IVF December 2013


kayteebaybee14 - Welcome!!! AFM - Waiting for AF. Should be here by this weekend. Get a quick check on my FSH level and hopefully we will be good to start our stims!! Should put our ET around Christmas time!!


Hi Ladies, Been M I A for a few days, I have updated my sig with what Im pumped up with thus far. My first monitoring visit is tomorrow!!! Im soo excited!! Wish me luck!! pray: pray:


hey everyone, hope all your cycles are going smoothly so far! i havent been able to post as much as id like too, I wish this forum speeds up soon and gets back to normal. but anyway, i had my suppression check on monday and got the all clear aside from having a small cyst on the left ovary but nurse said it shouldnt be a problem. i started on 225iu of follistim and go back on friday for a check! i cant believe this is happening again! GL to everyone!!!


Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well with their cycles! This forum is horrible to post on and hard to access all the time :frowning:

I am on CD10 and I’m on 750iu of Fostimon, 10 units of Lupron, 50 units of Cetrotide and Estrace. Not to mention a million different vitamins and baby aspirin. Ugh. The headaches and bloating are horrible!

I went in for a follicle check today and I have about 12 total of decent size (14-16mm) right now. I go in Monday for a last check and to get my trigger shot. I should trigger Monday night for a Wednesday egg retrieval. Then they will grow to day 5, get PGD testing, and get frozen. I won’t get those results until around 12/23. When I get my December period I will go in for an ultrasound to check for any cysts or other issues from the stims. I’m hoping to transfer sometime in February. They did find a polyp during my SHG so I have to have that removed before the end of December. Not sure where I am going to fit that in with the holidays!

How is everyone else doing? How have monitoring appointments gone? Anyone else have an ER scheduled yet?


My FET is now scheduled for the 19th. My u/s(to verify that I haven’t ovulated) is on the 12th.


Good morning, Just wanted to give a quick update. My cycle was cancelled due to poor response, im not sure what happened. The doc said I had bad eggs before this cycle. Idk if I should schedule a consult with him or what… devastated!! Thank you for your support. Good luck on your cycles


Hey ladies. Just thought I’d jump in here. I am a little behind. I am doing my retrieval on Tuesday. Did HCG trigger last night. How is everyone feeling? I am personally much better this round of ivf than the last two times. Praying for my Christmas miracle. Hopefully the forum can get it’s act together so posting is easier. This has always been my favorite forum going through infertility. Praying for lots of BFPs !


LailaRose, I’m so sorry. I absolutely think you should have a consult to see what happened.

Welcome SammyLena! Good luck tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear how many they get and fertilize!

Unjour, it’s getting close! When do you start the PIO shots?

AFM, I will be doing my trigger tonight and my ER is Wednesday morning. We are hoping to get 12+ eggs. Fingers crossed. My estrogen is a little high (about 3500) so it’s a good thing we are freezing and not doing a fresh transfer or they would have cancelled it. I will have to go on Lupron as soon as my ER is over until I get my period and then they will see if I’m cystic at all. We hope to do a FET in February but it could get delayed if I have any cysts. I will know on Sunday how many make it to test for PGD. It’s all nerve wracking! Anyone else having retrievals this week?


No PIO for me, I refuse to do any more shots. I am on endometrin (progesterone vaginal tablets). I start them on Saturday the 14th.


Egg retrieval complete!

19 total. 2 unusable, 13 mature, 4 immature.

I will know tomorrow how many fertilize and then by Monday I will know how many make it for genetic testing! Fingers crossed!

Good luck to everyone else!!!


Waiting to hear if my FET will go on as planned or be canceled. There was a 13mm follicle, so I had to have a progesterone check to see if I have started producing any. If I haven’t, then we wil continue as planned, if I have they will cancel my cycle.


My transfer is still on. Progesterone level was 0.8, low enough that there has been no ovulation and we can continue with out FET as planned.


Hi Girls…Hope everyone is doing well. All the best for the couples who started ivf this month (me too ) and congrats for the couples who got their positive results. This is our first IVF cycle and we started on 12/6 with Gonal-F and Menopur. we are from Louisville, MR Nakajima is our doc. We just heard the news that he is leaving the UoL end of this month. Not sure how to move on with this. Me : 31 (Endoemtroisis stage -4) DH : 32 - Healthy.


Unjour - That is GREAT news!!!

ksp2013 - Welcome! Do you know when you are supposed to be doing your ER? Is there another Dr. he can refer you to?

sammylena - Any news from your transfer and fertilization?

Anyone else getting close to time?

AFM, We got the fertilization report today…11 fertilized! We will get another update on day 3 (saturday) and another on day 5 so that we know how many will be tested and frozen. Everything is such a waiting game! I have a little OHSS so I’m back on Lupron and Metformin. I’m sick of the shots/drugs, but better than being sick I guess. I’m still a little bloated but nothing too bad. Can’t believe everyone is starting down the path! Good luck to everyone!!!


6 days until transfer, getting excited again.


3 more days for me! I am getting excited too…and anxious! I am holding your hand “virtually.” :slight_smile: Big hugs!


CautiouslyOptmstc : I started my jouney on 12/6. Next ultrasound sch @ 12/16. ER might be on Friday @12/20.

12/06 -Start Gonal F(300) and Menopur(75)
12/07 - Gonal F(300)&Menopur(75)
12/08 - Gonal F(300)&Menopur(75)
12/09 - Gonal F(225)&Menopur(75)
12/10 - Gonal F(225)&Menopur(75)
12/11 - Gonal F(225)&Menopur(75)
12/12 - Gonal F(225)&Menopur(75)


Hi ladies, joining you a little late in the game for our 3rd, and final, fresh IVF. Started stims tonight with an anticipated retrieval of 12/26. Wishing everyone the best and looking forward to making some new friends! :slight_smile:


CAKTBarrett : All the best.

Me (31) : Stage 4 Endo.
DH (32) : Perfect 1
2/06 -Start Gonal F(300) and Menopur(75)
12/07 - Gonal F(300)&Menopur(75)
12/08 - Gonal F(300)&Menopur(75)
12/09 - Gonal F(225)&Menopur(75)
12/10 - Gonal F(225)&Menopur(75)
12/11 - Gonal F(225)&Menopur(75)
12/12 - Gonal F(225)&Menopur(75)
​12/13 - Gonal F(225)&Menopur(75)


Sorry to see another person from November getting a BFN. Is there a reason you decided to do another fresh instead of an FET (I seem to remember that you had multiple frozen)? Baby Dust for your December IVF.