IUI with injectibles


[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Hello everyone! I am starting injectibles tonight. I am taking Follistim and then triggering with Ovidrel. I am a little nervous about giving myself shots. My dh has low sperm morphology ranging from 1-3% normal. Anyone else done injectibles and had success? Anyone with morphology issues have success?[/B][/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Any stories would be much appreciated!![/B][/FONT]


Amy - I have done follistim injectables with success (see my signature). If you are using the pen, the shots are a piece of cake once you get past the first one. The needle is so thin/small that you really don’t feel it. You just have to get over the idea of sticking yourself with something! The ovidrel is a tiny bit more intimidating b/c it is a real syringe, but still not bad.

What dose are you on? The lower the dose, the quicker the shot. Do you have low AMH or high FSH? Most ladies start with clomid pills (WAY cheaper than follistim) unless there is a potential you are a poor responder to the meds (like me, with my low AMH) or have lining problems on clomid.

As for the poor morphology, I’m sure someone on here will answer you. I don’t have experience with that myself. If you check out the ‘BFP for IUI’ thread at the top of the page, you can see what people’s counts were when they got their BFP.

Good luck! It won’t be bad once you get over the first shot! :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


Let it sit for 5-10 mins b/f you inject so it won’t burn!

You will see from my siggy that I’ve had success!


[SIZE=3]My twins were born from IUI w/ Follistim and Ovidrel :slight_smile: Of course there are success stories even on low morph. Keep at it and don’t give up. Shots are super easy with the pen. You won’t feel anything. Make sure to pinch a bigger piece of skin on your belly to administer it. I kept the pen in the fridge and did not warm it up. It did not sting me at all. The needle is super thin. Trust me…I’m the biggest baby when it comes to needles. If I could do it then ANYONE can :slight_smile:

Best of luck. May 2012 be YOUR year!!!


Good Luck

Currently on my 2ww from an IUI with injectables. I sure hope it works this time! I have my fingers crossed for you too. :cross:


i have done 4 iui’s only. each one with follistim + ovidrel and have 2 daughters. i will be going again soon to try for #3. it does work. i have pcos and my husband has poor morphology, but not terrible.
good luck to you all!


I just did my first cycle of injections + 2 IUI’s. I did Gonal-F (same was Follistim) and Orvidril (Sp?) then had back to back IUI’s. I am 11 dpo right now and waiting…:pray:

The injections were a piece of cake! I was sooooo nervous to stick myself the first time, but I was shocked at how easy it ended up being. I never felt the injections. Painless! Thank goodness!!!

Good luck to you!!!