IVF and Crohn's Disease


Wondering if anyone else on here is experiencing infertility related to Crohns Disease, and how it has impacted you, specifically if you tried IVF. Thanks!


Hi! My husband has Crohn’s so I know a fair amount about it. From a male fertility perspective research seemed to indicate that it made no different really… but there was some conflicting opinions on how certain medications effected fertility. I’d think that the disease itself probably doesn’t make much difference for female fertility, but the medications might. I’d start there… but be prepared for a lot of conflicting opinions and try to get your info from a reliable source. I think there is a propensity to blame unrelated things to fertility issues when you’re trying 7,000 other things at the same time to get pregnant… and there probably hasn’t been much clinical research unfortunately.



Thanks so much for your reply! My infertility is directly caused by my Crohns (damaged tubes due to diseased area of intestines), so if not for that, I’d likely have no issues. After browsing the site more, it seems there are other women who have Crohns and were successful with IVF, which is very encouraging! Congratulations on your new little one!


Thank you!

… and that just goes to show what I know. :rolleyes: But again, good luck!


Oh, no—I think you are probably totally right! I just meant mine is due to damage, not really the disease—that’s the only reason I know. So I’m sure you are right that there isn’t an actual link at all.


I have crohns. I have had to use IVF to conceive and was blessed to become pregnant the first round. I had to use icsi in order for the eggs to fertilize. We speculate that my eggshells may have hardened as a result of all of the meds I was on over the years. I had a very good pregnancy and have continued the remission with meds after his birth and he is 15 months old now. I will say that I will not chance pregnancy again and will take my miracle and thank god. I don’t want to push my luck. I had no embryos make it to freeze and I had a vanishing twin also. Could have been a direct result from meds…I’m not sure. I will say he was worth every effort to get him here. If you have specific questions I’d be happy to answer anything. Good luck in your ttc journey!


Thank you for your response, Laura! And congratulations! It’s so encouraging to hear stories like this. I’m 39, have had Crohns since I was 22, and despite one surgery, have had a much easier time with it than many others have. So I hope that helps this process!