine, even if the egg quality is known , there are chances that you may still have an early pregnancy failure.

Dr. Goral