IVF 8 weeks measured 6 weeks with SCH


Looking for some women who have the same symptoms and medical situation and seek some insights on why this would have happened to me again. I am 37 years old diagnosed with unexplained infertility, with a tilted uterus that had a small surgery done to reshape the uterus so as to improve the chances of implantation. Also have stage 2 endometriosis with laparoscopy done to remove as much of the patches. We have bee TTC for 4 years, had a natural pregnancy that ended at 8 weeks as fetus was measuring only 5.5 weeks, with a small SCH. That was in July 2014. I did not appreciate what SCH was then until my second miscarriage in 2017.

Following my 2014 miscarriage, i started seeing a RE in 2015 along with accupuncture. Had 7 rounds of failed IUI with no BFP and proceeded to IVF on Nov 2016. Had a failed 1st fresh transfer but had 2 frozen embryos.

In April 2017, i had my 1st FET, got pregnant but lost it to my second SCH. When i measured 7 weeks with good heartbeat, had a large gush of blood in the grocery store and was put on bed rest for a week. After a week of bedrest, SCH grew and fetus grew with no heartbeat but measuring right on time though. For that miscarriage i had a D&C the next day, did genetic testing and the fetus was a boy, that was perfect with no abnormalities.

My 3rd round of FET with last frozen embryo from the 1st retrieval ended in a chemical pregnancy. With that, i started a 2nd egg retrieval that did not yield good results, so had to proceed immediately with a 3rd egg retrieval with a lupron protocol that got us 3 embryos.

Just had my 4th round of IVF, this time with a fresh transfer 5 day blast. RE prescribed aspirin and heparin even though i had tested negative in all blood clotting tests, autoimmune tests. At 6 weeks, i started to bleed and went on modified bed rest. 7 weeks ultrasound showed faint heartbeat and CRL measured 6.5 weeks. At 8 weeks, ultrasound showed embryo measuring at 6 weeks 1 day, same as the first ultrasound but this time with no heartbeat detected. RE prescribed abortion pill but i have not taken it yet. Bleeding from larger SCH completely stopped with alot of dark brown spotting, no cramping and no natural miscarriage started yet. HCG levels dropped and increased, last measure was 25K. What should i do?

Any positive stories from women of similar experience and does a tilted uterus cause misleading ultrasound? Any women here with similar cases of recurrent miscarriages caused by sub chronic hematomas at 6weeks - 8 weeks?