IVF Early Pregnancy Symptoms


Hi ladies I’m in my 2ww and I was wondering if anyone has had any early pregnancy symptoms. For the past 2 days I have had slight cramping, tiredness, and headaches. Is this common or is AF coming?? :bsv: to everyone!!


Progesterone can cause all of those symptoms.

Good luck!


As frustrating as it is, I’d have to agree - the early pregnancy symptoms are from progesterone production (in non-IVF pregnancies too), so it may be pregnancy or it may be the progesterone… I’ve had a total of 5 transfers and I’ve felt pretty much the same for all of them - :bfn: or :bfp: . Tired, moody, big and sore boobs, short of breath.

Good luck! The 2ww will be over before you know it… :bsv: