IVF Cycle with DE II


Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has had any good experiences, or any advise or information about DE through NorthWestern in Seattle? So far, I feel that this is the best clinic for me. They do not have shared risk, but…you get all the eggs of the cycle…and the cost seems better than lot of other ones I have read about. Also, their FEt’s are significantly cheaper. Any thoughts?


Sorry to hear about your BFN.


nheidem - Hope you feel better.

family4us - Hope your pregnancy continues on track.

martacarolina - thanks for the welcome. What is your next step? I haven’t been on Lupron that long so I don’t have any input.

desiree - Congrats on making it to transfer.

AFM - I had my hysteroscopy yesterday and everything looked good. They also performed a test on my blood and my Vitamin D levels are too low and they told me to take Replesta wafers. Has anyone else had to take it?


Yay Desiree… sounds so good!! Congrats on PUPO!! Crossing fingers for a great big beta like me!! Had my repeat today and got a good 356!!


ORgirl, Family4US, and Desiree–thanks for your insight. It’s good to know that staying on Lupron doesn’t hurt anything. (Except it makes me crazy, but that’s another story). I feel better knowing that you have had similar experiences. I also read about a new Yale test and study of endometrial receptivity. The progesterone and estrogen make the glands in the endometrium produce the MAG, or sticky stuff. I know I have some sticky stuff since I did get pregnant (although only for a couple weeks) with my FET in July. Of course, with the FET the clinic screwed up the thaw date and I was only on progesterone for three days before it. That might have hindered implantation, or it may have been the embryos. I have no idea what happened with the fresh cycle in June, of course. But I never really believed that would work. I think you all are right about trust and belief. I am pretty sure this is going to work in November with my 21 year old donor.

Zipper–I have a fresh donor cycle coming up in November, as I just mentioned. I am doing lovenox, dexamethasone, and intralipids and having an endometrial scratch about a month before. So it is going to work! Vitamin D has a huge role in fertility so taking care of that will make a huge difference. I haven’t taken vitamin D or had it tested because I get lots of sunlight in SC, but maybe I should check that out.

Desiree–things sound perfect for you. Hatching blasts really want to be babies!

Angelalms–Hopefully you will get lucky the first time with the whole set of eggs, but cheaper FETs are a big help. If you feel good about the place, being relaxed and happy is very important. Hopefully they will also have donors you like. And I think everything in Seattle is better, so you can’t go wrong!

ORgirl–where are you in the process? I know we both had a rough summer.

AFM–you are all awesome. Thanks for sticking around during the transition in the platform, etc. It’s great to know you are here!


Desiree: congrats on being PUPO!!! Take it easy and sending you lots of sticky vibes!!!


Hi Zipper, I haven’t taken D before but good they caught it now. Also if you have been in least bit feeling blue that will help. MY DH had a very critical low D issue and Dr. gave him the big dose pills and it totally helped with his depression! Good luck on your donor journey many prayers to you!


Marta, keep those positive thoughts! So sorry your past cycles did not work seems like they really should have. Will be looking forward to your new fresh cycle in November. I think it’s good to have a good young donor! Mine this time was 23 and I transferred just one and so far we are doing very well! Not to mention we did DS this time which is really what was holding us back. :smiley:


Hello everyone. Just a quick question for you. If you were having trouble sleeping, and you could take Unisom or Tylenol PM-- would you take it every nite? Or not at all? Or just once and awhile?? I am beyond exhausted, and took Unisom the last 2 nites, but don’t want to be taking something every night. but I am not able to sleep hardly at all, and I am miserable most days due to lack of sleep. What would you do??


I would take it every night. You need as much rest now as you can get. You are about to have two newborns. Lots of preggos take unison for morning sickness. It is safe and I would do what it takes to be able to sleep.


Thank you, thank you!!


After what I went through, I’d say that getting ALL the eggs is the way to go… my donor had 23 eggs, we ended up with 4 good ones. One at transfer and 3 frosties. Prices won’t change the outcome. Eggs will. You need a donor and you need to feel comfortable with your choice of clinic and donor/agency (check their business, reviews online, etc). If you can find cheaper places and have access to all of the above, I’d say GO FOR IT. There’s a gut feeling involved. So follow yours :wink: That’s my 2 cents. Good luck!!


Lately I’ve been reading a lot about Vit D e D3. Vitamin D is so essential for good cognitive health… I don’t have any great insight other than a good feeling that you are on the right track, great news on the hysteroscopy!


Good to hear you are more optimistic!!!
Since you need to have a good intake of Vitamin D, make sure you are eating well-balanced meals! There are two types of vitamin D. Vitamin D2, that can be obtained through food (fish and dairy); and Vitamin D3, that is produced by the organism, your body, when in contact with sunlight. Lack of vitamin D causes cognitive decline and, as you may know, ovulatory dysfunction… For those who can’t be exposed to sun very often (due to allergies, risks of skin cancer, etc, etc.) vitamin D3 supplement is pretty much a must…


I’m 14 weeks now with a little girl. Hope it’s your turn soon!


Unisom is Category A (yay). My last pregnancy, I took it every night or I just couldn’t sleep. Egghunter is right- after they are born you won’t get any sleep so do what you have to now to get some :slight_smile:


Switched my PIO injections to thighs. They are a little more uncomfortable but helping with soreness in “cheeks” :wink: Our dr signed off on allowing us to do our pregnancy test today. I think she was also very anxious about results. I finally got them…482!!! We go back on Tuesday. Fingers crossed. I am hoping this is the one.


Thanks ladies. I think I will take it each nite.


YAY Hopefull!! So happy for you!!! jumping up and down in my mind for you!!

Also, try cooling the area with an ice pack before you inject PIO… it really helps!


Great suggestion for later in this pregnancy. Being “just” pregnant I really don’t have that issue, tired all the time and can sleep at the drop of a hat!