IVF #3 or more in July/August?


[QUOTE=flybaby]OMG!!! Ade May 1 is so exciting. I am so excited for all of us (I would be more excited if I was not so uncomfortable.)

I feel you on the pressure. I didn’t think it was possible for my LO to get any lower than she alreay was but I agree that it feels like her head is going to pop out of my va jay jay everytime I stand up.

Other than your MIL problems how is bedrest coming. Are you in compliance? LOL[/QUOTE]

Haha, I have been mostly in compliance. Having a bunch of people here over the weekend didn’t help though. I couldn’t not get up and try to help a little. Otherwise I really only get up to shower, eat and use the bathroom. I do get to take myself to Dr appts but that is really the only time I’m out of the house.

And yes! The pressure is ridiculous! I also ended up with some nasty stretch marks on my lower stomach :frowning: Hoping bio-oil will help. Even going though all of this, it’s still completely worth it! I can’t wait to meet my little guy!


Holy Cow ade may 1 is super close! Wow! Yea I think everyone is so excited its just getting annoying! Like let me and dh take care of things! I’d freak if my mil came over to clean and made “suggestions” ugh mine makes suggestions all the freaking Time and I just blow her off. I’m honna try not to complain but b grateful!! I have to keep reminding myself!

As for the pressure I don’t really feel the baby in my vaj! Idk the dr said I was 1-2cm last week but I don’t feel that pressure unless it’s what I’ve felt the entire time since I’ve had the cramping and whatnot all along.

I was reading ab some ppl doing their own checks and feeling the head right past the cervix! That’s crazy- I don’t think even if I tried I could fit my hand up there right now!

I feel fine- just tired! Maybe that’s an inficator! I doubt it- seriously I feel like I’m gonna be the last one to give birth! My dd isn’t til may 14! Hopefully at tomorrow’s us and appt they’ll give me some more info ab when they think I’ll go! Let’s just get me thru Friday so my water doesn’t break at work!! I told all my classes we can have send off parties for me on Friday so I want to at least make those!!

Going to pick out my push present today. I already know what I want so hopefully the jeweler can make it!


Ade and fly - I am like chica, I dont feel that pressure either unless I take long walks. Everytime Im out most women are like oH almost time huh…and every one’s advice is to take long walks. So Im going in the evenings. I also did the deed this past weekend and actually enjoyed it lol. SO hopefully this lil guy starts his decent down. Have an ob appt day after we’ll see what he says.
FLy towards the end do they do the cervical exam at every visit? I forgot to ask that q last time i was there.


[quote=Anozi]Ade and fly - I am like chica, I dont feel that pressure either unless I take long walks. Everytime Im out most women are like oH almost time huh…and every one’s advice is to take long walks. So Im going in the evenings. I also did the deed this past weekend and actually enjoyed it lol. SO hopefully this lil guy starts his decent down. Have an ob appt day after we’ll see what he says.
FLy towards the end do they do the cervical exam at every visit? I forgot to ask that q last time i was there.[/quote]

Anozi most doctors do a cervical exam every visit at this point. Some mid-wives and doctor’s who are more into wholistic ob care don’t, they feel as though they are unnecessary and of course you can decline to have one done. At this stage of the game they don’t feel good at all. Personally, it somehow vaguely makes me feel better knowing"where I am " but the cervical checks really can’t tell you when you will go into labor or how long labor will last. My next OB appt is Thursday and I see my peri for a growth scan on Friday.

Anozi and Chica a lot of babies don’t do the “drop” until you actually begin to go into labor. I can’t imagine “feeling” up there to see what I can feel. Lordy.


OMG- you all are so close! I can’t believe it. So exciting!

Chica- 19 days! Wow momma! are you going to return to teaching in the fall? I read recently in a blog that you shouldn’t have any visitors after baby unless you feel comfortable enough to cry in front of them and tell them to shut up! Good luck with mom. Congrats chica!

Fly- 20 days! I bet the nursery looks great! What’s the plan for the summer with your new addition? Are you and hubby taking her traveling- I know that’s a big thing for you two. Congrats!

Anozi- 10 days! The surprise is going to be so worth waiting 9 months for! Congrats momma!

Adelaid- 7 days! Shoot momma, I couldn’t happier for you! We go way back in cycle buddy threads and always knew your time was coming and now YOUR 7 DAYS AWAY! Congrats girly!

AFM- I am still plugging away! Our couples shower is coming in a couple of weeks, May 12th, so I am getting super excited for that. And I love when my little Bebe has big kick days, some days not so much and I HATE those days.

I am so excited for you all! You deserve every minute of happiness that comes with your new bundle of joy! Hugs.


Hi Artichik! So good hearing from you! Isn’t it crazy we are getting close! We’ve all dreamt if this for years!

Glad u r doing well and feeling good! My last day is this Fri and then I’m going back nov 1. I wanted to wait for baby to be at least 6 months. When is ur last day?

I like the idea of a couple’s shower! Hope u guys enjoy!

I saw on fb that deirdre brought home Keira last night!! Thats so exciting!! Hope momma is well w her boys and alf too!

Excited for my us today! Haven’t had one in like 10 weeks!


