IVF Cycle with DE II


Hi bonzai! Yes, I believe DH and I are doing the correct way, we even searched for more videos to make sure we were on the same page with the instructions given. I know that it can be given on the thigh as well… but I am not sure it will hurt less… today I took the longest hot shower ever :slight_smile: … trying to manage the muscle discomfort. It felt good. In the past 2 days I was feeling exhausted, drained for having all these shots, with muscle pain… and I know the ‘ride’ is not over yet… that’s the unforeseen cost, I suppose…


Desiree: good luck tomorrow. Will be thinking of you. The PIO shots are horrible, I was complaining to my husband today when I got home. When I got in the car this afternoon I could really feel it. My husband recommended doing it in my thigh but I am not to open to this :o Suzy: thank you as always. You are a rock. Shalli: thanks for the well wishes working hard to stay relaxed. Congrats on your second beta Slushy: I am so happy for you AFM , my beta is on Sunday and I am very anxious. Don’t know if I should POAS, it can be addictive and I had heartache last time.


YAY!!! ENJOY the NEWS!! Congrats!!


Desiree- My RE had me switch to my thighs. The shots are easier to give, but I have a lot more discomfort with them. BUT my progesterone was low and that’s why they switched locations and upped my dose to 1 1/2 ml twice a day.MY numbers look great now so it’s definitely worth it. Hang in there.


Terrific News !!!


Welcome Zipper!!! I completely understand where you are at right now. After 2 cycles, we made the decision to switch to DE for basically the same reasons. We got our BFP on Aug. 29th, While there are no guarantees, there is also NO reason in the world to believe that the first time won’t be the charm. This forum has been a God send for me through this process, and I hope you can find that same comfort and support here.


Thanks for the encouragement.


I am so sorry to hear of this. our second cycle we did, i developed a fever and strep too, and ours ended in a BFN. I think it is a way for our bodies to say, something is not right, so let’'s not let this happen. Thinking of you, and here’s to many prayers for your upcoming cycle in October!!


Awesome news!! Congrats!


Family~ good to hear the little guy is doing good. I also have had some nausea come back, but once I eat something, I am pretty good. I have 4 weeks to go-- we are at 33 weeks as well, but taking them at 37 weeks. Seems so unreal that it is getting closer!! I so can’t wait to hear about your little guy! Sounds like he is weighing in pretty good too. The twins are at 5 lbs each! So as you can imagine-- I am miserable carrying around 10 lbs of baby!! We are almost there!!!


Slushy~~ Thinking they are taking in everything I eat!! I do have a history of having big babies-- but man-- didn’t think the twins would be this weight!! Which is fine tho! They will be nice and strong!! We have 4 weeks to go, and that is going to go by so fast. I am curious to see what they will weigh come Oct 1 when we measure them again.


Lisa—congratulations on Madelyn Anne! That’s a great size considering she was a tiny bit early. I hope the preeclampsia wasn’t too terrible. I suppose you’ve forgotten it all now that you have your precious little girl!

Shalli—I would go crazy with the beta secrecy. But I go a bit nuts over everything and need to stop being such a control freak. I am sure your sense that things are right is correct, regardless of the numbers!

Godiva and Suzy—you two are so awesome for popping in and mentoring the rest of us. I really am grateful for all of your posts, insights, and shared experiences.

Stacy—ten pounds of babies has got to make your hips hurt. Hang in there! I have a friend who had twins and the estimates on size from the ultrasounds were way off, so they might not be gigantic by the time they arrive.

Slushy—Congratulations! That’s a great beta and progesterone number.

Zipper—welcome! This is an awesome forum.

JNVG—I second what’s already been said. There’s no such thing as a selfish post. There is nothing worse than what you just went through. I know because I went through a similar situation a few weeks before. It helps me to hear other people be able to give voice to this experience and to know that, even though you have felt this frustration and disappointment, you can talk about it and vent if you need to. It’s just as important as hearing the success stories. Everyone on the forum has been through so much, and being open about the good and the bad helps us all heal and get on with our lives and maybe even hope that we will eventually get a baby. I am really sorry for your pain. You just never know when it’s going to work.

Desiree—I actually think it’s better not to ice the muscle because that makes the tissue tougher and less absorbent. I just heat it up (in my armpit, so it doesn’t get too hot—sorry if that’s gross) and stick it in. Using a thinner needle makes it take longer to inject but also seems to hurt less.

Nheidem—I hope your camping trip is relaxing and that you feel great. Nothing like nature to fill us with energy and life! I’ve heard so many people say they have bleeding; it seems pretty common. You have an awesome attitude and that’s what’s best for the babies. But camping with a 3 year old? That sounds really brave!

Hopeful4baby—Beta on Sunday! My clinic just makes me wait an extra day if it falls on a Sunday. I am a POAS junkie. I would go for it if I were you but only use a First Response Early Response first thing in the AM and make sure you hold it all night long. Or wait until Sunday—that kind of impulse control will make you an awesome mom!


Please, everyone, feel free to share your insights or opinions.

I need to rant a little. I had a “chemical” a few weeks ago and I have been distraught thinking I have a godzilla immune system or something and worrying about my thyroid and trying to switch to a paleo auto-immune diet and worrying more if I should take dessicated natural thyroid and planning on intralipids and lovenox and endometrial scrape and the whole shebang for my next cycle, which won’t be until November. I was sure I have repeated implantation failure and autoimmune issues.

Then, I looked at the flow sheet from my fresh cycle in June. I was on Lupron for 31 days. My actual transfer was on day 33 of my cycle. The nurse said the Lupron would keep me in a “holding pattern” and that my endometrial lining would be fine when they finally got around to getting the other recipient to follow directions, and the donor, etc. But I question that. The last time they checked my lining was two full weeks before transfer, and it was already 11mm then even though the nurse said the Lupron would keep my lining thin.

