IVF December 2013


This might be a bit early but I’m guessing this thread will pick up soon enough.

My name is Layla, I’ve been on this journey longer than I’d like to have been and now onto IVF #3 in December. Summary of everything we’ve done so far is in my sig (which took forever to edit…ive been gone too long and the whole forum does a 180! lol)

One of the positive aspects of going through IVF this time around is that the financial burden has been lifted off our shoulders. DH finally found a job with great insurance a couple months ago that covers Infertility so we are so grateful because everything up until now was out of pocket.

So we’re starting fresh, new insurance, new Dr, new protocol as well :cross:

Right now I’m waiting on AF, then get a baseline and start BCPs.

Look Forward to meeting some cycle buddies :slight_smile:


Hi Layla! Looks like it’s just you and me so far :slight_smile: I just got AF last weekend and have been put on a schedule to try to do an egg retrieval the first or second week of December. This is my 2nd time doing a retrieval and trying for a 2nd child. This site helped me so much last time and looking forward to meeting other cycle buddies too. We have to do a FET as that’s how my clinic does it now with no more fresh cycles, so phase 1 is to get as many eggs as we can hopefully and see what we end up with. I’m nervous to go through all of this again! Looks like you have been through a lot and I hope that having a new Dr. and new protocol is exactly what you need! That’s great about the insurance. We have to pay out of pocket for everything which is tough! I bet you are anxious to get AF and get started!


Hey welcome aboard! Congrats on your little one and praying itll be a successful 2nd try! paying OOP is rly tough, may I ask why ur RE prefers FETs? All aspects of IF treatments are hard but waiting I feel is the worst. when i had my first IVF i had to freeze all our embies because of OHSS.


Our clinic prefers FET because they allow the embies to sit for several days and then do genetic testing on day 5 and then freeze the embies because the results take a few days to come back. This is supposed to give a higher chance of transferring good embryos which leads to a successful pregnancy. I honestly don’t mind the wait because my body felt so much better doing frozen vs fresh. I hear that OHSS is horrible. I’m nervous about getting that this time. What I have found is that every clinic is so different! It’s amazing to me how many different ways the offices operate. I really hope you like your new place and that the first attempt is successful! Any idea when AF should be coming?


Layla and Cautiously I would love to join your group. Right now our plan is IVF#2 for mid to late Dec. I am on just a stim protocol so once AF hits the beginning of Dec, if my FSH is low enough, I will do 8 or 9 days of just stims before my ER. I will have my FSH level tested again at the end of this week, but I am assuming that I will need at least one more month of the DHEA on a higher dose. As you can see by my signature DH and have been through a lot in the past year. The good news is that I got pregnant from my IVF and also my FET. I don’t think that my body or my soul was really ready to be pregnant again so soon after losing our twins and that is why my FET pregnancy didn’t hold. And then to our surprise, God brought us a baby girl on Sept 25th. We were not even trying to adopt. We just got a call from a friend of a friend who knew someone who was pregnant and could not keep her baby and they asked if we wanted her. So, I have a 6 weeks old baby at home, who I LOVE to death. She is so precious. I feel that I am emotionally in a better place than I was with my FET. With my FSH rising (along with my age) DH decided that even with a 6 week old we needed to go ahead and try again. We only have the $ for one more fresh round right now, as everything is out of pocket for us. Cautiously - there were several girls in my August FET group that did what you are doing. No fresh transfers, only frozen. I preferred my fresh transfer and think it worked better. The OHSS sucked!!! But all the estrogen I had to take for the FET while I was depressed from losing my son and daughter was terrible. I hope that December is as lucky for us all as it was for me last year!!


cautiously - that makes a lot of sense, and sounds like a great plan. its true all clinic have different methods, when we were contemplating doing PGD our RE never mentioned the time frame and/or possible FET instead of a fresh transfer. PMS symptoms have been in high gear the past few days, AF should come in a couple days. lilyicu - wow what a journey, but i think God sent u that little angel to help give u strength to go through this again! fingers crossed for a great cycle and giving your daughter a little brother or sister to play with one day!


Hello ladies, I’m also having my 2nd IVF in December. It has been sometime since I was on here, this site has truly changed :slight_smile: I wish us all the best of luck. 10/31 - Start BCP 11/15 - Start Lupron (20)


Hi Ladies, Im starting late November early december. I had one failed IVF attempt. Im trying again 3 years later. Me: 33, Severe Endo, Frozen Pelvis, DOR, AFC


Hi Everyone. I am currently on my 1st IVF Cycle. Started Lupron on Tuesday the 12th and ER should be around first of December.


