iui today


So I went in today for my second iui. My follie was 23.7 on my u/s two days ago. took my trigger that night and had iui this morning. numbers all look good and both re’s are pleased with the way things are going. I’m pretty excited and hope that this time is it.Having alot of pressure today but the re says that it is b/c of the size of the follie and assured me it was normal. Well just had to tell everyone the pending good news. Thanks for all the support ladies. Oh and my 2ww got extended by 2 days, he said “if you haven’t started 2 weeks from friday, give me a call and we’ll get you in for a beta” all i thought was it’s supposed to be 14 days not 16!!! Oh well, he’s the boss. Dh is excited and his numbers were really good post wash this time. :babydust: all around.



Hi Nickied,

I’m on my 2ww also. Had back to back IUI’s on 10/31 and 11/1. This was my 1st IUI, so wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m on 100mg of Prometrium for next 2 weeks. :bsv: to you!


Good Luck, I had my iui on 10-31 and I have to wait 16 days too!


Wow good luck!!!