IVF/FET Spring 2012


Hi ladies-

Myss- sooooo, is it team blue or team pink?!?! I hope you enjoyed your ultrasound today

Jenn- how have you been feeling lately? Has your spotting stopped?

jencat- how are you holding up? Been thinking about you

Holding- how did your dr appt go? You said you were processing it. I hope things are looking good for you

Better- haven’t heard from you lately, where are you at in your journey?

Schmoo-I was very confused by your dr’s farm animal comparisons? What did all that even mean? Did you and your DH decide to go somewhere else for sure?

BBluck- hopefully you can find a balance for you gestional diabetes issues. I just did that test today, will find out in a few days the results. I guess I didn’t realize that we are very close in weeks, I’m 25 weeks tomorrow! When is your due date? I’m 12/11/12.

Afm- went to the OB today, had to do the glucose test for gestional diabetes, it wasn’t that bad, I had heard it was this really yucky sweet stuff to drink. To me, it tasted like orange gatorade, just a little sweeter. The dr measured my belly for the first time, I guess everything is looking good. The weight is starting to creep up on me, which is hard for me to accept, but I know it’s necessary for a healthy baby. going to schedule the 3d/4d ultrasound pretty soon, so I’m excited about that.

Hope everyone is hanging in and doing ok.

Take care ladies


[quote=arborbaby12]Hi ladies-

Myss- sooooo, is it team blue or team pink?!?! I hope you enjoyed your ultrasound today


[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3]Hello everyone,[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3]I had planned to come in and update everyone as soon as we found out yesterday, but my DH was too busy celebrating. LOL! (He was truly over the moon!) As of tomorrow, I’ll be 5 months pregnant. We had our gender and anatomy scan yesterday and learned that our little one is a [B]BOY[/B]! My husband was so excited that he jumped out of his seat and ran over to stand next to the technician for a better look. He is usually quite reserved! Everything looks great and our little guy is measuring a day ahead. So yes, it looks like hubby got his wish and it is definitely [B]TEAM BLUE[/B] for us and there was no mistaking it at all! :flower:


Hi ladies. Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I get that way when I’m nervous. Had my NT scan today, and I was a wreck!! But, all good news! My SCH is still there, but looked smaller, and I found out that it is below the baby, not affecting the placenta, and the placenta is fully attached. And most exciting of all, we found out - its a BOY!! There was no doubt. This doc is the chief of MFM for a big hospital here and the nurse said he wouldn’t even say a word if he wasn’t 100% sure. S, true confession. I really wanted a girl, so there was a small stab of disappointment, but I’m totally over it. I’m so blessed that he is healthy. God is good!!


Myss- congrats on a baby boy!! Welcome to team blue! It seems like alot of people are having boys lately! And I’m glad your ultrasound went well! Wasn’t it amazing all the stuff that they check and all that you can see?

Jenn- congrats on your baby boy! Don’t feel guilty about secretly wanting a girl, I think we all have one that we are secretly hoping for. I was hoping for a boy, it was all that i had imagined. So I would’ve been a little disappointed if it was a girl, but like you, you realize in the end it doesn’t matter, you just want a healthy baby! And I’m glad to hear that your scan went good too!!

congrats ladies!

Hope everyone else is doing good!


[QUOTE=MyssThang][FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3]Hello everyone,[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3]I had planned to come in and update everyone as soon as we found out yesterday, but my DH was too busy celebrating. LOL! (He was truly over the moon!) As of tomorrow, I’ll be 5 months pregnant. We had our gender and anatomy scan yesterday and learned that our little one is a [B]BOY[/B]! My husband was so excited that he jumped out of his seat and ran over to stand next to the technician for a better look. He is usually quite reserved! Everything looks great and our little guy is measuring a day ahead. So yes, it looks like hubby got his wish and it is definitely [B]TEAM BLUE[/B] for us and there was no mistaking it at all! :flower:

Congrats Myss!! Somehow I missed you post. Team blue for us both!! My husband did the same thing - He was almost laying over me to get a good look at the screen!


Hi ladies-

wow, this thread has been really quiet lately. I hope that means everyone is doing good and making progress in their journeys. I thought I’d just check in to see how everone is doing.

Jencat- been thinking about you,hope you are doing ok and baby b is hanging on strong.

Jenn- hopefully your spotting has gone away and you are feeling good.

Holding- i hope everything is going good for you and with your dr appts, and hopefully your DH has some leads on a job

Better and Schmoo, I hope things are moving along for you in your next steps.

