IVF/FET Spring 2012


Thanks you guys! I am excited and I do allow myself some excitement. I’m also scared. My new fear, am I going to be a good mother? (so I take it I’ve decided this is going to work, at least until I have a different fear about losing this one) I will say the more people I tell the more terrified I become! I have two jobs and I haven’t been able to make it to one of those jobs in two weeks. I went once in a two week period. I am now trying to see if I qualify for FMLA, but I don’t think I will. (which sucks, but I don’t know what else to do) When I get up to go to that job I have waves of nausea that are horrible and don’t stop all day long. When I don’t go to that job I sleep til about 10 to noon and I’m fine. I have morning sickness sometimes on those days too, but nothing like when I get up at 5:45 am and try to go through the day. I did go to a class for my other job and it happened to be during the day like that and it was horrible!!! All I wanted to do the whole class was visit the ladies room and hug the toilet. I made it through that, but that is totally different than the job I can’t make it to. My hubby would love for me to quit it. I told him I can’t on paper we can’t pay our bills and have me not working there. He said it might be a blessing in disguise. I keep praying that he will find a job. He’s still looking, but nothing so far. Anyhow, thanks for all the support!

Better I’m excited to hear you will be doing a transfer in March! I know it’s hard to believe that it might work first try with only one embryo, but hey I didn’t think a Fresh IVF would ever work on me. I figured we were just going through the steps with this until we could do a FET.

Take care everyone!


Hello everyone!

Holding- ugg, sorry about the morning sickness! Have you asked your dr for meds to help you with it? I had a friend with terrible morning sickness, and she ended up getting something to help her with it. Just a thought. I’m hoping you start to feel better, I’m sure not being able to go to one of your jobs is stressful. Hang in there. When is your next appt?

Better- so nice to hear from you! Your transfer date is my wedding anniversary, so its gonna be a great day! I’m glad CCRM has a good single embryo transfer rate. I’ve always wondered about the odds of a single embryo transfer, especially considering that is what I will do since we have only 1 frozen embryo left. Good luck with everything.

Hope everyone else is doing good!
Take care


Arbor, No the morning sickness isn’t that bad that I need meds for it. I am a bit wimpy cause I have nausea. I had my OB appt today and everything went well. They did another ultrasound so I got to see the baby’s heartbeat which is 164. It was pretty cool. One of the ultrasound pics it looks like the baby is wearing goggles. It’s really cool.

My next OB appt is now four weeks away March 27th. Then I get another ultrasound on April 11th. It will be a long time to wait, but wait I will.



Better and Elen how are you two holding up?


Hi everyone! Hope all is well. I jsut had a quick second to pop in to see how everyone is.
Holding - how have you been feeling? Hoping that morning sickness fades soon for you!
AFM - I’m due Saturday. And this little girl is still hanging tight. Not anything happening, as frustrating as that is! I know that sometime in the near future I will have her - I just wish I knew when that was!


Wow Jenn already at your due date?? Time has flown by.

Morning sickness still hanging in there. Just taking it one day at a time.


Holding- I hope the morning sickness gets better soon and the work schedule gets easier. April does seem like a long time to wait for another ultrasound. It surprises me they wouldn’t do them more frequently given your history. Don’t be afraid to ask for one sooner if you feel like you need one. My RE will do them as frequently as weekly.

Jenn- I can’t believe your due date is Saturday! That’s so exciting!!! Please keep us posted.

Ellen- hope everything is going well. Did you have your transfer yet?

Arbor and BBluck- hope you are both managing to get a little sleep in between snuggling your precious bundles.

Schmoo- How are you feeling? Are you starting to plan any showers or nursery stuff yet?

AFM, it’s been a frustrating few weeks. My second ultrasound showed that my lining was 5.7 and I thought our cycle was going to be cancelled again, because the first scan showed 6.7. My Dr. thought the initial ultrasound was inaccurate and wanted to keep everything going. The good news was it became triple striped by the second scan. I had another ultrasound today and despite my E2 levels being over 4,000 my lining only grew to 5.9. CCRM will let us try the transfer as long as I’m 6mm, so it needs to grow a little bit more. I am flying out to CO on Friday morning and they are going to do another ultrasound. I’m hoping that the high tech equipment they use will show that I’m a little thicker than they are measuring locally. I will take all the positive thoughts and prayers we can get! They don’t really understand why my body is being so stubborn. I think it may be because I’ve cycled so much. In the last 26 months I’ve done 5 retrievals and 4 FET preps. That’s a hell of a lot of drugs in a pretty short amount of time. I think my body my telling us that’s it’s had enough, especially considering I never had trouble with my lining until 10 months ago. I’ll be sure to touch base Friday night and let you all know how it turns out.

