IVF Cycle with DE II


There are 4-5 good quality follicles, they have increased her dosage and will do another scan to see if the numbers increase :slight_smile:


Hey Angela. I can imagine that this decision is even more tough for you and your husband seeing that you already have a child caring your genetic material. My situation is a bit different, due to us not wanting to carry over abnormal genetic genes, we chose to use an anonymous donor. We do not have any children but my Husband and I have discussed this topic. At first my husband was against telling our “future” child but due to our family knowing about the donor IVF I know that someday somebody is going to say something and the child will feel hurt that we kept this secret from him/her, therefore we decided to take an open and honest approach with our close friends, family and one day our child. I am hoping that if we explain the reasoning behind our decision the child will feel blessed and loved. I decided to document our IVF journey and will give the pictures and stories to our child when he/she is able to understand and will hopefully appreciate the things we did because we wanted a son/daughter so desperately.


get used to them… if all goes well, you will be on these meds during the first trimester… at least 12 weeks…


Hello there!
I was on the same boat about telling or not telling the child. I guess I still don’t have a firm answer. However, I am documenting everything like Adubs is. I started my own private blog, with pictures and a dialogue with the child… I didn’t say “donor” in my own journal to her yet… I said “help from the doctors” and that’s because I also don’t know how to go about this.
My DH says that nowadays there are so many reasons and it is so easy to get DNA tests done that it seems to be impossible to keep it a secret. I just want to feel more comfortable about it… my sister and her DH are the only ones who know the whole story and they don’t seem to support telling the child now either… yet… we are still getting used to the subject and learning more about our own feelings and the reality. I think that overall the tendency will be to share the truth at some point just can’t see how yet. We have young adults/teens from previous marriage and each may react differently over this so that’s another reason why we still don’t know how to go about it. If we see the siblings are in this together supporting us, it will be a given… but we can’t predict that just yet.


I feel like I could sleep all day… then I get a few hours of great energy and during those hours I think I can do everything on my list and more, until 2 hours later and I am dragging my feet again.
DH and I do exercises at home, with a personal trainer, I can’t imagine quitting it, or else I will be a completely loser here, between bed and kitchen… (since I work from home, those 2 places are the closest to me!! not very good… )


Our fragmentation rates were around 90%! I think RE’s often deny sperm issues more than they should as ICSI doesn’t fix everything (as we demonstrated)! Best wishes!!!


Angela -

We do have a lot in common! With the exception of eggs…you need more quantity and I need better quality…regardless, we both need a baby! I am sorry that you never made it to ER…I only hope that you didn’t have to pay the hefty fees since you didn’t! We are going to have the SCSA test done to get a better idea as to whether it could be male factor. I am also tempted to go ahead and correct my DH’s varicocele with surgery which is against the advice of my current RE (who I am dumping anyway). After 2 failed IVF’s I really don’t feel like we have much to lose by correcting it since we can’t just keep doing this forever like we are any way.

I think the decision as to whether or not to tell your future baby about your decision to use a donor egg is harder because you already have a child. In no way, do you want the 2nd child to feel less loved, less special, less close to your heart than the first one. While we know this wouldn’t be the case and everyone on this forum knows how much we all want a baby whether it is a 1st or 2nd or even somewhere else down the line…emotions are not always rational. I know it would feel better to you if you had a plan in place for how you wanted to handle this someday but so much will probably depend on your relationship with both your kids, your kids personality, etc. when they do get old enough to possibly understand.


Slushy - You are lucky your DH is supportive and willing to do whatever it takes! Too often on this forum that doesn’t seem to be the case. I actually think my husband is supportive as well…this is just a tough one for him.

Lucy - Wow - 90%. I am really eager to find out if my DH’s sperm is highly fragmented now. It seems like my IVF cycles share a lot of similiarity with others that are using sperm that has tested to be highly fragmented. Yes, ICSI doesn’t fix everything and RE’s drive me crazy…I have spoken to 3 RE’s about my issues in detail. My local RE has no idea what our problem is but believes in my eggs since I stim easily. The IVF RE thinks we have a rare egg quality issue that I was born with. The other very respected RE that I have talked to at the same clinic as my RE thinks I have an implantation disfunction and that I should push for the DQ Alpha test (Which confuses me greatly and I haven’t even tried to follow up on yet). Ugh!!


