IVF/FET Spring 2012


Holding, I am so happy for you and my thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you. I’ll be looking for your update on Thursday!

I’ve decided to go with a stimulated FET. Basically, the meds are like those that would be used in a full IVF cycle, but at much lower doses. The goal is not to make me produce a lot of eggs, but to ensure I ovulate and that my ovaries then produce the hormones that are necessary to build up my lining and prepare for pregnancy. So its encouraging my body along. There are less shots and no PIO shots, which was part of my motivation. We’ll see. I hope we made the right choice. I go in for my saline on Friday, and I’ll start the cycle on 2/22.


hi ladies!

Congrats to holding! I am so happy for you, I know it’s been a hard journey to get to where you are, and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy! Can’t wait to hear your numbers tomorrow!

Elen- hello! So nice to hear from you again. Can’t believe your daughter is already 10 months. I admire your courage to start the fertility journey again, and it sounds like you have a good plan in place. I also want my son to have a sibling, but I dread trying FET with my last egg. So many questions of will one make it thru the thawing process, will transfering only one actually work, do I really want to put all those drugs in my body again? I’m hoping things become more clear for me a little farther down the road. I won’t do another IVF cycle, so my last frozen embryo could be me last chance, unless I naturally get pregnant. Only time will tell. But I’m happy you have a start date, and that you aren’t having to do PIO shots! Ugg, those are the worst! Keep us updated on your journey.

Jenn- You’re getting so close, how is that little girl treating you these days? Are you at that uncomfortable stage? How far along are you now? Hope you are feeling good, getting plenty of rest and things are going smoothly.

Schmoo- how’s your pregnancy going?

Has anyone heard from Jencat? I think of her often, wondering how she is doing. I think the last we heard she lost one baby, but still had one hanging on. I can’t remember any updates.

Afm, life as a mom is going good. My little guy is 8 weeks, learning to smile, making lots of noises, and still not letting me sleep, but I love him more than life. He is my miracle baby who had a rough start in life, but has come thru all the drama with great stride. Can’t wait to see who he will become!

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Take care


Hello ladies, I have been reading but haven’t been on for a while and I am sooooo exited to read all the great news on here!! Wow!

Holding, congratulations for being PUPO. I’m so happy for you and will pray for your beta tomorrow. I’m sending you all my love and positive energy!!!

Schmoo, congrats on being preggers!!! Yay!!! Keep posting as I enjoy reading your progress and updates. I wish you a continued healthy pregnancy.

Arbor, wow! I can’t believe how old our babies are already! I’m so happy your little man is doing great and thriving. Keep us posted with updates.

AFM, babies are in the swing right now demanding attention so I will be brief;) the twins are super healthy and spoiled. They are the love and joy of my life. I quit my job as a teacher. One of my twins has positional plagiocephaly and torticollis. Madison has an appt with a neurosurgeon on 2/13 and we will know for sure her diagnosis and treatment. I feel sad at times, but also realize how fortunate we are in so many ways. She really is a healthy and happy baby., Just her head is a bit misshapen and she tilts her head to one side. I will keep you guys posted on that.
Anyway, babies slept from 10 pm to 6 am!!! Last night. It was the best night ever!!! They smile and goo and giggle. They have discovered they have lungs and every now and then they let out yells of joy…it’s hysterical!

Okay…gotta run!!

Best of luck to all…thinking of you all!!!


Holding - cant wait to hear your beta number tomorrow :cheer:

Arbor - so great to hear from you … 8 weeks already wow exciting stuff with your little guy

Jenn7591- you are getting near the end are you already for baby …

BBluck - great I hear from you ! How old are your twins …? Keep us posted on Madison :grouphug:

Elen - I can’t wait to cheer you and hear about your journey as you start your FET …

AFM- we had our nuchal translucency test yesterday it was negative for trisomy 13 & 18 but was positive for trisomy 21( Down syndrome) 1/17 chance … Our baby passed everything else had a nasal bone so I guess that is a really good sign … Very emotional day we decided not to get CVS or a amino and risk a miscarriage. We were offered a simple blood test which is a 100% accurate its 800.00 we find out tomorrow if we are a candidate.i love our baby so much already seeing him on the screen yesterday please pray for us … We are really scared about our results …other then that I have felt really great going into 2nd trimester tomorrow :slight_smile:


Thank you ladies for cheering me on this whole time!!! I got the results today and it’s 119. The doctor’s office is very pleased and I don’t have to go back for anymore blood tests. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Feb 19th. I’m excited and scared all at the same time!!!

I got the news so late today I don’t have time for personals, so I’ll type more tomorrow before work. It’s great hearing for all of you guys!!!