Hi ladies, Had a few seconds before going in to feed Erin. Keira came home yesterday and what a sleepless night but I feel great. I slept in the nursery with her to do the 2am and 5 am feeds and she is a noisy sleeper. BUT I am totally in love and it is fine. Erin is still at the hospital. She is not a great eater and falls asleep after 20-30 cc’s and then burps and doesn’t want more but she HAS to take 40-45 to keep up her weight. It is a little stressful and I am sure when we get her home it will be even more stressful. They are talking about sending her home tomorrow! It will be nice not to have to go back and forth to the hospital but I wonder how the hell we are going to be able to feed two and actually get sleep. Guess we will find out.

Good luck girls. Holding your baby in your arms makes allthe complaints, aches and pains go away. I promise.


seriously i am so embarrassed.

I started waxing wehen I got pregnant but i had a few bad reactions bc my skin is so sensitve so I stopped. Then last night I was like uhh it’s such a mess down there and I have dr. appts now all the time so I used the veet stuff. I’ve used it before and it has been OK but OMG my vaj is on fire right now. I put vaseline on it to soothe but i feel like such an idiot!

My Dr. is gonna be like WTF did you do!!

Fly i know you had a reaction once w/ it? Do you think the will get worse or better in a few days?


Baby weighs 6.6 lbs @ 37 weeks. The us tech said it was small. Dr not concerned but now I’m a little worried!

Do u know how much your baby weighs this week?


Erin–So glad your baby’s are doing well. I am sure little Erin will get more interested in food and start eating more. She will have her sister to keep up with. By the way which baby is the “oldest” ? Do they have your babies on a high calorie formula? Or what brand are they using?

I know I was told by my peds if Allie is on the small side I may have to supplement breastfeeding with a high calorie infant formula.

Chica–Yah it will take that reaction a couple of days. I think something with aloe would be helpful. I was just thinking the other day I should reeeeaaaly do something with my va jay jay but I am just too embarrassed to do that. Got too much going on down there right now.

Chica in comparison to myself I think 6 lb 6 oz is great!!! I am praying my little one is at least 5 lb and we are due within a day or so of each other. Also though at this stage the u/s can be sooooooo off with regard to weight. They tell you there is a 2 lb. error in either direction. So the likliehood that your baby is much bigger is high. I would not worry about it one iota, as long as the baby is in the healthy range. I have a growth scan on Friday and this point I am taking mine with a grain of salt unless the dr says I need to be worried.

Artchick–Who hoo!!! on your baby shower. Things are moving so quickly aren’t they. My first plan for travel with baby is a cruise in December. LOL I was trying to book the cruise and had to ask the cruise ship how do you book for a baby that isn’t born yet? They have yet to be able to answer that question.

AFM–I spent a good part of this early morning in L & D. :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: Again had false labor contractions; they started at 12:30 at around 9-10 minutes apart. I tried to rest and ignore them but they got more painful and closer together until finally at 4:30ish I called my OB when they were 5 minutes apart and lasting about a minute and she sent me to L & D. Well I got there and I was contracting and having pretty strong contractions but they have not changed my uterus AT ALL. I am still at the 2 cm I was a week ago and my cervix is still pretty thick. They did say that baby is so engaged they can feel her head. Sooooo they made me walk around for an hour to see if it would make me progress and of course nothing so they sent me home. They did at least send me home with some ambien so I was able to sleep through the pain (ambien is good stuff, have not tried that before.)

I hate doing the walk of shame home because of false labor contractions. At this point, unless my water breaks or the baby starts sliding out I have no idea how to tell the real from the fake thing. I just know I don’t want to go through that again and I am still having contractions off and on today. This is really miserable.


Fly sorry you are having all the false labor stuff. That stinks that ur uterus isn’t changing after all those contractions. I mean we do have 2.5 weeks til due date so Allie can totally bE giving u a run for ur money. I think it’s especially hard for you since week after week they’ve been pushing you off later and later. Ugh Allie will come when she wants! My friend was telling me they have her ambien at the hospital during labor too! Happy dreams

My allergies are so bad today! I just took my 2nd shower and mopped the floors.

Still 2 cm same as last week. Baby is head down too. Not having a 3d us SUCKS! I was kinda disappointed today but fly thanks to reassuring me. I also remember my sisters son was born at 38 weeks at 6. Something pounds and he is fine so I’m not worried.

Talk later!


my friend who was due a week before me is on her way to the hospital!

Hope you are all having a good day!!!


I hope everyone is ok. I still feel like poop but generally everything is ok. The board is strangely quiet do we have any babies being born today?

I had my OB appt and my OB made me feel much better. She said that she could see on my monitoring that I was in fact having significant contractions at the hospital 5 minutes apart and that I did the right thing by coming to the hospital. She encouraged me to call again if they get to the 5 minutes apart point because after I get so far along into labor it may be too late for an epidural, and we definitely don’t want that. She said she would rather me have a false labor scare 10 times than for me to wait too late to call.

I also declined to have my cervix checked today. I am somewhat traumitized after having it checked several times at the hospital the other day and if I am not farther along I just really don’t want to know. I think I feel mentally better imagining my body is doing what it is supposed to do, slowly but surely.