Thinking of everyone :grouphug:


Hi ladies,

Jenn, I can’t believe your due date is Saturday!! Are you having any braxton hicks contractions? I understand the frustration about not knowing when will it all begin, but when your body is ready, it will let you know. I know my situation was different, but I can tell you that it can be harder on you and the baby if they try to enduce when your body is not ready. They tried 2 different ways with me, and both failed. So hang in there. She’ll come when she’s ready! Can’t wait to hear all about it! I’m sure you can’t wait to meet your beautiful little girl!! I’ll keep you in my thoughts!

Better, sorry to hear things aren’t going as smoothly as you’d like, but hopefully when you get to Co on Friday, they will have better answers for you. I will send you positive thoughts all day Friday! Keep us posted.

Holding- hope you are feeling better!

Everyone else, hope all is going good!
Take care


Arbor - how are you and you lil guy doing…:grouphug:

Holding - congrats :preg: How exciting … I hope the morning sickness lets up

Better - I will be thinking of you on Friday… :cross: are you transferring Friday…?

Jen - :woohoo: you are due already that sure seemed to fly by…:clap: will be thinking of you and your little girl

BBluck - how are your twins doing…:grouphug:

AFM - We are going for our 18 week ultrasound tomorrow… we are not going to find out the gender DH wants it to be a surprise… but I will be looking to see if I can secretly identify some parts…

Have a great day ladies… thinking about all of you…:grouphug:


Hi ladies! I’m sorry that I’ve been out of the loop for awhile. Cycling while taking care of an 11 month old and working has left me with little time to think about or do anything else. My job is very busy right now as we’re working on a grant which means a lot of work and a firm deadline. My husband has also been traveling for work, so I’ve been exhausted and hoping the stress won’t affect the cycle. I’m doing my best to stay calm.

Better - I’ll be praying for you, that your lining responds as you need it to, and that things work out for you. It does sound like our transfers may be around the same time.

Holding - while morning sickness stinks, it is such a good sign. I hope it subsides soon though. I’m so glad to see that everything else is looking good.

Schmoo - 18 weeks already? Let us know how the ultrasound goes and whether you see any “parts”.

Jenn - has your little girl arrived yet? I’ll be praying for you as well.

Fran - welcome to our group! You will find a lot of support here.

AFM, I started my cycle on 2/22 as planned. I’m doing a stimulated frozen transfer so I’ve been on Follistim and just started Ganirelix yesterday. I went in for blood work and u/s this morning, so I"ll know in a few hours where we’re at. I’ll have an anticipated transfer date once they have me take my Ovidrel to induce ovulation and they confirm that I have in fact ovulated. It’s different, but I do like the idea of my body producing more hormones via my stimulated ovaries and not needing to supplement as much. So we’ll see. This will probably be our last attempt, so I’d appreciate all your prayers!


Better I’ve been thinking about you I hope your flight was pleasant!

Elen sounds busy! I hope your cycle keeps going good!!!


Hi ladies!
Just a quick update. Things did not look good today. I measured the same but there was fluid and my lining was not triple striped. My Dr wants me to continue my meds for another week, but we’re not very optimistic. We have an appt to talk about next steps on Monday. Needless to say we are beyond frustrated and heartbroken. I will keep you all posted. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Better- so sorry things didn’t look that great when you went to your appt. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that hopefully one more week of meds will do the trick. Big hug to you

Elen- good luck with this cycle. It’s gotta be hard to be on the meds and having a 11 month old. You are woman.

Jenn- Thinking of you, wondering if you have given birth yet or how you are feeling if you haven’t. So excited for you and what is ahead.

Holding- how’s the pregnancy going? Still feeling sick? Did your DH find a job yet? I can’t remember.

Schmoo- how are you feeling these days?

Have a great weekend ladies!


Better - I’m so sorry to hear this. Will you stay in CO the whole week? I hope they can give you some insight as to why you are having problems when you never did before. I would hate to see you have to take a break (because I was hoping you would be here in this journey with me, I know kind of selfish on my part!) I hope the meeting on Monday goes well.

Jenn - today is your due date. Did you have the baby or still waiting?

Elen - I’m thinking about you.

afm - No arbor my hubby still has not found a job. We are praying and hoping something good comes our way, but alas nothing. Today he was telling me that his newest recruiter asked him what happened at Berkshire Life (the company he worked for when Sammie died and his last Actuary job) so my hubby was telling him and the recruiter had the same exact thing happen to their first child. For now my hubby is still working for a temp agency and that helps. As for the morning sicknesses still there. Comes and goes. I like it more when it’s gone then when it’s here. I was being comforted by it, but I’m not extremely afraid of miscarriage (I know strange amongst this group), I’m afraid of late loss more. I have been able to enjoy being pregnant so far. I don’t have tons of stress yet, but we are only 9 weeks 4 days along. I hope everyone else is doing good. Better I hope you can enjoy CO a bit while you are there.



Better- I am so sorry about your setback. I hope it is just that, a setback, and that you’ll be able to proceed with this cycle. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Holding - sorry you are still feeling sick, but the good news is it shouldn’t the morning sickness shouldn’t last much longer. You are almost in your second trimester!

