IVF at Walter Reed: March cycle


Hi all-
I know it is very early to be posting on here, but I will be in the next IVF cycle at Walter Reed that starts on March 4. I would love to find support from others who are planning on going through the next cycle. I went through the winter cycle of IVF which unfortunately resulted in an ectopic pregnancy. Now I am gearing up to try once more assuming my body cooperates and is ready by March 4.

best of luck to all who are cycling in the spring!


MJgal, I was so happy to see you on here for the spring cycle! I wish you all the best and will keep you in my prayers!


Thanks, Char. I ended up having an ectopic pregnancy. My beta numbers were very screwy so they knew something was wrong. I went in for surgery and they discovered the ectopic pregnancy. I have high hopes for the spring round!


Mjgal, I just went in today for my ultrasound at 11 weeks 6 days and found that I miscarried. I’m truly heartbroken. I don’t think I can go through this a third time as its too emotionally difficult for me. If its God’s will it will have to be naturally. I wish you all the best!


Hi MJgal, I’ll be joining you in the spring cycle for a FET! Praying that this will be our time!!


Char, I am so very sorry to hear about your loss.i was actually thinking about you this morning and logged on to hopefully see his everything was going with your pregnancy. My heart breaks for you and I will be keeping you in my prayers.


MalMommy, I am glad to hear you will be doing the march cycle. How many blasts did you have frozen? How many will you be transferring? I am also doing a FET cycle-- I have only one blast so I’m pinning all my hopes on that little one. Also, do you have your baseline appt yet?


Hi MJgal, No baseline date yet… Had to have some labs work re accomplished so waiting for all that to come back. We were planning on coming in April though because we have to plan for time off work, travel, etc. Are you all set and scheduled for March 4th? Don’t worry about having only 1 blast… It only takes one! I have two and would like two transfer both given my history and age (I’m 37 yrs old)…but we will see. Are you doing anything different to prepare for this cycle - diet wise or vitamins? Do you know the process of the FET? They say its alot easier on your body and less injections, but not sure what to expect at this point. Glad to see that you are trying again too!


I hadn’t really planned on doing anything differently. I am taking the same vitamins I took before and am trying to cut preservatives out. Do you have any suggestions?


I also had a failed cycle Oct/Nov. 2013 so it looks like I will be joining you all for a FET in March 2014. I have been in contact with Nicole via e-mail and it seems this process is a lot less stressful. Fortunately, I will be able to do most of my appointments at home and only have to travel to WR for 1 sonogram and the transfer. We also have 2 D5 blasts and are thinking about transferring both and praying for a successful cycle!


Glad to hear you will be doing an FET as well Livelya. It’s interesting (and unfortunate) to hear of so many people that had failed cycles in Oct and are now trying again in the next cycle. From the previous thread (the Oct IVF thread) it seemed like most people were successful and that I was one of the few that was unsuccessful. I truly hope and pray that this round is our time, ladies!


Hi Livelyla, Welcome to the thread! Do you have a baseline date scheduled yet? I’m still trying to accomplish a history and physical appt before I can be medically cleared. What sort of timeline did Nicole give you ? It sounds like you will be traveling from out of town to and I’ve been trying to get a better understanding on how everything will go, Hope to spend as little time as possible in the local area as possible. Did Nicole say how long you need to be on BCPs? She told me that I should be on it for 8 weeks but when I talked to Darshanna previously she indicated I only needed to be on a few weeks. Good luck to you in the cycle!


Hi MJgal, That’s a good idea cutting preservatives! I’m not sure what else I can do differently… Besides prenatals and eating healthy.I read about cutting dairy out of diet and acupuncture, etc. I just wanted to get more ideas myself … :slight_smile:


I don’t have a baseline scheduled yet and I don’t know that it will be like the fresh cycle. Nicole had me go through my RE in portsmouth for my birth control pills and I actually started them today. I spoke with the nurse at Portsmouth and she is going to work with WR and schedule my appointments so I don’t have to travel. I have a sample cycle and an info packet if you want me to email it to you.


Hi Livelyla! Thanks for the info. I was able to reach Nicole and now have a better understanding on how everything might play out. Hope you and MJgal are doing well. Things are quiet on here now but hopefully we have more join us this cycle. 😊


Anyone know anything about Lupron? I have not taken it before but believe I will be taking it for this round.


It is to suppress ovulation. I didn’t use it during the fresh cycle either but I will be using it during the FET. I was cleared for the cycle Friday and it looks like we have a tentative transfer for the week of March 17!! :slight_smile:


That’s great Livelya. I actually have not been cleared yet because they want to re-evaluate my uterus with a saline sono. However, Darshana did tell me that as long as all goes well, my transfer will also be the week of March 17! I am pretty excited (even though I havent fully been cleared).
Do you know if Lupron is a subq shot or IM? I gave myself all the subq shots last time but don’t want to give myself IM shots. I believe my husband will be gone for the Lupron phase so I am concerned.


Lupron is a subQ, but the progesterone in oil is an IM, which I’m not looking forward to. Did they send you a FET packet explaining the meds and the process?


No I did not receive one. Is that something they mailed to you? I am SO glad it is subq. I don’t mind giving myself those… although last time there was one that stung horribly, I think it was menapur.