Hey girls. I’m just curious. For those of you using donor egg from a stranger, what service did you go through and how long was the wait?


Wow. That’s not bad at all. Looking online I thought it could be YEARS…I think I read 4 years somewhere. I would be very specific if I went that way and did not use my sister.


We used our RE’s private donor pool and Xytex for the donor sperm. It took us 3 months to match and cycle with our donor (chose in late November and transferred end of February). I had a hard time finding the “perfect” donor, and ended up going with my heart. In the end…it was the right decision for us as our kids are perfect!


You can do through your clinic. as many offers the services - some won’t let you see pictures, they will match the donor for you. It was the case for our clinic and we didn’t like that. Or you can go through private agencies. There’s a topic in one of these forums just about this - with names of good donor agencies and the ones to avoid. The wait depends on the donor availability, and yours. For us, there was a period of 2 months from the time we closed the agreement with the final donor and the actual retrieval.


Hello everyone! It’s been long time since I wrote the last time here. I would like to give my quick and short update. I am 17 weeks pregnant with two girls. My DH is a little (just a little) upset b/c he already has a daughter and a grand-dauther. :slight_smile: Theoretical due date is March 16th. Everything looks fine at this moment although I had bleeding at 8-9 weeks (not much, but it was very scary). I visualized the first movement at 12 weeks. Started feeling it at 10.5. Now my belly is dancing many times a day (my DH and I can see kicks on the right and on the left and sometimes a head (or the buttocks?) popping out. It is amazing! I wish all the luck to all who are at the beginning of the journey and all my best wishes to those who are already pregnant. And thank you all for your help and support!
As for telling the truth, yes, I think I will tell it one day. I hope to find the right words and to do it pretty early.


Hi all, I just wanted to say hello. My sister started her meds on Friday. She did so good. I cried. I thought for sure that she would pass out, or something but she didn’t. I am so proud of her. My mom cried too. We are a very close, and very emotional family :slight_smile: Our estimated date of retrieval is October 15th. I am getting more and more excited, but also more and more nervous. This whole year I’ve had so much hope, and now the time has come.
As for telling the truth…we are. It makes the most sense for us since our whole family (aunts, uncles, cousins) know what we are doing. If we didn’t tell the baby then one day it might come up in conversation and could over hear, I wouldn’t want that to happen or have he/she find out on accident. We knew from the get go that we would be telling he/she.


HI All, I’m wondering if anyone has any information on the facebook group. Lucy… I tried to send you a PM and I’m not even sure it went through. This forum is terible now! I would love to be able to coorespond with the others again… If someone can PM me with any information I would appreciate it THANKS…


Hi kaultra,
I have also tried to contact Lucy about the facebook group and have not heard back. I am not sure if it is going through or not.


Hello all,

Sorry to hear that some are still struggling with the forum. It is different and not so friendly, but I am sticking to it for now… and I know some others are too. I hate changes so this is not pleasant but I’d rather keep things here than to have another reason to check FB… for now at least.

Tomorrow I am going for my FIRST ultrasound. I am very excited and a bit concerned… nothing in particular is happening, maybe that’s why I am concerned LOL… all seems to be OK, I am just exhausted and sleepy most of the time. I can’t wait to hear the heartbeat, to see the cardio contraction and know that all is good.

Hope everyone is doing well!

I hope to get some updates here during the week!



Hey ladies - I sent Lucy a message on Facebook. She’s had a busy few days with the babies. If your msgs didn’t get to her I told her to check the forum. Many of the new girls do not know me but I’ve been around for years. I decided to stick with Facebook as this forum just isn’t very friendly on my idevices. Look forward to seeing you over on Facebook


Thank you tinkdles!


Thanks for coming back and providing us with encouragement.