Myss- how is team blue planning going?

Well ladies, hope to hear from you all soon.

Take care


Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I agree with arbor - this board has been very quiet lately.

Holding - I’ve been thinking a lot about you, and hope all is well. You’ve been such a support to all of us - I hope we can support you too.
Jencat - Ive also been thinking about and praying for you. How is everything going?
BbLuck - congrats on 25 weeks! I’m sorry about the glucose levels. It sounds like you are doing all you can do.
Better - what are your next steps. When is your next trip to Denver?
Schmoo - how are you doing?

I hope I got eveyone. Looking forward to hearing from everyone soon!!


Oops. Hit send too soon. I meant to post that I am still doing well. I am 14 weeks on Saturday, and still ahve bleeding/spotting episodes. This darn SCH. I really had hoped it was gone, since I had a a good 5 day stretch with nothing, but it is back today. Ugh! I’m so ready to enjoy this pregnancy!


Arborbaby, I’m due 12/09/2012, but because they are twins we expect them around thanksgiving or 38 weeks. Praying *not too soon! Yes, we are very close! *What week will you do the 3d4d? I think I should do it soon…I need to schedule it too:) I loved the drink for the sugar test. Lol. The wait sucked but the drink s good. *Let us know who’s it goes. I’m praying for you!

Myss - congrats on team blueeeeee!!!

Jenn7591 - boys are cool! I know what you mean though, a little part of me and hubby wanted a boy, at least one. Lol, but we get two girls instead. It took some getting use too since in my mind I had been bonding with two boys. Now I can’t imagin e it any other way! Glad baby boy is healthy…

AFM, *all has been well. My babies are doing great! I feel them bounce around all day while I’m teaching. *It’s the coolest thing ever. My back has REALLY started to ache. I’m on insulin now, but no total control over the sugar issue. *I stopped stressing about it. There’s not much I can do. *My babies will be born addicted to sugar, it could be worse, right?

Thinking of you all…


Hi Jenn- I can’t believe you are already 14 weeks! Can you believe it? Technically you are in your second trimester! It’s so exciting, and it just gets better. I know you’ve got that darn sch, but it sounds like it’s not affecting your pregnancy, so thats good. Even though I’m sure it is a constant stress and worry. Hang in there, and congrats on making it to 14 weeks.

Hey BBluck! We are really close in due dates, but you’ll definetly deliver before me with twins!! You must feel your girls moving all the time. My little guy seems to hang low, and likes to kick/punch me in the same spot alot. As much as it sometimes hurts, i am always happy to feel him as a reassurance that hes doing ok in there. The worry never ends. As for my glucose test, I’m good, no gestional diabetes. I’m trying to schedule my 3d/4d ultrasound for the end of the month, which will be when I’m 29 weeks. My dr suggested anywhere between 28-30 weeks. I know I have another in office dr ultrasound when I’m 35 weeks, so I’m trying to space out the ultrasounds. I’m excited. The baby shower is planned, invites are out, and some gifts have started to come in! I’m excited, but terrifed at the same time!

As for the rest of you ladies, I really hope everyone is doing ok. I miss hearing updates from everyone, so I hope to hear some soon.

take care!


You guys are right it has been quiet on here. I have been reading and watching, but not saying much myself. So let’s see…

Arbor - you are definitely to the exciting parts. I’m so glad to hear your shower is planned and things are getting so fun!

BBluck - it sounds like things are going so well for you as well. I have a vote that the girls be born on Nov 29th (it’s my bday, and I was born 3 weeks early so it’s also a lucky day :). )

Jenn - time sure does fly. I can’t believe you are in your second tri already. I’m sorry the bleeding hasn’t completely gone away. I can’t wait to see you post that it has gone for good!

Jencat - I hope things are still going good for you with the single baby! I hope no news is good news from you!!.. How are you???

Myssthang and Jenn Congrats on being team Blue.

Better - I hope things are going well with your cycle. I was hoping to cycle with you, but it looks as though we are on hold for a bit.

afm, so after our last appt with the urologist in August we made the decision that we would be doing donor sperm. The problem with this is that our insurance will not pay for the donor sperm and hubby is still unemployed, so coming up with extra 1000.00 isn’t all that easy. So we decided to just hang back and wait. We keep praying and hoping that this joblessness ends soon. He still hasn’t found anything and this is his last week of pay from Unemployment, so needless to say we are starting to get scared. He’s even started looking for just anything and it’s not been looking good. Then last week we got a call from our RE about one of the tests that hubs had done on his sperm, and they seem to think that his defragmentation problem (which equates to poor fertilization rates) might be being caused by his antidepressants. I suggested to the RE if the company that did the test is willing to do another test six months after he’s weened off the meds than we would be willing to think about doing another IVF with hubby’s sperm, but we would have to see a big improvement. It’s currently 44% defragmented and normal is less than 15%. We don’t think this will fix the volume, but it would help with fertilization. So, if they get back to us and they say they are going to do the test again for “scientific” reasons than we will be waiting AT least, but maybe longer 6 months so he can be weened off his antidepressants and let it get through his system. SO long story short (I know too late) we are on hold until we make a decision about hubby’s sperm vs donor sperm, and I would like to loss some weight before the actual IVF. So life is just chugging along and not changing much here. Hubby does have an interview in NYC on Thursday and we are trying to make it a fun time by driving down the day before and maybe walk around or after the interview hang out a bit before we come home. If he gets this job he will be working for the State of NY in Albany, but we have go to NYC for the interview. So I hope everyone is doing good!!!


Sorry everybody, I have had a bad cold for 3 weeks now and that along with being really tired already, and work picking up, I have pretty much been either working or sleeping.

I just wanted to stick my head in and say ‘hi’ and thanks for thinking of me. My ob appt is wed, I will check back and let you know how it went.

Have a great day!


Jencat - I’m sorry you’ve had a cold, they suck during pregnancy. I got one with Sammie, and we closed up the room tight so we could run the humidifier on full blast for about a week or two straight. It helped me breath since I couldn’t (didn’t want to) take anything. Can’t wait to hear about your OB appt.

afm, Hubby got a temp job!!! Yeah!! It doesn’t pay as high as we had hoped it would, but it’s better than nothing with his unemployment gone. It will be different not having him around as much anymore, but it’s good to see him getting out of the house! I’m so excited for his new job, I really hope he likes it. I don’t know what the job is, all I know is it’s at a local bank. So hopefully it works out as a semi perminent job until he’s able to find an actuarial job!! He did interview in NYC last week and that went well we think. There was suppose to be one other person in that interview, and she wasn’t so, he has to still interview with her. He will only have to go to Albany for that interview, but we found out that if he gets offered this job it’s in NYC, and not in Albany like we had thought. I am excited and scared at the prospects of living in NYC. We have decided if he does get the job we are going to try and get an apt as close to his job as possible so we can see what it’s like to “live” in the city. After a couple years or so we can always move to the suburbs and he can commute into the city. Anyhow, that’s all the news on this front.

I hope everyone is doing good!! It’s been quiet, so I hope that means all the new mommies are just resting in their down time!



Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing well. I’m still hanging in there. 16.5 weeks. But it hasn’t gotten any easier in terms of the worry! The bleeding has stopped, knock on wood, with nothing in the last 2 weeks. But new worries appear every day. I seem to have developed all these irrational fears. Like what about toxoplasmosis, and CMV, PROM, cord accidents, trisomy 18. The list goes on. And many of the are from people telling me stories of people they know that this has happened to. I feel relatively good, minus sporadic period cramping that scares me. I also felt the baby move a few days ago, and he was pretty consistent, but the has stopped. More nerves. I know he is still there from the doppler, but why can’t I feel him now?
Ok enough about all that.
Jencat, so glad to hear from you and that things are going along. HOw far along are you now?
And jenn(holding)- hooray for news on the job front! Keep us updated on how things go.
Arbor, miss, bbluck, better how is everything with you all?


It is perfectly normal to still be scared! It is normal for someone who has never experienced loss first hand to worry, so why not someone who already knows that “it could happen” first hand! Here’s something you have to start telling yourself (I heard this from the lady who runs my loss support group) Thousands of babies are born everyday healthy! You are proof that it can happen! You were born healthy!

STOP Listening to others stories. Tell them IMMEDIATELY when they start the story, “I know you are trying to help, but unless this story ends with a HAPPY HEALTHY SUCCESSFUL pregnancy and BABY in it’s MOMMY’S ARMS please keep this story to yourself!” You have every right to stand up and take care of your own mental health! One of my supervisor’s at work, his wife is expecting and when he first told me I point blank told him, “You don’t want to talk to me about pregnancy.” Then he told me that his wife was all nervous because she kept having all these people tell her about so and so who had a miscarriage and so and so who had a miscarriage. I told him, “Look, I can’t tell you much about miscarriage. I know that I didn’t have a miscarriage, I know my sister didn’t have a miscarriage, and I know that lots of women in this world don’t have miscarriages, so I would tell your wife to tell those people to stop telling her about miscarriages!” He knows that my baby was a stillborn, I told him because I wanted him to understand why he didn’t want to talk to me about pregnancy. I also told him that lots of people have successful pregnancy and don’t have to go through what I have, but it’s important to know that it does happen too.