Jenn - eager to hear if your baby has been born. Thinking of you.

AFM - I took Ovidrel to induce ovulation on Saturday. I go in tomorrow, and if I’ve ovulated, the transfer will be scheduled for this coming Saturday, 3/16. Thank you for all your encouragement.


Hi ladies. Thanks for checking in on me. No baby yet! I go every couple days for a modified biophysical profile. She is doing well, but doesn’t seem to want to come out. I go back again Thursday. If no baby by then, we will have to make a decision about induction.

Better - so sorry to hear this. I hope you get some good answers and that things turn around.
Ellen - thinking of you for,transfer!
Holding- how are you? When is your next appt?
Arbor- how are things with you?


Elen - I hope you ovulated. I hope the transfer happens as planned! As for my morning sickness I had it for all 39 weeks with Sammie. I am hoping that is not the case with this pregnancy. I have been less sick this pregnancy than I was with Sammie, so maybe in two more weeks or so the morning sickness will go away! I hope so anyways.

Jenn - you are a stronger lady than me! I was freaking out the other day when you posted my due date is Sat (that was the Tuesday before) I been told I don’t have to go past 39 weeks if it will help my sanity. I am working hard to take that one day at a time because some days I think it will be great to have this baby at 38 weeks and other times I think I should try and wait. Then I freak out. I’m glad that your doctor is monitoring you closely. I hope she comes soon!

my next OB appt is at the end of the month. I might contact them sooner though. I had a freak out moment today and wanted to go in, but alas the freak out moment came as I was on my way to work. I couldn’t go to the doctor than. I have noticed the last three days that my morning sickness gets worse the late it gets at night. I can’t control that I have to stay up to 11:00 four nights a week because that is how late I work. I hope Elen’s right and in my second trimester it goes away!

Better how are you doing? How did the meeting go today with your RE?


Hi ladies-
Elen- I hope all is looking good and you get to transfer on Saturday. How many are you transferring? Lots of sticky vibes to you!!

Jenn- looks like your little girl is a stubborn one! Is your body preparing for delivery at all? Have you dialated at all? I did the bio physical profiles the last two weeks of my pregnancy, but for different reasons than you. But it was nice to see my baby every 2 days. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Keep us updated

Better- hope all went well with your appt.

Holding- I hope you don’t have anymore freak out moments. And hopefully you’ll start feeling better soon.


Hi ladies! Thanks so much for your support and asking how things have been going. Unfortunately, the meeting with my Dr didn’t give us any answers. They don’t know why my body isn’t reponding to the estrogen anymore. If I had D&Cs (or other uterine trauma) or never built up a lining in the past it would make sense, but they can’t find any explanations why this has started happening over the last 10 months. Because of my irregular cycles/lack of a decent period natural FETs aren’t really an option. Neither is mini stim prep because during the ER process my lining only got up to a 6. So we can keep trying to tweak the prep format I’m using now or use a gestational carrier. It’s unbelievable to me that a GC is any part of the discussion.

We did end up trying a “kitchen sink” treatment they use very sparingly. It’s called Neupogen and is basically a solution that’s inserted into the uterus through a catheter. There have been a couple small studies that showed it helped to grow lining but CCRM hasn’t seen great results from it. My Dr. said we could give it a shot if I wanted, and we figured at this point there’s nothing to lose. So, I go back to my local clinic on Thursday for one last ultrasound. If my lining meets minimum standars we’ll have a transfer next week. If not, then the cycle will be cancelled.

Elen- It’s so exciting that your transfer is coming up so soon! Did you ovulate on schedule?

Jenn- Thinking you and your sweet little girl. You must be so ready to meet her. I hope you don’t have to make a decision about being induced!

Holding- Sorry to hear you’re having to deal with feeling sick at work. No fun! How far along are you now? Hopefully the second trimester will bring some relief. Keeping the positive thoughts going that your DH will find the job you’ve all been waiting for.

Arbor- How’s your little man? Is he sleeping in longer stretches more consistently yet?

Thanks again for the encouragement. It’s pretty awesome our thread is still around a year later! I’ll be sure to post how things go on Thursday. Have a good night everyone…


Better- I’m sorry you didn’t get the news you were hoping for. Hopefully this new treatment will help your lining. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a clear answer for you. It sounds like you weren’t prepared for a possible gestional carrier direction. I hope whatever direction you decide to go, it all works out for you. Thanks for asking about my little guy, he’s doing great. He’s sleeping 5-6 hours at a time, which is so much better than waking up every 2. He’s 13 weeks now, learning, growing, almost laughing, and is the light of my life.

Schmoo- how are you doing these days? How far along are you now?

Jenn- has your little girl decided to make her grand entrance yet? Thinking of you

holding- your ultrasound will be here before you know it and it will help put your mind at ease.

Elen- hopefully your dr appt showed that you had ovulated and your transfer is scheduled for sat!

Hope everyone else is doing great!