IVF #3 or more in July/August?


Fly u make me laugh! Thought u got Brazilian?

How did u know ur mucous plug was coming out? I def have a bit more discharge and it is kinda yellow/snot looking (talk ab tmi- u really should not apologize!) but not globs! Maybe that is my plug? I keep hoping I’ll go to the br and there will be something to get excited about!

What’s the difference between bloody show and mucous plug?

Glad ur massage was good! Our anniv is thurs so I told dh we should both treat ourselves to massage. I first suggested couple’s massage but I have to find a place that does couple & prenatal. I’ve been going to this awesome place but I don’t think they have couple. Will call tmrw.

My mom is coming up tomorrow. She reupholstered my sister’s glider for me so I want it now since it prb smells like smoke! Ugh I’m over the “superstition” nOw it’s time to rock! If only I knew if its a boy or girl! I kinda secretly feel like girl even tho everyone says boy- I’m imagining a girl but I havent told anyone bc I don’t want anyone to say told ya so! Could just be wishful thinking tho since I have 2 nephews!

Just ate some pineapple. Read the bromelain helps soften cervix. Remember we ate it for implantation? Wonder food!


Chica, I do brazillian but between the extra discharge, peeing on myself when I sneeze, bloody show and the mucous plug, I just can’t bring myself to go to my waxer. Just too nasty!!!LOL

Ok for the TMI part --it sounds like you could be losing your mucous plug sometimes it can just be a mucousy discharge or it can come out in one glob, like a glob of snot. Mine was literally a grey glob of mucous, totally gross there was absolutely no mistaking it. Bloody show is also mucousy but it is tinged with pink or brown blood. It should never be bright red, if you see bright red call your doctor.

Happy anniversary.

I haven’t heard of pineapple but that sounds good, will definitely give it a try.


Ade I’m thinking if you!!

I have carpal tunnel now too I decided. My fingers have been all tingly for a few weeks and I just googled to find out its pregnancy carpal tunnel! Wtf!


Fly…chica - Cant believe that we are the last 3 with singletons on this forum :slight_smile: I hope all goes well with Ade. So my baby has definitely dropped. How do I know. NO HEART BURN! YES THATS RIGHT. I buttered my toast with so much joy. Also my pelvis is killing me. Hopefully things are progressing well and this lil guy is making his way down!! He is slower with movements today but I have read that once they have their head burrowed in the pelvis the movements do reduce.
Fly - I cant see my vaj either but I have a really comfortable tub where I angle myself with a mirror and do a decent job. Now with these changes…I am going to proactive and get it done today.
Chica - I wake up with my right hand only swollen. And my RA has taken a toll on one of my fingers. Sigh.
So ladies do you think I am going to hit my due date or go over :wink:


btw no big mucous plug but I do have heavier mucous discharge every time I pee. No bloody show either. I am planning on DH and I to do the deed today to get some more prostaglandin in my system :slight_smile: that and I wouldnt mind gettin some hehe. It should be interesting with the inlaws down the hall.


Anozi --you are funny about your inlaws. I doubt they can hear a thing and even if they can, I am sure they are too polite to say a thing.

My hands and feet have been very swollen for many many days now. My fingers are tingly and my toes on my right foot are completely numb. I feel like a oompa loompa.

Anozi, with the baby dropping and your doing the deed :wink: , I think you will be right on time. My sister had all 3 of her babies ON her due date with no induction. She is such a freak of nature. How far over your due date will your doctor allow you to go without an induction? My OB generally will not go more than 5 days, Some OB’s will go up to 2 weeks if the baby is okay.


I think he will allow me upto 7 days. But I might push for a lil longer if the baby is ok. Regardless I dont want to go over if possible. I know Ive asked for a lot lol but when you go through a tough process like IVF, no harm in continuous hope. :pray:


OH ANOTHER THING and tmi - I have been feeling diarrhea like symptoms a lot and I have been reading that this is also a sign of early early labor because your body is trying to clean out your system before pushing. Anyone else in the same boat??


Ethan s here! Saw a pic on fb!!!

Congrats Adele!! Xoxo


Chica - anyway to post the pic on here???


Congrats Ade!!! I am so happy that you have ethan in your arms. Can’t way for my turn


Here is the pic she posted on FB.

Ade hope you don’t mind!!!
He is so precious! Hope you are feeling good and enjoying your time! Hope the bfing is OK! Can’t wait to hear!

can you believe we all wen thru such a journey together!


anozi w/out being too graphic I have gone #2 now 5 times already today. but it’s not diarrhea. My mom was just up for lunch. She said she thought I still had to “drop” yet everyone I know has said I am really “low”! UHHH I’m so tired of all the comments!

I forgot you have RA. Hopefully the symptoms decrease once your LO arrives! Can’t believe you only have 3 day til your due date! I still have 12! Would you get induced? Like what’s your opinion on that?

That’s good that you feel the baby has dropped and hopefully the mucous / increase discharge is something worthwhile! Can’t wait to hear! How’d the tub/grooming experience go? and the in-laws down the hall!! HAAA I’m dying laughing!!