The Fetal movement. You are 16.5 weeks, and most people ony begin to feel their babies move between 16 to 22 weeks. It would make sense that you don’t feel the baby move constantly right now. I know it might have felt consistently, but it’s still early. Be comforted by your fetal monitor. Also, once you get further along if you are wanting to count kicks or check fetal movement you can always eat something sugary and lay down to help it out.

I’m glad to hear for you! I can’t believe you are almost half way done. It seems like you just did the transfer. I am hoping we will do another treatment this Jan/Feb. We have pretty much decided on donor sperm and we are just waiting to have the money for the sperm. I also want to loss a bit of weight, so I’m trying to get started with that process. It’s not easy fitting in working out with my schedule and mostly with my depression. I’m working on it though!

I hope everyone else is doing good!


Hi ladies

holding- tell your hubby congrats! I know its a temp job, but its a job with money, so thats awesome! I’m glad you have a new plan for your next cycle, and it sounds like donor sperm might be the way to go. I think it’s amazing that your DH is ok with that, some men would be too proud. That just tells you how much he loves you and wants you guys to have a family. Keep us updated!

Jenn- can’t believe you are 16.5 weeks!! so happy your bleeding has stopped, I hope you never see it again. My friend who had the SCH, had it thru the first trimester, then it went away. So I hope you are having the same luck. I agree with holding, you have to stop listening to others peoples horror stories. I’ve had to cut people off, and tried to do it in a nice way, so they wouldn’t continue their story. It’s too much for people like us. The constant worrying you are feeling isn’t going to go away. Unfortunetly, with our pasts, it’s just normal for us. Just try to tell yourself that every woman’s pregnancy is different. Your friends baby might have been constantly on the move, then your other friends baby might have been more mellow. Their are similarities in pregnancies, but not exact pregnancies. Any concerns, ask your dr. At least, that’s what I do. I’ve found that most of the stuff I am stressing myself out about is normal. So hang in there!

Jencat- how are you doing? Never heard from you after your last dr appt, I hope everything is ok with the baby and that you haven’t been on the thread because you are just too tired. Thinking about you

Afm, things are progressing along, I’m 29 weeks, so in my 7th month and in my 3rd trimester! Getting bigger, hands and feet are starting to swell a little, but it seems to depend on the day. We did the 3d ultrasound, my little guy is shy and was totally in the fetal position. We kinda got a side profile, but it wasn’t very clear. We are going back tonight for a 3rd try to see if we can get anything. I’m not expecting much, since both times we’ve been there, he’s pretty much stayed the same. I’ve tried drinking oj, apple juice, pinapple juice to try to get him moving, but he’s a stubborn little guy. What can I say, he’s like his mama, and his daddy! My baby shower is in a few weeks, and we’ve already gotten so many hand me downs that this kid is set for the first 6 months! It’s great how generous people can be. Me and DH went up north to a cabin for the weekend as a last time getaway before the baby. It was nice to get away from the heat, yes, it’s still in the 100’s here and killing me, and just relax with each other.

I hope everyone else is doing good, I miss hearing from you ladies. This journey started back in January when holding started this thread. It was then that I felt like I finally had people who understood what I was going thru. So i love hearing updates from everyone, I think of you all often, and love to see sucess stories. And even when they aren’t success stories, i want to support you the best that I can because you all supported me.

Take care everyone, :grouphug:


