IVF #3 or more in July/August?


Had my little girl today at 1:08 pm. Her name is maya Jordan. Labor and deliv were the hardest thing I have ever had to do in m life but my little girl is sleeping on my chest and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Post more later I’m dead


[quote=chica509]Had my little girl today at 1:08 pm. Her name is maya Jordan. Labor and deliv were the hardest thing I have ever had to do in m life but my little girl is sleeping on my chest and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Post more later I’m dead[/quote]

Ahhhhhh!!! Yay!!! LOL A little girl. Can’t wait to see her. Congrats.


[QUOTE=chica509]Had my little girl today at 1:08 pm. Her name is maya Jordan. Labor and deliv were the hardest thing I have ever had to do in m life but my little girl is sleeping on my chest and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Post more later I’m dead[/QUOTE]

Holy moly Chica, congrats!!! That’s awesome and such a pretty name! I can’t wait to see pics of her. My c-section was a bit crazy but I think labor would have been a lot harder! Can’t wait to hear your story!

And thank you ladies for all of your well wishes. I’m recovering quicker than I thought I would. I kind of had to though as Ethan ended up needed oxygen so they have him under a dome in the nursery (no tubes) and on iv fluids. It stinks I have to go there to see him and I can’t hold him. I’m pumping for when he’s ready to eat but not getting much yet. For now I’m exhausted and need a nap!

Fly and Anozi-hope you aren’t far behind us!!

Erin-that is a great poop story! I can’t wait to change E’s diaper :slight_smile:


You are usually so active on this forum…and since I didnt see anything yesterday evening…I knew that you had your lil one and it turned out to be a girl!! What a beautiful surprise!! Soooo happy for you. :clap: Post some pics when you have energy!! I am sooo happy for you. I am not going to be too far behind you. Yay!!


Fly looks like its just you and me :slight_smile: Well my obs appt went well. He said that I have definitely progressed really well. Strong suspicion that I will be going in on my due date! yikes. I am 50% effaced and bishops score of 4!! So dilating slowly but steadily. I want to wait for this baby till friday so my dr is the one who delivers our lil bean. Oh and poop and low appetite is a big sign of early labor. Hes said your body is cleansing itself out and prepping for labor. SO YAY.


[quote=chica509]Had my little girl today at 1:08 pm. Her name is maya Jordan. Labor and deliv were the hardest thing I have ever had to do in m life but my little girl is sleeping on my chest and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Post more later I’m dead[/quote]

YEAH!!! CONGRATS!! how wonderful! Can’t wait to see photos!

Ade- The worst part of the “dome” is not being able to hold your baby but when you finally do it will be wonderful. I am sure your little man will progress quickly. take this time to rest.

Hugs to all.


Congrats Ade and Chica! So excited for you both.


Hi gals! I’m a mommy!!!

Been dying to get on to post- its been insane. Maya is our little dream come true- she is so special!

Anyway I kept getting bloody show yesterday and at like 10:55 my water broke. I called and they said to go to l&d. So we showered and went. Started contracting v soon after water broke but was only 2cm still. After laboring it out at hospital for a few hrs and taking some drug to make
Me sleep which turned me into a drug addict and didn’t helP I was 4-5 at 5:30 am. Called our families. Then I attempted to get an Epi but for so e reason the guy messed up and couldn’t give it to me! He ended up giving me a spinal w/o telling me and my whole freaki g body went numb! I freaked out starting crying and screaming bc I was so scared. The nurse was such a ***** to me but that’s beside the point. So that lasted 2 hrs and then I was 8cm dilated by like 7-8 am. Got a extra shot of the block and got to 9 and got 1 more shot to get to 10. I pushed for 2.5 hours! It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my entire life!! I do not low where the hell I found the inner strength to push like that for so long ESP when the drugs wore off. I tore front and back it sucks! And I’m ridiculously swollen in my vag. All worth it tho bc maya is such an angel. I bf 2x today and she is a great eater! She fef knows her mommy - responds really well to me it’s amazing! And she def knows dh too! It truly is such a miracle!

Anyway I’m dead so I’m sleeping alone and my dh went home. Maya is in the nursery. Theyll wake me to feed!

Anozi and fly I’m do excited for you! I’ll check in tmrw’. B


Chica - Just read your story. I cant believe it all happened so fast! You are blessed to have Maya with you now and shes so blessed to have you too. I am so happy that BFing is working out.
I cant believe that you pushed for 2.5 hours!! that ridic. kinda shaken by that and the tearing story. I know its bound to happen but I dunno to what extent. I am now getting more nervous.
Dearest chica get some much needed good night sleep and some much needed rest…knowing that your lil girl is finally here after you everything you have been through. :grouphug::grouphug::woohoo:
muuuuaaah new mama


Chica-that is a crazy story!!! That stinks about the spinal. That’s what I got for my C and I can’t imagine having to push with that! So happy Maya is here! Can’t believe you’re already BF’ing! I’m not getting much of anything :frowning:

Deidre-thanks for making me feel better about the dome. As of 9:30 it was off but it’s possible it might have to go back on. Hope you and the girls are doing well!!

Anozi/Fly-hopefully you ladies will be joining us soon!!!
Has anyone heard from Alfg?

Pebble-thanks so much sweety!!


Ade the spinal wore off after 2 hrs but they gave me something else which also wore off by the time I had to push. It sucked! Be patient w the bfing. I know u said ur pumping- it takes sometimes 3-4 days for the milk to come in!

