IVF doctor in Houston


I’m 42 years old. I try two IUI, but fail. Now I’m trying the third IUI. If it fails, I will try IVF. Does anyone can introduce a good IVF doctor in Houston?


I use Houston Fertility Institute. They have offices all over Houston and their doctors and staff are all really nice!


I agree. You may also want to check out Houston IVF.

I would not go to OGA.


I luv luv luv Dr. Griffith at Houston Fertility Institute!! Got me my BFP first try! Gave me pep talks when I needed it. And I work with a girl that went to Dr. Allon and did multi tx’s. Including 2 ivfs. BFN. Switched to HFI, first thing done was procedure to open tubes. 2 weeks later, preg on her own.


I use the [B][I][COLOR=“Blue”]Advanced Fertility Center of Texas[/I][/B] They are very aggressive in their approaches and care, which was EXTREMELY important to me. My RE there is Dr. Krotz. I had a previous patient/doctor relationship with him, as he performed a surgery on me years ago. They’re very much a specialized center (PCOS, Cancer, DOR, etc…) with an on-site nutrition store, which is an added bonus. For me, it meant that my protocol would be tailored specifically to me, and not a general platform…as I’ve noticed with a lot of the clinics we visited prior.

I won’t say my experiences have been perfect, but overall, I’ve have had a great relationship with the clinic there. Most of my complaints would come from billing, but then again, I think most people would agree that that’s the most common issue of all providers.

Previously, I used [B][I][COLOR=“Purple”]Baylor College of Medicine Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Dept.[/I][/B] The ONLY reason I did not continue my IVF there was due to distance of travel for me. I am quite a bit north (hour and a half) from the Med Ctr, so it became a bit of a traveling hassle for me. I have been a patient of Dr. Kovanci for many years and I trust in him completely and continue to see him for other things.

I think no matter how many recommendations you get from here, the most important thing for you to do is to find an RE that you feel comfortable with. If that means going around to several RE’s until you are sure, by all means do so. Each person is different-as is their care and experiences.

I think Houston IVF is a great facility and believe the doctors they have there are indeed very knowledgeable. For me, the deciding factor was choosing a doctor that I trusted and had previous relationships with, hence my settling on my current RE.

Alot of opinions will tend to be biased-so be prepared to weigh the pros & cons of each recommendation and review. At the end of the day, YOU are YOUR best care advocate, and only YOU know what you look for in a provider.

Good luck on your journey-we’re all here for you if you need us!:flower:

I hope I could help!

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