Hello ladies I began my first stims today, Ganerilix…he we gooooooooooooooo


Lilyicu - Welcome to the group! Sounds like you’ve had a very difficult road, but I’m so happy that you were blessed with your baby girl and that you are ready to give it another go. Fingers crossed that December is your month!

LSN8308 - have you started your protocol yet?

Temika - Welcome to the group! How are you doing on the Lupron so far? I started 20 units on the 13th and I’m starting to feel really out of it. My husband says I’m more moody. Just wait until the real stimulation drugs start :slight_smile:

LailaRose - Welcome to the group! Glad that you are trying again, and fingers crossed that this is your time! Good luck with the stims!

Lilbit7729 - Welcome to the group! Looks like you are on Lupron already with several of us. Any side effects yet?

AFM, I had got all of my stim drugs today and will start those on day 1 and day 3 when I get my period. I started Lupron on the 13th and I’m on BCP pills until the end of the week. We pushed it out a few days so that we could go out of town for Thanksgiving. Right now we are looking at an ET anytime between 12/5-12/10. It will all depend on when I get my period and how things look. My clinic does a crazy amount of stim drugs (about double what I did the first time around) and I’m nervous about OHSS and being INSANE. We are also not telling anyone that we are starting this again, and I’m worried I’m going to get so bloated over Thanksgiving that people are going to be talking/asking. I just hope that I can make it through the holiday without wanting to choke anyone :slight_smile: Hope you are all doing well and getting into the swing of things. The time should go fast with the holidays. At least that’s what I tell myself!!!


Cautiously - Congrats on getting closer!!! So excited for you!! Lilbit - WELCOME!!! Temika30 - WELCOME!!! LailaRose - Congrats on getting started!! Looks like you will be the first to go… AFM - I had lab work done on 11/09. My FSH was 10.2. Plan now is to bump up my DHEA to 75mg a day and retest with my next cycle around the begining of Dec. As long as it is under 10 we will begin stims within 2 days!!!


hello ladies! its been a while. i was hoping to come back to a faster forum, the slow loading times is what keeps me away most of the time lol. temika30 - Welcome!!! how has the lupron been so far? lailarose - first off welcome and love the name wink wink lol! and yay for starting stims. have u gone for a monitoring visit yet? hope things are looking good so far! lilbit7729 - welcome! and wow you seem to be the earliest of all of us so far, hope things have been going smoothly so far. looks like ur ER is 10 days away! fill us in!? cautiouslyoptmstc - hope your holidays go well and so exciting u got ur meds already! has AF come yet? lilyicu - 10.2 is not too high for IVF. does ur RE have a certain cutoff for being able to do IVF?, fingers crossed it gets lower on ur next cycle! AFM: well… still on BCPs, getting my meds tomorrow so thats exciting and going to a baby shower (oh the irony lol) …and hopefully my suppression check will be the 27th or 29th and based on that ill probably be able to start stims the same day!


grrr text editor isnt working and my post looks like one big paragraph instead of spaced out lines lol


Hey all, joining you after a failed november cycle. I will be doing an FET on December 20th.


Good luck with the FET!


LSN - RE likes to wait until my FSH is under 10. They say better egg quality. Sounds good to me. This forum is killing me…I loved it when I did my first cycle, but all of the problems are keeping me away too. It is sooooo slow and now with the newest post showing first I have a hard time remembering where I left off (in my other groups). Congrats your day is getting closer!! Unjour - Welcome…Sorry your IVF was BFN


HI all, I’m joining my first forum after a canceled cycle in October. I’ll be on an antagonist protocol (ganerylx) and start stims on Sunday. I’m a little nervous because the RE has me starting stims only 2 days after stopping BCP… When other protocols that I have seen wait at least 5 days. Happy to join you all and have a place to share.


My protocol had me starting stims on day 3 after stopping BCP (so only 2 days with no meds). Microdose flare and antagonist protocols seem the most likely to have that schedule. Some schedules at my clinic (long lupron) actually overlap bcps and lupron


Thanks unjour- that’s helpful to hear. I was getting nervous that it was far too early. I was seeing other protocols that wait 4-5 days. Starting stims tonight!