IVF at Walter Reedi (I'm in October round)


I’m starting IVF at Walter Reed Nmmc for the October round. I know it’s early but I am wondering if there is anyone else who will be doing IVF at Walter Reed in October? Does anyone know if there is a support group for those going through IVF at WR? It would be nice to be able to get support from those who are about to go through IVF, or have already done IVF at WR and have advice or words of wisdom. I live in the area so will not be traveling as I know others might be doing.

I’d also be interested in hearing about anyone’s experiences (good or bad) with the IVF process at WR.


My husband and I are still deciding if we want to go back to trying IUI’s until we can afford another fresh cycle or use our frozen embryo in Oct. We had a failed cycle in January and only have one frozen embryo. We also live in VA. Good luck to you!:bsv:


I’m pregnant with twins from the Spring cycle! :slight_smile: When we were going through, they had just started a support group that would meet in the hospital. I was working during the cycle and the meetings were in the daytime so I couldn’t attend. It was a new thing, I am not sure if it panned out. I got the majority of my support from a thread on here that one of the women started for people cycling at the same time. It was very helpful to have people going through the same time as I did.

I’m sure you will get more responses in a few weeks after this summer cycle is over and people start getting excited for the fall one! If I can help any, let me know! I’m also local to WR so I didn’t have to do any of the travelling!!

Good Luckkkkkkk!


Air Force Wife-- good luck with your decision making process. How many IUIs have you done thus far?

Britt- Congrats! And thank you for the information. I hope the support group is still going on because I think it’d be very helpful. Thanks for offering to be a resource-- It’s nice to know there’s someone to talk to who has been through it all already.


Hi guys! I was in the Summer IVF group at WR. Usually a thread starts on these forums for the upcoming cycle as soon as the previous cycle ends. You can check out our Summer thread if you want, we have a bunch of handy tips posted in there (if you want to do a bit of digging). Once the Fall thread starts, a few from the previous cycles usually post some handy info for the new couples going through everything. As for our cycle, there was no support group outside of these forums. We did get to meet each other when our appointments matched up, though. It’s really nice to have someone to compare notes with as you go through things. Good luck to all of you! :cheer:


My husband and I are doin’ the October cycle. Well, our Orientation day is October 15th…to be exact. We’re currently stationed here at Aviano, Italy…so we’re gonna have to travel just a TAD bit (we’re takin’ the rotator, though…which is crazy cheap…so no big deal). :wink: Is this your first IVF, MJGal?? This is our first. I was previously married for 7 years and him and I tried two rounds of IUI with Clomid and injections. And btw, my ex-husband has a baby with his wife now…so I’m definitely the problem. My husband and I have been tryin’ for 3 years. And my ex and I tried 5 years…so a total of 8 whopping years.
I’ve been wonderin’ the same thing about a forum for the Fall cycle.


Hi ladies. I was supposed to do summer cycle (so already been to orientation) and had to push back to October cycle so DH could be with me. Thanks for starting this forum MJgal, just reading the summer forum was so helpful and so encouraging. Summer, I know your struggle and hopefully this will be our time. I’m just waiting to be medically cleared and it can’t happen fast enough. Look forward to sharing our experience with you ladies. DH and I will be traveling from Jacksonville, Fl.


Hi Ladies, I’m am in the October cycle at Walter Reed! We will be attending the Sept 17th orientation! We just moved to Va (a few hours from WR) I had a failed IVF cycle in April, in SC and my husband had a vasectomy reversal in the spring as well. Hoping this will be “our” time as our finances won’t allow for much more. Wish I had known about WR when I was in SC! I would love to hear of others experiences at WR! I’m all for a support group!
I apologize as I don’t have much info on myself here, this is my first time joining a forum group and I’m still learning how to set things up!


:welcome: Char, I hear you. I wish I would have found WR sooner. I wish I lived in DC, the surgery price is great, but I also have to pay for travel and lodging. I’m not complaining at all. Glad I found WR. You add info at the bottom by creating a signature. Hope to talk to all of you soon. Want to let the ladies know that have not been to orientation, you have to bring a $500.00 good faith payment that is non-refundable.


When are you startin’ everything?? As of right now my Baseline is the day after our Orientation…so October 16th. Are y’all planning on stayin’ there the entire time?? We’re gonna be there for at least 21 days.


I’m SO glad someone FINALLY commented on this post. I was gettin’ worried.
Char, your Orientation is comin’ up quick. :slight_smile: When do they think your Baseline is gonna be?? Are any of y’all on BCPs yet, btw?? I started mine the 2nd of September.


Hi Summer. I’m having trouble getting medical clearance because of some test I have to retake, so I’m not sure yet. I’m staying the whole time, but my DH will only be staying a week. Do you have your lodging yet?


I haven’t started BCP yet, I did get them when I went to orientation. I’ll have to ask when to start them. I have to go back in tomorrow for a FSH, and LH test, even though I’ve had three. So that is setting my medical clearance back 7 to 10 days. Have you already been cleared?


I have not started BCP yet. I have no idea when my baseline will be, they haven’t really said anything yet. Since I just did IVF in April, all my labs and stuff are complete (that’s about all I know for sure!) I was under the impression that we find out when our baseline will be at orientation. Summer- did they tell you to start the BCP already? I’m hoping they also do that at orientation. I guess I need to call Michelle and ask her about that.


I do know, I went to orientation in May and would have done the June cycle and they stated to start BCP next time AF visited, which would’ve been the same month (June). I need some clarity too.


Ohhh…I gotcha. I actually have no idea if I’m cleared yet. I know we have all our labs done…as well as the HSG and saline sonogram.
Since we’re here in Italy we’re gonna have to stay the full 21 days or however long you have to stay. They’re “planning” on doin’ my Baseline the day after Orientation…since we have a time limit with everything. As of right now we both go back to work on the 18th of November.


Yeah, Michell told me to start BCPs on my second cycle day of this month.
I have a question, though. I know there’s different protocols for women under and over 30. I’m 32. I know some girls start Lupron before their Baseline. I was just wonderin’ how I would get the Lupron…bein’ in Italy and all.


Yeah, we’re stayin’ at the Fisher House. My mom and stepdad are flyin’ to Baltimore from Texas and they’re gonna stay in the lodging at Andrews AFB.


Have y’all already paid for this cycle, btw?? We’ve already paid for the $495 deposit…cause Leslie said it wouldn’t clear in time for my Baseline (since my Baseline is gonna be the day after Orientation).


Congratulations Britt!! Twins…that’s AWESOME!! :slight_smile: I love reading success stories. I just got done readin’ your blog, btw. I have a question for ya. What made y’all transfer 2 embryos on a 3 day transfer?? I keep hearin’ that a 5 day transfer is better. Does it just depend on the person??