There is only a 48 hour window when the endometrium is receptive to embryos. I find it hard to believe mine could be magically manipulated like that. I am beginning to think those two “perfect” blasts didn’t have a chance because the clinic managed my protocol so poorly so they could line me up with the other recipient and the donor. Things got stretched out two weeks longer than they should have. Has anyone else had such a “holding pattern” and waited so long for transfer?


So awesome to hear from two moms who are in the home stretch and taking home babies soon! It gives me hope!


Great advice Family! I had issues with PIO on one of my cycles, made note and now doing sesame oil and just “freezing” of the area and having a much better result. I’m a little sore but not itchy or miserable. I might be able to actually do this for the 12 weeks!



From what I understand, the day you start estrogen is like day 1 of your cycle. The endometrium is receptive about 3 weeks later, on PIO. In a natural cycle, the progesterone starts up about day 14 or after ovulation. My cycles matched that and they transferred in the day 21-23 window. The lupron just inhibits your own hormone production, at least that’s my understanding. After my failed FET, I did what you are doing and tried to think of anything that would make a difference next time so I read a lot of the fertility literature- their journals - including animal research. You’re right about the endometrial receptive window. It’s a very definite window when we are chemically receptive and after that, in humans at least, we are not. I hope your clinic didn’t screw that up for you. I am sorry you had a chemical and really hope you can do another cycle and it goes better.


Thanks so much for your inputs about the PIO. From this evening, I will be only doing once a day and then the vaginal caps at night. I don’t get itchy, or reddish… my muscle hurts. … DH does the application and he’s been cautious. Today he asked if I wanted to try on the thigh but I chickened out. I can’t. I am going to endure a bit longer and see if now with less injectables I can deal with the PIO better.

What kind of exercise you do!? I have a personal trainer who comes to our house twice a week, and she is no joke :slight_smile: this is the way I was able to make DH get on the exercise routine with me. The work out is great with her. But we took a month break (I was traveling in the summer) and we are taking a few weeks break this month. I am waiting for the BETA to resume my work out - knowing what’s really happening. I get so afraid to stop and gain weight and get out of shape… and also so afraid to get back on the routine.

I have lost in the past 15 weeks about 28 pounds!! I don’t want to find them… just with the right food, vitamins and exercise… no other meds, just planning on being healthy for this. I look good and feel good though I would have loved to lose more but now I can’t diet as before. If I had lost another 10 lbs, I would be in my ‘perfect’ weight for my age. Right now I just want to gain the ‘correct’ weight for the baby (if all goes well). I gained a lot in the past 2 years, I had to lose weight as I was losing my mind over it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the input. I did talk to the doctor. He recommended ice only during the day between shots and not right before… also he recommended warming up the oil in some sort of heating pad or in whatever way I feel is safer to make it thinner.
Hope all is well with you!


MartaC - I wish I could help. I know less than these other ladies who gave some inputs here. I only had my lining checked ONCE and about 2 weeks before now (transfer). I asked if I had to do any other exam and she said "no, all good just come for a b/w 4 days after transfer). Ok… so I am trusting all is good and going along with their plan. I am more watchful this time. It is confusing when adding a donor in the equation. I thought they started me earlier in some medication…the donor wasn’t ready for ER when they expected her to be… but it took about a few more days for her to be ready and the waiting wasn’t too bad after all.
I wish you luck, it isn’t an easy thing - that’s for sure!
There’s never a super guarantee that we will walk home with a baby but keep your faith up, do your research and if you have an intriguing mind right now, go after the answers because nothing better than to go through this very difficult process, more at peace.
November will be here soon and you will be ready. Trust your instincts as well. Homework is the best advice.


I just answered a few posts under the new comment box of each…
I am going to skip all other personals for now and go straight to my transfer!

[B]The TRANSFER happened on Thursday… I am officially PUPO!!! and I am really happy! confident this is going to work!![/B]

How neat it was to see the ‘[B]flash little thing[/B]’ in the screen, as the doctor transferred the embaby. He warned me “watch the screen for a tiny flash” and I saw it… I wish DH was recording it. DH even thought about it but there was no time for it.

I was treated super well there. The doctor said I could leave in 15 min but they made me wait for over one hour. But, part of this is because we had to discuss with the embryologist about the other embs to freeze and the nurses kept coming in to check on me…

Throughout this process, what amazes me the most is that [B]out of the 23 eggs retrieved, we ended up with 4 good ones though 1 was somewhat still under the ‘watch’. [/B]

[B][SIZE=13px]I transferred a “hatching blast grade 2” but according to the embryologist more like a grade 1. [/SIZE][/B]

We are freezing another “hatching blast grade 2”, an “early blast grade 1” and one that is looking like another “early blast grade 1”.

The doctor had great bedside manners, together with our embryologist they preferred to transfer the ‘Hatching blast grade 2’ so it would continue its hatching in me… he was very optimistic and even said “this is THE ONE you want”. I said if that was the case, I would then choose “her” name already!! :flower: He continued to say “this is the one you want, you will see, this is it!!!”

So DH is treating me like a Queen!! My sweet husband took 2-day of vacation just to hang out with me now. I got home and rested yesterday and today. Tonight we are leaving town to meet with some friends, take things slow but in a fun way…

[B]My BETA will be on 9/16 and then on 9/18. :bsv:[/B]

THANKS SO MUCH for YOUR SUPPORT and I will be checking in soon!!

Have a great weekend!!