I know this is the IUI board, but I’m looking for some advice. Have any of you done IVF? Know the success rates compared to IUI?

The RE told us when we went in January that he wanted to start with injections and IUI as that was where we were successful 4 years ago. But he would only do two cycles of that before moving to IVF.

Luckily we do have some insurance coverage ($25K lifetime max). Some we used to get our DS 4 years ago. I’m not sure how much is left. We are paying for all the drugs though. And just one month of a relatively low dose of Follistim, ovidril and crinone was $2100.00. That first month was a bust. Technically, we only have one more month to try something before we need to take a month or two off…financially as well as our DS was born in December and besides not wanting their birthdays so close, December is wicked. Very hard with xmas having one birthday let alone two. Plus, my step-son comes here for the holidays and possibly delivering when he is here is just out of the question.

So my question…should I ask the RE if we could go right to IVF this month? At my age we’re battling with time as it is. If IVF has a higher success rate, I’d rather not waste the money on the drugs or deplete our max allowed if IUI is a shot in the dark and we’ll be doing IVF anyway.

Thanks for your input ladies. Feels better getting out of my own head and hearing from you all.


At 40, I might go straight to IVF, but you probably have the time to try some IUIs.

I wasted a lot of time with IUIs, and was lucky enough to get pregnant with IVF when I was 42. At 42, the doctor told me my odds based on age alone with IUI were 8-12% and 10-20% with IVF (at 44, it’s now 1% with IUI and about 3-5% with IVF).

At 40, it would have been much higher, I can’t remember the exact numbers, but IUI was around 15% and IVF about 40-50%.


If you have the funds go straight to IVF! I am only 29 and my ods for IUI with injections is 40% after 3 tries vs 75% with one IVF and if we had the money we would go that way. So after three months and same $ as IVF your chances are so much less. At 35-40 your % drops down a lot and the eggs you do have left start to become rotten making it take longer to get a good one. 50% are rotten by 30 and just goes down hill from there.

I get the not wanting a holiday baby our first was at the end of October and that was hard enough. I hope you are able to make a decision you are ok with. It is what ever you feel is best for you emotionally and financially. Good luck I know it was very hard for us to decide what to do next. We will be doing one IUI with injectins and then off to IVF.