trying again after full term stillbirth

[B][FONT=Comic Sans MS]hi ladies…i decided to look into these infertility forums for people who can relate to everything i’m feeling…lots of mixed emotions more anger than anything…let me give you a background on my experience…after being with my fiance for 4 years and trying to conceive i decided to seek help from my gyn…apparently i wasnt ovulating and he prescribed clomid…after 2 cycles i gave up and about 3 months later i was ecstatic to find out i was pregnant:clap: …i had an easy going pregnancy aside from the fact that my belly was huge which didn’t seem out of the norm (my first daughter from a previous marriage weighed in at 9lbs 13.6oz…i should tell you i’m only 5ft tall) i had a scheduled c-section on 9/21/11 @ 39 weeks…my fiance and i expected to go into the hospital and welcome our babygirl into the world in a few hours…instead our joy turned to horror when we we were told that our daughter Bella Angel no longer had a heartbeat:grr: …needless to say it was heartbreaking to know that we had everything set up for our little girl to come and we were now preparing to say our goodbyes instead…our Bella weighed in at a hefty 9lbs 7oz 21.5inches long:wings: …i chose to deliver her via csection because i couldnt imagine going through the motions of labor…i had no problems whatsoever…i was cautious with what i ate and how much i ate…vitamins were always on time and everything was done up to code…she had a very strong heartbeat throughout my pregnancy and even up until my last appt. the week before my C…so i question what did i do wrong? how can we be blessed with a beautiful baby and have it snatched away in a second?it’s been a depressing year and although i’ve gained normalcy back into my life, a day doesnt go by when i don’t think of my angel…but i’ve reached a point where i’m ready to try again no to replace her but to fulfill that yearning i have to be a mother again…and although i was told that i’d be extremely fertile this past year, still no pregnancy, so i’ve started clomid yet again and i just finished my 3rd cycle and still nothing…what would my next step be if it doesn’t work? i’m 36 and don’t want to wait another couple of years…please help me in understanding what could be wrong…:pray: :cross: :lil: [/FONT][/B]


Hi ladies! I know I kind of dropped off the face of the earth for a while. Thanks for continuing to ask how things are going in your posts. I had surgery at the end of August to remove the tissue CCRM found during our evaluation. All went well, but I was really emotional about it. I guess I had some resentment over the fact that it wasn’t discovered sooner by my local RE. We started stims in early September, and my ER was Septmeber 20th. They retrieved 29 eggs, 23 of which fertilized, and we ended up with 16 blasts!!! We will find out how the results of the chromosomal testing the next after next. I am truly in awe of the lab there. I was completley blown away. CCRM did in 1 cycle what it my local clinic 4 cycles to produce! I really enjoyed the 11 days in Colorado. It was so nice to get a break from the humidity and have nothing to do but relax. My FET was just scheduled for Nov. 6th. I started BCPs yesterday and start lupron on the 8th. We are very excited and optimistic that this is finally going to be it.

Holding- I am so excited that your DH got a job!! Temporary or not, it’s great news! I’m also so happy to hear that you’ve made an exciting decision in your TTC journey. January will be here in the blink of an eye.

Arbor- I can’t believe you’re 7 months! Enjoy the baby shower, and that beautiful big belly. I can’t wait to have one :slight_smile: I hope your little man cooperates and the third time is the charm with the 3D ultrasound.

BBLuck- Your little girls are going to be here so soon!!! I’m sorry to hear you’ve struggled so much with your blood sugar, but glad you’ve gotten to a point where you can relax a little.

Jenn- 16.5 weeks is amazing! I second everyone else in that you have to just cut people off with the bad outcome stories. We all painfully know that not every pregnancy has a happy ending. Reminders of that from other people are not good for the psyche. I’m so glad to hear you’ve had a 2 week reprieve from the bleeding. I hope it’s permanent, and you will feel more confident in the pregnancy every day :slight_smile:

Jencat- Sorry to hear about the cold, but happy everything is moving along. How did the OB appointment go?

Mibella- I’m so sorry for your loss. Usually the best place to start is to see a Reproductive Endochronologist (RE) for a fertility work up. They will run a battery of tests on both you and your fiance and try to determine the cause for delay. They can recommend an appropriate treatment plan based on your results. Best wishes to you!

Even though the thread has slowed down, I think it’s really awesome it is still going. I am so happy that we are getting close to our first deliveries. It’s incredible to think about. Hope everyone has a great weekend :slight_smile:


I just re-read my post and realized I left out several words in my update. Hope you all can decipher okay :slight_smile:


Better - Wow that is some great results so far from CO. I am glad you had that much time to relax too. We all need a nice relaxing time off. I’m so excited about your upcoming transfer.

mibella -I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. I would say better gave the best advise. You really need to go to a Reproductive Endocrinologist and not an OB.

I hope everyone is doing good. We are doing good. I’m glad my hubby is out of the house now more. I’m slowly getting rooms cleaned and things done that I wasn’t able to get to with him home all the time. I am currently weening myself off caffiene (again). I did fine when I wasn’t drinking it back in May, so I hope to get off it again and start working on losing those pounds before January.