Jenn, I am so happy for you! You and hubby are so deserving of this! Any symptoms? I can’t wait until the 19th!
Schmoo, I’ll be thinking about you. I know it is scary and uncertain right now, lots of prayers heading your way.
Bb- sounds like life with twins is exciting! Enjoy!
Arbor-8 weeks already! Wow, that went quick. Was he is the hospital for long? So glad he is doing great!
Elen7, thinking about you with your cycle. I hope it goes well for you. Hooray for avoiding PIO

I haven’t heard from Jencat in a while either. It doesn’t look like she is posting in other forums. I think about her a lot too and pray that all is well. If anyone hears, let us know!

Afm, I’m now just about 35 weeks. I can’t believe it. I’m still oddly cautious. Like I’m too afraid to get too excited. Is that strange? I mean, I am excited and overjoyed, but it still feels surreal likea dream I can wake up from. But I feel great, even if I sleep very little. Nesting is in full swing!


Elen - I was checking to see how you are holding up? You next cycle starting soon :slight_smile: . I’m having morning sickness and sensitive teeth otherwise I’m hanging in there. I can’t wait until Tuesday next week.



Hello ladies!
BBluck- you have your appt today with the neurosurgeon, please let us know how it goes. I’ve had you in my thoughts and prayers for a good outcome. big hug to you and your girls. Your so lucky your girls are sleeping 10a-6p. My little guy is just starting to consistently be at 4-6 hrs. It’s tiring, but so worth it.

Schmoo- how are you doing with everything? Have you had the blood test yet? I know it’s all very scary to have things up in the air, but I know whatever the outcome will be, you will love that baby no matter what. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers, please keep us updated. big hug to your family

Holding- sounds like you are starting to feel pregnant with the morning sickness. Has it hit you yet? Your ultrasound is just a few days away! Let us know how it goes! So excited for you and your DH

Jenn- 35 weeks! You are so close!! And it it totally normal to be cautious with your excitment. I know I was, and it didn’t seem real until he was here. And still to this day,I look at him and am still amazed that I made him, that he was in my belly, and that he is here! Is your nursery all done? Did you have a baby shower?

Hope everyone else is doing good!


Happy Valentines Ladies :grouphug:

We got the best Valentines present… Our Harmony blood tests results came back and … 99%chance our lil guy doesn’t have trisomy 21,13 or 18 !! :cheer:

Arbor - thanks for thinking about me … How are you doing…?

Jenn - I can’t believe you are near the end :preg: how are feeling…?

Holding- 5 more sleeps …!! Any symptoms ??

Ellen - thinking about you …excited to hear your journey…:clap:

BBluck - how was your appointment yesterday…? :grouphug:


Happy Valetine’s Day

Happy Valetntine’s Day ladies!

Holding - thank you for thinking of me and checking in with me. It doesn’t really feel real that we’re starting up again yet. I’m sure it will once I start sticking myself with a needle :slight_smile: Morning sickness for you huh? Isn’t it odd that after all we’ve been through we look forward to morning sickness? It’s a very good sign that your hormones are doing their job. Only a few more days until your ultrasound! I’ll continue to think of you and pray for you.

Schmoo - that is such great news! Thank God! I’m so glad to hear those results.

Jenn - you are getting so close to the finish line (or should I say the starting line - you’ll be starting on a whole new journey once your little one is here and in your arms.

BBluck - thinking of you and hoping all went well with the neurosurgeon.

Arborbaby - you sound like you are a natural at motherhood. I’m so very happy for you. Enjoy every moment. It goes so fast. I can’t believe I’m starting to plan a 1st Birthday Party already!

AFM my journey is officially getting underway on 2/22. It doesn’t seem real as I’ve been so distracted with other things (chasing my active 10 month old daughter around, working, etc.) But once I’m started, I’ll have no choice but to focus more.

I do have a question…Ive been on BCPs for awhile, and I began spotting about a week ago. Now the spotting is almost a full blown period, but I’m still on active pills. Sorry if this is TMI, but I’m a little worried. I’m planning to call the nurse tomorrow. I’ve read that this can happen, but it’s never happened to me before. Anyone have this happen to them?

Good night ladies!


Happy Late Valentines then :slight_smile:

Schmoo - That is a wonderful gift you got!

BBluck - I hope the consult went well. I’ve been thinking about you.

