IUI with 1 Follicle?


So I started my 3rd IUI… I didnt start US monitoring until yesterday (CD12) because I was out of town. My last 2 IUIs were done on CD18 and 19 so we were sure it wouldnt make a difference for me to start monitoring 3 days later than usual.

Yesterday’s US showed 1 BIG follicle on my right ovary… it was between 21-22mm. So the doctor asked if I wanted to go a head with the IUI or save it for a cycle when I had super ovulation.

He said there is no proof that IUI is more effective than intercourse when there is only 1 egg. I dont know if I believe that… I see a ton of women in the BFP thread who did IUI with 1 follicle… He talked about just intercourse and said some people get pregnant that way… No $hit! but given my track record of having NEVER gotten pregnant off intercourse in the past 2.5 years… there’s no PROOF to show that’s effective! I did however get pregnant off my last IUI… unfortunatley that didnt end very well.

What do you ladies think?

We pay nothing for the meds because we have coverage… we prepaid for 3 IUIs for the price of 2… so this is our “free” one…


I would go for it, unless you only plan to do three IUIs total, then I might consider waiting until I had a few more follicles (since you’ve had multiple follicles in the past).


Mrs. Garner - do the IUI!!

It really pisses me off when REs suggest cancelling a cycle due to just one follie.

You’ve already taken the meds and have prepared your body for this, so go for it. One follicle is not a reason to not do it, and you may get one again next month, and then do you sit it out again??

I have gotten pregnant on both my medicated IUI cycles so far (mc and chemical) and both times just one follicle. And I have never been pregnant naturally in over 2 years of trying (I should point out I do ovulate on my own, so it’s not like I wasn’t ovulating when trying naturally). I have 2 follicles this cycle and feel like i won the lottery!

Anyways…IUI is better than just intercourse, as it guarantees that a good selection of sperm gets into your uterus where it needs to be, vs. just bd where the sperm has to work its way up and all sorts of things could happen along the way if your cervical mucous isn’t the best or the sperm is slow swimming etc. etc. etc. Just by doing IUI you’re already avoiding a ton of potential issues.

Good luck, I hope this is your month!


Thanks ladies… I had already chosen to go a head with the IUI anyways… I just wanted validation I guess…

Tomorrow morning… I’m terrified of either result.

Its just money… we can make more.

I ovulate on my own as well…


Mrs. Garner, my last us showed only 1 mature follie as well. I was surprised and dr told me it only takes one. it’s fine and should go ahead. I think i just don’t repond well to clomid. The previous poster is right - IUI gets the sperm up there so much better. I’ve also never been pregnant in the 2.5 years trying naturally so here goes nothing. My first is today. Goodluck to you! :babydust:


Mrs. Garner (and Karen TTC!),

I’m glad you’re going ahead with the IUI! The only reason I could see for cancelling due to one follicle would be if your DH has poor sperm (low counts or low motility) in which case you really do need the extra eggies to make things work and/or if you’re on a super tight budget and this is your last shot for a while.


HI there, I agree with everyone. I had my 2 IUIS on Femara with one follie, will be doing my 3rd and again I only have 1. Some people don’t get more then unless they are on injections, it all depends. So ahead and do it, as an IUI as all the good washed sperm, are put all the way up there.

Just a quick question, do you ovulate later, as I see that your last IUIS were later in the cycle. The reason I ask is my first IUI was on day 16, my 2nd was on day 13 and tommorow will be my day 13, so I am not sure when the 3rd IUI will be. Just wondering if the egg follcile quality is still good later on in the cycle


First IUI Cycle

Hi All,

I’m on my first IUI cycle. Yesterday was my cycle day 13 and I went back for U/S. Turned out I only have one follicle too that’s in good size (18mm). The rest are still small. I am on Clomid 100mg from CD 3~7 and Injection on CD 8. So I guess I did not respond well to Clomid either (which also thinned out my lining).

When my doctor told me I only have one at this point both my husband and I thought he was going to cancel the cycle. But instead he suggested we proceed with it since one is better than nothing. So I took my HCG shot last night and going to do insemination tomorrow morning.

I know one follicle sounds really bad but like a lot of others also got pregnant with one. At this point I can only hope for the best!:nerd:


Yeah I normally ovulate late!! my last 2 IUIs were CD18 & 19… I ovulate even later without meds.

I am on injectable meds… the same dose as my last cycle… which made 3 follicles… I guess every cycle is just different.

Thanks for the encouragment ladies… we’re doing our 3rd IUI tomorrow.

If we arent successful we’ll buy more IUIs or move to IVF… depends on what our doctor suggests.


[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Mrs Garner: I’m glad you decided to go for it. Last treatment cycle I went for it with just 1 good follie. The u/s tech and the RE and the nurses all said “it only takes one” And they’re right.

Best of luck! I’d go a head and :dance: to just to up the chances! It can’t hurt, right?!?!
:babydust: :bsv: :babydust:


1 follicle too

Glad you are going for it… I did too today with only 1 follicle…get this far with injections might as well go all the way!