Hi all,

I had my 1st IUI on 24thOct and my doc as advised to take a preg test on 7th.But i am not able to control my fears during this waiting.I suddenly seem to feel a little bit crampy which i feel before i get my periods.I suddenly feel a change in the breasts as well…they are standing firm expecially in the mornings…not sure if this is usual.But, i am having sleepless nights as i am really worried about the result.According to the doc the semen was good and the day of insemination was also perfect but then why does my body give me all these unusual signals of getting my period?


If u r on progesterone it can cause all those symptoms. Most of us have had your symptoms and they are normal.


It could be a sign of implantation. Assuming you have normal LP (around 14 days), it is too early for AF. Just relax–you’ll know either way in another week or so.