Jenn - I’m excited that the end of preggers and beginning of a new chapter are coming for you!!!

arbor - I’m so glad your little one is home. I know I can’t wait to experience what you are going through!

elen - no I’m sorry I have no experience with break through bleeding. I’m sure it’s not a problem, but definitely talk with your nurse

afm, symptoms…hmmm…let’s see…I have morning sickness, but I have yet to figure out what triggers it. For example I don’t have it right now, but I just got up. I think water is a trigger which sucks because I have to drink it. I gave up soda this week. I didn’t for any good reason other than I just felt like it was a good thing to do. With Sammie I got migraines that were caused by caffeine, it’s earlier still now than when I started getting them with her, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt. I am trying to drink a glass of milk (chocolate, as I hate Milk Milk) a day. My teeth have been hurting with the pregnancy, but they didn’t with Sammie. I’m not as sick as I was with Sammie, but it’s still early yet. I’ve had caffeine withdrawal headache for the past two days, so I was happy to wake up without a headache today. I am tired, but not as tired as I was with Sammie either. I am able to sleep more and just take care of myself this time around better, so that might be why. I am ready for the ultrasound. I hope everyone is good. Our Valentines gift was me getting the taxes complete. Now for the return so I can catch up on my mortgage.


Elen7 - good luck with your FET this month. I will be praying for you especially on 2/22! This is your year! By the way, I hope You got the answer to your bleeding concern.

Schmoo- I’m so happy about your results!!! Your baby is so precious and all is fine and will continue to be fine… By the way, my twins were born on 11/20/12 at 37 weeks and 2 days.

Holding - I continue to pray for you and hold you in my thoughts. I can’t wait to hear the good news on the 19th!!! Yippee! And it’s so cute that you have morning sickness. I know, not fun, but a good sign:)

Jenn7591 - how are you? Have you delivered yet? You should be about 37/38 weeks. That’s pretty much full term! How exciting. Let us know. And yes, it’s normal to be cautious. I think I was soooo cautious I still can’t believe I was ever pregnant and my twins are almost 3 months old. I was just scared to celebrate and then have something go wrong…anyway, you will be fine.

AFM, well we had the appt with the neurosurgeon for Madison. It went pretty well. I have to say, it’s pretty much what I expected. They did a 3D scan of her head shape, analyzed her head position, and how she holds her head due to muscles being weaker on one side of her neck. So she will start on physical therapy for her neck muscle issue (torticollis) and I’m working on finding her a spot at the hospital so we can set up the evaluation and treatment. They are to call me back tomorrow with the details of the appt. as far as the head shape goes, it’s called positional plagiocephaly and it a caused by her being squished in my tummy by her sister and me. She has an offset ( or some term the doc used) of approx 18mm. We want to reduce it to less than 10. So for now she has to sleep with that shoulder raised so it turns her head the other way in hopes to help reshape her head. At 4 months we reevaluate the plagiocephaly and she will possibly need a helmet to assist in the reshaping. So for now we concentrate on her neck with PT (physical therapy). The doctor was optimistic that she will get very close to a “normal” head shape, but in due time. He said we were ahead of the game on treatment, which made me feel better.

Okay, I’ve now written a book! Lol. Anyway, both twins are doing great. I love them so much and feel so lucky to have them. I cried the other night as I held Mackenzie because I just could not belIeve she and Maddie are mine. I just never thought I would know this feeling or that I would ever be a mommy. It’s cute when I hear my hubby talking to them and he says something like, “okay, go with mommy,” or “mommy, wants you to do this or wear that…” Etc. it blows my mind that I AM MOMMY!

Good night to all…thinking of you all!


[B]HOLDINGMYBREATH:[/B] how did your ultrasound go today? have been thinking of you the whole day, praying everything looks good.


Holding, thinking of you!!!L:grouphug:


Thanks guys the ultrasound went great! There is one little bean with a heartbeat of 131. Measuring 6 weeks and 5 days. It was the best looking thing I saw on the screen :slight_smile:


Yippee !!! So happy for you Jen! :clap: :dance: :cheer:
When is your next appt? Soooooo exciting!!!


Yay!!! So, so happy for you Jenn! Congrats!!!


:clap: Jenn, I am so glad everything looks good! Jey!! I’m sure it is normal to be scared, especially with what you’ve been through. Thinking of you and cheering you on until you have your miracle in your arms… and beyond :wink:

BBLuck, its wonderfull news and I am sure everything will work out 100% with Maddie. Thank you for sharing this journey with us and please keep us updated. It must be amazing to think you are Mommy, I can’t imagine it, just feeling all fuzzy and warm and smiley just thinking of it!