Fly, hope you are doing well today!! glad I’m not the only one with the swelling in my fingers/hands. This sucks. It’s like my body KNEW to just get me thru my work schedule bc literally SAt hit and I felt like I got HIT by a truck. Just a week ago I was bragging ab how great I felt. yea, that’s over!! Def ready for baby to get here!!!


Definitely just lost my mucous plug!!! Went to pee and then got up to wash hands and felt a small gush so i was like wtf did i just pee on myself! Then I wiped and there were like 3 big globs of bloody snot! I know, i’m sorry I’m just so excited!!! There was a spot, tiny spot of blood and then a few strands of hair like of blood.

I was putting together the bookshelf we just bought. It was not heavy and i did not lift anything- laid it flat. Very easy to install pieces. Do you think I hurt anything??? Now of course I’m paranoid!!!

i called my OB just to make sure the blood was fine which I know it is… they reassured me as long as it’s not gushing blood it’s fine. now i’m really excited for my visit on Thursday!!! I’m tempted to take a picture but I know that’s really going too far… lol


Yah Ade!!!:cheer: :cheer: E is beautiful.

Us IVF girls really are making some beautiful babies in my personal opinion.

Chica isn’t it funny how we now can get excited about really disgusting things. After the babies come we will be excited about pee and poop. However, please please don’t take a photo, please. LOL

Anozi I do know diarhea like stuff is a sign of early labor hopefully you are getting really close. I have had really soft like stools my entire final trimester (I think it may be because I no longer have a gall bladder and gastro system is on overload) so I can’t really tell too much of a difference.

I was induced with my DD and it was awful. However, I was induced in kind of an “emergency” and my cervix was not soft and my body was totally not ready for labor in any fashion. I really feel like if my cervix is nice and squishy and I am 3cm dilated or more, I might just be willing to beg/cry/bribe for an induction at my appt on Thursday. My OB probably will not listen but I am willing to beg at this point. I want this little girl out out out out out out!!!


Yeah another little baby to join the gang. Congrats Ade!! Its crazy to think my girls were supposed to stay in there till tomorrow. AHH!! So glad they are here.

FLY- Talk about grose things. We were at the doctor yesterday and Erin pooped all over me, herself, the table and her outfit. It was rather commical. She was so backed up it made me smile and laugh that I was totally fine with poop all over my hands. Felt so great for it to finally be my own kids poop not someone elses kid. LOVED IT.

Sounds like these kids are coming and hopefully soon in the next few days. Enjoy. Life on this end is pretty freaking great!


Ahhhh Chica - How exciting! I am soooo jealous. I am telling you that this baby is making me wait too long at this point. You know just for saying that the labor is going to hit me like a building lol. There is an old Indian belief thatThere is this mischievous angel we who goes around saying “so be it” And when you pray or hope for something like what I am…you never know when this lil angel is going “so be it”.
And yes I second Fly - no pics plz lol. I wont lie Im curious but not to that degree either.
Erin - your story made me lol. Soooo cute. Cant wait to change my baby’s diaper lol. And Yes I did say that!!


Omg just cooked dinner for an hour and cleaned up. Then I wiped down the glider and even went for a short walk w dh. Midway thru walk I felt like I had a bowling ball between my legs. Came back to pee bc I had cramp and there was a bit of bloody discharge again… I guess this is the “bloody show?”. I’m just wondering what the difference between mucous plug and bloody show is! Maybe baby is coming sooner than I thought? Like as in tonight! Ugh I’d like it to wait a day so I can get my mani pedi! Ntm my anniversary is in Thursday! I’m getting nervous now!

Fly is this ok? Lots of pink mucous? W like spots of blood. U know when I crack an egg sometimes there is a dot if blood in the yolk? That’s what’s happening, along w pinky snot

I know I’m disgusting! I don’t want to alarm dh tho bc when I told him I lost the plug he got so nervous!


Whoa chica sounds like your lil one is in hurry. Although after every walk I feel the same way. Chica hope you called your ob this morning to get yourself checked
I had an interesting night. First of Dh and I did the deed :slight_smile: And then around 3.30 am I was woken up with the urgent need to poop. I mean I emptied out. After which I was up until 5.00 with pains in different areas of my belly and back. I finally found a good position to pass out in. So I am hopeful when I go in today…my ob will say Im moving along just fine. But I plan on continuing my walks and maybe tell dh to man up for a second round tomorrow night :slight_smile: I cant wait for my lil guy to come out!!


Erin – Can’t wait for all of us to see baby poop!!! Poop is a sign that baby is growing and healthy!!! How did your first Ped appt go? Was it crazy packing the girls up and taking them out together?

Chica–It all sounds like signs but don’t get too freaked out…could be labor happened last night and is happening right now or could be another 2 weeks away and some people have no signs at all no mucous plug just bamb!!! go straight into labor; our babies have their own time table. I had all of that going on last week some time and I am still here. Our doctors can tell us if our body is getting ready but they cannot predict when you will go into labor or how long it will last once you are there.

Anozi–fill us in on your OB appt!!!

Did you guys here that Jessica Simpson had her baby at almost 10 lbs geez louise.