Chica --You have a lot of babies amongst your friends. Hope your friend has a great and safe delivery!!!


New to CCRM- low amh

Hello ladies,

I’m finally at CCRM after 7 failed cycles. My road has been long and tough but we finally made it here! DH and I were so excited being that CCRM has an amazing reputation and a girlfriend of mine just got pregnant through them (with twins).

So we went out there for our consult (we wanted to see what we were paying for exactly…). We met with Schoolcraft and we started part of the work up the next day. Of all those results that came back, all were normal except 2 tests:

  1. TSH was 3.5 and although it’s normal they want me under 2.6 so I started thyroid meds
  2. My amh came back at 0.2. Needless to say we are devastated. I talked to my nurse and she assured me it’s just one piece of the puzzle and I still haven’t done my day 3 blood work and ultrasounds (still waiting for my cycle to start post my last chemical).

So my question to all of you who have been with the clinic- do you have a low amh? Know somebody who does? I guess I’m just worried they are going to turn around and tell me to not try. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the long post…I’m going to have to brush up on all the previous ones :slight_smile:


Stupid iPad! I posted in the wrong thread! Sorry ladies!


No problem doc! Wish you the best of luck at CCRM!

Fly I feel the same way! It’s been so quiet- prb bc it’s just you, me, ade, and anozi at this point! Momma and Erin are busy with their twins!

I was def disappointed also yesterday when my OB told me I was still at 2cm. Hope I get a few days off and then baby. My anniversary is this Thurs (may 3) my nephews birthday is may 8, my grandma is 10, my bro the 13, and my dad the 23. Ntm moms day! I really want lo to come this weekend so he/she has his/her own day and time but I’d also like a few days to myself since tomorrow is my last day of work!

Ade and anozi u gals ok?


Hi ladies, Girls are home!!! Things will start to be crazy soon I am sure but right now they are sleeping away and my mother is cleaning up from the yummy dinner she made. I am VERY happy that both girls are home but we are still trying to figure out who will get up and feed when so we can feel like we are getting some amount of sleep. It seems very confusing to me that is for sure.


Erin-Congratulations!!! And it sounds like it would be confusing!!! Since I am going to try to BF I’ll be doing all the feedings to start. I am going to start pumping right away though so we can eventually switch to a mix of bottles/BF and then all bottles when I go back to work.

Fly-that REALLY stinks about the contractions. Hopefully they will start you dilating more soon so Allie can make her appearance!

Chica-I don’t think 6.6 lbs sounds small at all for 37 weeks?? I was 5.15 at 35 weeks and at this point I think they gain 1/2 lb a week? Hopefully your little one is born on a day this will be just theirs!

Art-YAY!!! So nice to hear from you. Things are going so fast now! We have been in the same groups for a while and it’s fantastic that we both are finally in teh home stretch!

Anozi-hope your walking helps you progress!

AFM-I can’t believe I have 4 days!!! It’s scheduled for 8am so I have to be there at 6am. I’m going to have to try to go to bed earlier than normal so I’m not exhausted! I know I’m going to have a lot of people visiting that night. Good thing I have no problem asking people to leave so I can rest :slight_smile:


Ade - How exciting. 4 days and youll be be meeting your lil one soon!!
Erin - Bfing twins is not easy at all…so its ok to feel overwhelmed. Try not to let it weigh you down. All we can do is try to do our best :slight_smile: I am so happy that your babies are home Erin. Enjoy every moment. I cant wait to be in your shoes :slight_smile:
FLy - Sorry that you are suffering with so many false labors. But I agree with your ob going to the hospital was the right thing to do. Alyx is messing around a lil. She promises to be a handful when she comes :slight_smile:
All - Had a rough day yesterday. Was cranky because of lack of sleep. I was suffering with a bad case of sciatica. So yesterday I gave up the idea of sleeping on my left and just sleep and thank goodness I slept really well. I had an ob appt and he said he didnt want to do a cervical check unless there were some serious contractions. Thank goodness for that. All else is well. baby is active. still a waiting game now…



But boy this day was exhausting! ALL of my classes brought in snacks, cupcakes, etc for parties and were so excited for me. All the teachers kept stopping in to say goodbye and wish me well. It was definitely a lot!
But I feel so happy I’m done. It was weird walking out of my classroom bc I was like **** next time I’m here I’ll have a baby!

Anozi the past 2 days I’ve had terrible sciatica. It gets a bit better during the day and I’ve been trying to stretch but man it’s annoying. i hope baby moves a little so I can get some relief!

Ade WTF 4 days!!! you’ll be the first singleton of our little group! I am so excited to see little Ethan!

BTW DH and I were so set on names but now DH is getting cold feet on our boy name. UHHHHHHHHHH I think it’ll be a split second decision when we meet our little person. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a girl and the boy name won’t even matter!

going to lie down. Anozi I’ve also been screwing the left side here and there bc all the weight is messing up my alignment, hence the sciatica.

I need another prenatal massage. WIll prob get one next week!!

oh also the feet burn is better now thank god!! so embarrassing!

Fly any progress???