To all the other ladies: You ladies are the most supportive and special group of people. Please excuse me for “gate-crushing” your group. It just feels like, after a loss, you struggle to find a place to fit in. Like someone said: the group no-one wants to belong to. I know that I have not shared half the heart-ache you girls have had, but I would like to support you all and would love to be part of this wonderful group.:grouphug:

I am going for my second IUI, first was succesful but ended in missed m/c at 10 weeks. Second pregnancy was natural, but ended in chemical pregnancy. I am now on CD10, seeing the FS tomorrow to see how many eggs. My lining was very thin last time, only 6mm. He changed my protocol from Clomid to Femara, I also use Menopur injections. So I am very exited and even more scared to start this journey again. I have had lots of cramps and pains, think it must be the follicles growing. Last time on Clomid I had 4 follies of 20mm each at trigger! Hopefully lining will be good and fuzzy, eggies will be ripe and ready and I will hear when we’re gonna do the IUI. Can’t believe I’m so scared and exited all at once! And this at my ripe age of 40.:smiley:

Hope you girls have a lovely day!


Hi ladies- lots going on!

Elen- good luck starting your journey today!

Schmoo- sooo glad to hear that your tests came back normal!!

BBluck- sounds like you’ve got a good plan in place for Maddie. A friend of mine’s son had to wear the helmet and all worked out great. I bet your daughter doesn’t like having to have her shoulder raised at night! My son would fight that with all he has, he’s becoming very independent… and stubborn like me! I totally understand the tears of joy you feel for your girls, I cry often looking at my little boy and am so thankful for him. keep us posted with Maddies progress

Holding- Wu-hoo!! I am so excited for you, can you believe it yet? Are you a bundle of nerves? How’s Dh holding up? I am so happy that your time has finally come. :slight_smile:

FranS- welcome to our group! You’ll find that there are so many great women on this thread that can help you during your journey. It’s such a wonderful outlet for venting, crying, happiness and to express your fears. I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriage and then your chemical pregnancy. I will keep you in my prayers for a sucessful 2nd IUI. Welcome!

Afm- my little guy is getting stronger everyday, needs to be entertained all the time, has become a thumbsucker (so cute, but i’m worried about having to break that habit!) talks to you all the time, wants to stand up, and gives the best smiles. He is 11 weeks tomorrow and I am in love with him more every day. As tired as he makes me, that beautiful face takes it all away. So now the question is what’s next? We have one frozen embryo left. I will not do another IVF cycle, so that little guy frozen might be our last chance, unless I get pregnant naturally. We aren’t using any birth control now, so if it happens great. But if not, when do I do the FET? I’m not ready yet, but we’ve maxed out our out of pocket costs for this year until June, then it starts over again. So if we did it before June, it’s barely going to cost us anything. But the thought of being pregnant again so quickly is not inviting to me. I’m torn.

hope everyone has a good weekend! Anyone heard from Jencat? I’m so surprised she dropped off the thread, I hope all is well with her.

Take care


Hello wonderful ladies! I know it’s been a while since my last update. When we took our break over the holidays through January I really made it a break and avoided all things infertility. I’m so excited to see all the amazing, happy news!!!

Holding, I am over the moon excited for you!!! Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! I can imagine you have so many emotions right now. I hope that you are able to be excited and enjoy each day, because you deserve it so much.

Arbor, I can’t believe your little boy is 11 weeks old already! I’m glad to hear the sleep deprivation seems so tolerable. I’ve always joked with friends that one day I will be the happiest sleep deprived person on the planet :slight_smile:

BBluck, I too have a friend who’s son had to wear a helmet and he is perfectly normal now. He was an IVF twin also. You must be so busy with double the precious bundles! I can’t imagine how much work but how much fun it must be!

Schmoo, Congratulations on your pregnancy, and for getting a great test result!! I’m sure that was a huge relief.

Elen, it seems like just yesterday you brought your little girl home! Congrats on getting started with another try. Do you have a targeted transfer date yet? We may be really close together.

Jenn, how are you feeling? It’s so exciting we have another delivery right around the corner!

FranS, Welcome!! You are right! This is a very special group of ladies. Keep us posted on your progress.

AFM, I had my first lining check today. Fortunately there was a minimal amount of fluid if any in my uterus. Like the last several times we’ve tried this, as soon as I started estrogen I was cervical mucus city. It was a big relief to see that it seems to be getting better. My lining measured 6.7, which is good for the initial check but it isn’t triple striped yet. Hopefully that will happen as it thickens. My E2 levels are though the roof with the del estrogen, over 2800 after 7 days of estrogen! I feel really fortunate that the only side effect I’ve had is sore boobs. I go back on Wednesday for another u/s and bw. So, now we just pray that my lining keeps growing, becomes triple striped and the fluid stays away. Our transfer is scheduled for March 15th, but it looks like we could be going out there a week sooner. We are doing a single embryo transfer because CCRM’s twin rates are so high with CCS (the chromosomal testing we did) embryos. Because I have a history of PPROM, they absolutely do not want me carrying twins. Their pregnancy rates are still really high for single transfers, but we’re mentally preparing ourselves for the possibility of needing more than one attempt.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I’ll be sure to keep you all posted :slight_smile: