Ivf 2 In March /april


Looking To Start A Thread For Planning A Cycle In March/april


Hi Comeonsnowbabies-
I am planning our second cycle, probably in April, although we would love to cycle earlier if we can figure out a way to travel to the clinic before then. We will probably be cycling in Oregon next. Our first ended in a chemical and we have one frostie left but the quality is not very good so I am hesitant to use it right now. I am going to talk to the new RE about some supplements that I would like to try in order to improve egg quality. Have you taken anything?


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I am actually cycling now, and doing FET on 1/30. I noticed that your most recent ET was with snowbabies in November. We only have one waiting and I am a mess worried that it will not survive the thaw and that we will not be able to do the transfer. Did you feel the same way? Should I be worried, or should I trust that it is a beautiful day 6 blast, and that it will have no trouble? We have our FET consult on 1/12, but I am going crazy now, wondering all the “what ifs”. Any advice or insight you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! And good luck this spring![/FONT]


@ music…I’m planning on taking more supplements waiting to after the holidays…in case I drink…lol…I’m taking vit c ,coq10,vit d3,omegas. I plan on taking rj and bee pollen,spirulina…maybe wheatgrass… I’m hesitant on dhea. I will also do a prenatal vit…a whole food type


Carison…I think its normal to feel that way…cause that is exactly how I felt…mine was a 6 d also. I was so worried the night before…I felt sooooo anxious…almost worse than the prior 2ww. And then not knowing anything til our drive in. We are 1 hr from clinic and they were like head in and we will call you once we get the report from embryologist . I wish you the best. Just relax and be positive.I have read that sex before the et is helpful…but idk


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Thank you for the advice and validation of my feelings. No matter what step you are doing, or where you are in the ongoing process, there is always something to perseverate on! And with there only being one embryo waiting is very nerve wracking. Sex before the ET…interesting…I will definitely ask/read up on that. Thanks! And again, good luck to you in the upcoming months![/FONT]


Can I join ya?

I am planning my next cycle in April. It’s technically my 3rd attempt, but the first one was canceled so this will be my 2nd full cycle. I am scheduled to start stims on April 12.

Until then I am trying lots of supplements (DHEA, fish oil, CoQ10, prenatals), exercise and a “clean” diet. Although my dr says it’s not likely to have an impact, I’d like to get my bmi down to a healthy range. I gained 12 pounds over the course of the last 4 months with all the meds and stress. Isn’t IF fun? :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re also saving as much as we can between now and then since we depleted all our savings with the last 2 rounds. We’ll be getting meds from UK this time, plus some some generous help from family. :pray: this is our time!


Hi Zazu- good to have you join us! April seems so far away to me. It seems like in the meantime just about every single person we know has gotten pregnant. I wish we could cycle sooner but we, too, are saving money for the next cycle. I am still undecided about which RE we are going to see. We travel constantly for my job and so I am hoping to find out soon where we will be in April so that I can start researching clinics. IF is just loads of fun. I also gained about 10 lbs from the last cycle. Joy!


April does seem far away and you have been waiting longer than me. I was anxious to try soon after our chemical in November, and we just decided on April when we met with our RE last week for our follw-up. I wanted to start as soon as possible, but waiting makes the most sense financially and the way it will fit into my work schedule (I teach community college.) I’m also a little anal when it comes to planning so I am relieved to finally have a plan. What sort of job do you do that requires so much travel? Good luck finding the right RE.


I am doing ivf round 2 in march. i have twins with my first round and then did a fet in july that resulted in a miscarriage. very nrvous for this!!


lbzg- good to have you! :welcome:

Emily- I am a traveler in the medical field. I take 3 month contracts in hospitals all over the U.S. My husband and I love the traveling, but it can be stressful when we are trying to plan our next cycles and treatments, etc…


It’s nice to have cycle buddies…welcome everyone !!! I wanted at least 60–90 days to try to boost egg quality … I heard that Dhea can do more harm than gd …anyone with info? The rj in honey isn’t bad just sweet …I also started taking maca …wheat grass and spirulina.


Yeah, I would be careful with the DHEA. From what I’ve read, it is only helpful if you are deficient in it. Otherwise it can actually be detrimental. I am taking wheatgrass, CoQ10, Pycnogenol, Vit E, Vit C, a prenatal vitamin, Fish oil and L-arginine. I might buy some more of the royal jelly in honey soon but man, that stuff is gross!! I had to swallow it with a huge sip of water so that I didn’t even taste it. The wheatgrass is pretty bad too. Oh well, I’d take all that and more if I thought it would help.


why are you all taking all of these herbs and supplements? my dr said only take prenatal vits!


We are planning to start the IVF process in March or April. This will be my first IVF so I’m pretty nervous. My SIL has had a successful IVF several years ago so she has given me a lot of advice. Unfortunately she is also due in March and she tends to rub it in a bit so I’m not looking forward to that either.

Currently all that I’m doing to “prepare” for IVF is to exercise, eat healthy, save $$$$$$, and researching RE’s to see which one I like the best. One RE in our area has the best success rate but it is also the most expensive. My SIL went to a different RE who is cheaper but their success rate is lower.


My re doesn’t recommend anything other than a centrum mv …I take the supplements based on my own research to help produce better quality…decrease any inflammation that may affect ivf


Hi Ladies, hoping to join your group…it will be nice to have a support system to get through the next few months…hopefully ending with all of us getting our :bfp:


Welcome cjm123! When do you think you will do your IVF?

Anyone else doing anything to prepare for the upcoming IVF?

AFM- I go in for a consultation with an RE on Wednesday. My SIL and friend recommended the place but I think their success rate is lower (50%)than my current RE (but I’m not sure I believe my RE’s success rate- 70%). Plus I think they are more expensive. . .but I still want to hear what they have to say


Hi amwyatt3…thanks for the welcome! We will be hopefully starting in march with everything again. I will be starting bcp with AF this month! Excited and nervous! Keeping busy getting healthy after the holidays:)


Welcome everyone :slight_smile: … Anyone in Fl ?? Anyone doing self fertility massages?