Anozi dont be nervous! It’s all worth it! Can’t wait to see if you r having a boy! Everyone told me boy and look, I have my little princess

Ok I really need sleep


Fly - are you having your baby!!?? Havent read a post from you in 2 days. Man hows this for irony I am the first one to be preggo with this group and the last one to deliver albeit on my due date (hopefully :cross:)
Chica - Sticking to my guns that its a boy :slight_smile: My dreams have been all about lil boys. But I will be really really happy with a lil girl. Thas what dh and I wanted.
Hows you dh btw. He must ecstatic and nervous all at once!!


Ade, glad to hear E is off of the dome. I am so happy that all babies have been healthy and happy. :pray: We have all been through so much worry we deserve this!


No Ms. Anozi, I am still here and you will definitely be having your baby before me. I went to the OB this morning and my cervix has not changed AT ALL. Barely effaced, cervix still kind of high and still only 2 cm dilated. :rolleyes: So unless a miracle happens I will clearly be last. Waaaahhhhhh!!! I think my body is just stuck. My OB says she won’t let me go over my due date. So I have another appt to see her on Tuesday and if no progress we will pick a date for induction between Wednesday and Friday. I will at least have my LO before mother’s day. I didn’t want to be induced but at this point I am just ready.

You are moving along nicely. It won’t be long now. :clap:

Awww chica–so happy to hear you and Ms. Maya are doing well. I haven’t checked facebook yet but will do so I can see her photos. Was your family totally surprised it was little princess?

Ade–Happy to hear Little E is off of the oxygen. Hopefully you are getting to hold him and cuddle a lot.


Chica–I tore really badly with my DD (something about those little girls) and they gave me special underwear with an ice pack in the vaginal area. Ooooohhh that was a godsend and the tearing heals really quickly in that area so it will be better soon. Hopefully they are giving you something for that area.


YAY FLY you and me are the last gals standing! Yes I think I am moving along well. the pressure in the pelvic region at night is unbearable. I think the cervical check from yesterday has also irritated that area. I was hoping to do the deed once more but I dunno if I am up for it :frowning: My aunt said that we should absolutely aim for it one more time Fri morning hopefully so we’ll see. Maybe this baby will make his way out by himself by then. The best thing is that my dr is going to be on call Friday eve going into sat. So fingers crossed here :cross:
So is effacement more important than cervical dilation? I need to look that up.


Hi guys! Can’t wait for u to experience the joy I am experiencing (fly- you for the 2nd time!)

Yes I have monster Pads, tucks pads, a water bottle for cleaning which is my BFF, ice packs , and I’m on percoset for pain

I’m just waiting to make sure I don’t get an epidural headache since I got “wet tap” idk what the hell that means but apparently it could be pretty sucky.

Anozi do the deed! Spermy have something in it to bring on labor! I bet u go tomorrow on ur due date!

When I was ready to push I had so much pressure in my butt like I had to take the biggst poop! U r getting close! I am so so excited to see what you have!!

Fly yes everyone literally everyone is shocked I had a girl! Secretly I thought I was but never told anyone bc I wasn’t sure if it was just wishful thinking. My mom keeps thanking me! She is over the moon! She has been running around like a lunatic today setting everything up for us and buying cute little girl clothes! Ugh so cute!!

I posted a few pics on our may 2012 page. One of me right after she was born- I look like a train wreck!

Adele have u been able to hold Ethan more? I am still kinda in disbelief that she is mine… Like I created this thing in my body (well w the help of a few dr!) and she is all mine! Today is my 3 year anniversary. Dh wrote the sweetest card ab how amazing and brave I was at labor and how beautiful it is to see me interact w our daughter. I had tears streaming down my face! Dh is def not the wishy washy type and he sometimes fails to recognize my contributions to our house and relationship as much as I’d like him to do getting such immediate recognition for my labor and mommy bonding really means a lot!

Girls I’m so so excited for all of us! It is such a blessing!!


Anozi–I am not sure about effacement v. dilation, I know both have to happen. Hopefully you go on your due date :cross: but I must say I hate being last. Oh well better late than never.

Chica–So sweet of your DH. I am sure he is totally in awe of you right now.

I am so very grumpy I am giving my DH a hard time, I have to be a little bit better about that for the next week or so.


Adelaid- Congrats momma, so excited for you the three of you! He look super handsome, I know he is going to grow up smart and well loved!

Chica- What a beautiful name! Congrats momma bear! I’m glad DH recognized your hard work right away. You deserve to be pampered now. I hope you post a pic soon!

As for you two stragglers (Fly and Anozi), my fingers are crossed for you both that you have a fast painless labor and soon too :wink:


Can’t upload til I get home to my computer. Can’t do it from iPhone to this website.

Maya is bfing right now! She’s a good latcher and I’m getting used to it. Just colostrum right now

She is fussy tho. I think she just loves to snuggle and isn’t used to life as a person yet! It’s hard bc when she goes in her little bassinet cart thing after a few min she cries a lot. If u hold her and snuggle she’s a dream tho. So little she can’t self soothe so there’s gonna be many restless nights.

I get discharged tomorrow! I’m so effing nervous wout 20,000 nurses and lactation ppl! But it’ll be nice not to have so mNy interruptions

My mom has been amazing! She ran around all day getting us stuff and organizing my house for baby! Still Can’t believe I’m a mommy to a little girl!!!

Anozi and fly I’m rooting for you to both go today!! Anozi it is kinda funny u were supposed to b the first according to ur ER!

Oh btw my legs and feet are 3x their size! So swollen!