IVF/FET Spring 2012


Jenn(holding) - thinking of you! Best of luck tomorrow!!


[QUOTE=holdingmybreath]:cheer: :cheer: Schmoo that is wonderful news!!! Congrats!!!:cheer: :cheer:

Got call this morning apparently we have 19 growing now. I will be going in on Sunday for the transfer of the two best embies in the bunch.[/QUOTE]

Good luck tomorrow!:cheer:


So they transferred two blasts yesterday. I was told I’m hyper stimulated so I’ve been told to stay in bed for a couple of days. It’s boring but worth it.


Hi Ladies! So nice to see some activity here.

Holding- congrats on your transfer and having so many eggs that fertilized. how many do you have frozen? You used donor sperm this time, right? I’m so excited for you and your DH. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that you get a BFP this time around. Things are def looking good for you. I’m sorry the board wasn’t more active for you during your stimming/transfer. I hope you felt that we all still are sending you positive thoughts! Can’t wait to hear an update!

Schmoo- congrats on being 11 weeks!! So excited for you!

Jenn- can’t believe you are 32 weeks! Your little girl will be here before you know it! Get some rest now while you can, because once they are here, those days are over! So excited for you and your upcoming arrival!

I hope everyone else is doing good, better, jencat, would love to hear an update from you ladies.

Afm- been busy being a mom, but loving every minute. My little guy is growing, and getting cuter every day. His hospital stay hasn’t seemed to effect him in any way, so I am thankful for that. He’s my little buddy and I feel very blessed.

Take care everyone!


It has been a very long time since I’ve posted but I have checked in on all of you a couple of times over the past few months. For those of you who weren’t on the board several months ago, my DH and I welcomed home our DD through domestic adoption in May. It had been a 2.5 year long journey to adoption with lots of ups and downs, and after about 2 years of waiting, we’d decided to reopen the infertility treatment door that we had closed. So I’d gone through an IVF cycle that resulted in a pregnancy and miscarriage in the Fall of 2011. Then in March, we tried a FET which did not result in pregnancy. As we were preparint for another FET, we learned of our match with our daughter’s birth mother.

Our daughter is now a very active 10 month old. She is absolutely the baby that God intended for us and I’m so thankful for her. We really want to give her a sibling, and since we still have a few frozen eggs, we’re starting another cycle. I’ll start BCP on Friday, with a transfer planned for March. My RE is suggesting we try a stimulated frozen cycle as opposed to a standard protocol this time. He’s even open to a natural cycle. Anyone have any opinions?

Holding, I have been thinking of you often over the past several months and my prayers are with you now. I do hope you get your :bfp: and a healthy baby in 9 months!

Arbor, I am so excited for you! I’m glad your baby boy is home and doing better. Motherhood is a transition, especially in those early days, but it is also the greatest joy I’ve ever experienced.

Jencat, I’m also so glad to hear your good news, and yours Schmoo, and everyone else’s! I look forward to catching up with all of you.


Elen7 it’s great to hear your coming back to the dark side. What do you mean a medicated frozen vs normal? Do you mean a FET vs fresh IVF? I think a FET as it’s easier on the body.

Arbor we have 6 snow babies.

I’m doing pretty good just resting and waiting for the 29th. I haven’t decided if I’m going to use hpt yet or not


[QUOTE=holdingmybreath]Elen7 it’s great to hear your coming back to the dark side. What do you mean a medicated frozen vs normal? Do you mean a FET vs fresh IVF? I think a FET as it’s easier on the body.

Arbor we have 6 snow babies.

I’m doing pretty good just resting and waiting for the 29th. I haven’t decided if I’m going to use hpt yet or not[/

Holding - your beta is the 29th…? 7dpt? :cheer:


Arbor- sounds like life is great for you…:grouphug:

Elen - so nice to hear from you too will be cheering your on as you begin your journey… :cheer: :pray:

Holding- :bsv: :bsv: thinking about you and you ill embies…


Schmoo my beta is 9 days past a 5 day transfer.


Holding, how are you doing? Your 2ww is almost up- did you decide to,test,or wait it out? How are you feeling?


I’m leaning towards hpt tomorrow. Based on May’s cycle I got the faint positive 4 days before the beta which is today so i didn’t want to test today. Also I’m hanging in there. I have to work the day of my beta and that suxs!! (Mostly only if it comes back negative), but that is why I want to do the hpt to be a little prepared. If it comes back either way it might make me want to do more


Okay I took a hpt today. The digital one came back with pregnant (took a bit of thinking, but that’s cool) and the line one has a faint line. The line is as faint as the one I got last May, but the difference is this is a day later and I would think the hcg shot is out of my system, and last May the digital said negative. I’ll test again tomorrow and hopefully the line gets darker. All in all I hope the beta comes back strong.



Jenn- hooray!!! Im going to say that you are :preg: !!! I did that whole line darker thing and mine really never did until well after my beta (at 11dp5dt). I also had a really high beta (549). So I think yours is the real deal!


Congrats Holding :preg:


Did another two this morning and still says pregnant and a faint line yeah :cheer:


So happy for you! :clap: :clap: Beta is tomorrow, right?


Yup in the morning. I’ll probably still do hpt again too.


That’s exciting congrats :clap: :cheer:


Ok the number is…(drumroll)…53.

The nurse was so very cute when she was giving me the results. She’s like you have a positive result, but the number isn’t quite as high as we would like to see. I was well Sammie’s was 61 and that’s the same thing the other clinic said too, not what they like. I said it’s the first step.

I go back on Thursday and they just want to see it double. She said they would probably have me do another blood after Thursday just to make sure.

So I’m suppose to be cautiously happy according to the nurse, but like I said to my hubby you know a person can miscarry all the way up to 12 weeks, so I’m just going to be happy. I’m :preg:for now and that’s fine. As I already know it’s the first step to what will be a long road for me anyways as I won’t feel like he/she is ours until I bring him/her home from the hospital.

SO today’s a day to :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:



Hooray! You have a great attitude, and I think 53 is a perfectly good number to start with. I’ll be praying for you and wishing you all the best for Thursday. Cheek in as soon as you can!!! I’m very excited for you. Enjoy being :preg: