IVF/FET Spring 2012


Hi ladies,

Thanks for all your enouragement and prayers! I did ovulate, and the transfer is actually tomorrow morning as opposed to Saturday. We’ll be transfering one embryo. Please pray for us!

Better - I hope the process you are trying works and that you can continue on with the cycle. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it must be that a protocol that has worked fine for you in the past has stopped working.

Holding - lots of women say that they feel better than they have ever felt in their lives in their 2nd trimester, so provided you aren’t sick the whole pregnancy like with Sammie, you should be in for some good days in the next few weeks. I hope you are feeling better about things and not worrying too much.

Arbor - 5-6 hours is so much better than 2-3! Our DD is now sleeping through the night (10 hours at a time). It’s soooooooooo great! I hope that’s not too far in the future for you.

Jenn - Look forward to hearing of your sweet angel’s entry into the world. She must just be really comfortable in there. No need to come out :slight_smile:

Good night ladies!


Elen- Good luck today with your transfer!! :bsv:


Elen Good Luck today!!!


Hi ladies!
First - good luck today elen. Thinking of you.
Holding - how are you feeling? How far along are you now and when is your due date? I might have missed when you said it was.
Better - I’ll be thinking of you. Hope that the neupogen works. I know of someone else who is using neupogen. Not through CCRM, but they were pretty hopeful about the outcome.

AFM -no baby yet. She is definietly stubborn. They decided to send me in to be induced, so I check in Sunday night. I find that knowing the date actually makes me more anxious. I’ve heard horror stories about pitocin and since I am planning a pain med free birth, it is slightly scary. However, I know that I can endure and the reward at the end is beyond anything else. Hopefully by Monday I’ll be able to report a beautiful baby girl to you all!


Jenn - I’ve been thinking about you! You will do great. I went in Saturday night when we found out Sammie was no longer with us and they induced me immediately. I went through 56 hours of labor altogether (long story and nothing for you to fret over), but I labored from Saturday night until Monday evening without pain meds. I was anti pain meds too and my mind wasn’t wrapping around that I wasn’t delivering a normal delivery. Once I got the epidural it moved along smoothly and I was loving life much better. Ok I’m going to stop here because my point is that you can handle it, and you are right it will be worth it in the end!!!

My due date is October 8th. The doctors have said I don’t have to go that long, and will be working with me to decide when is the healthiest time to deliver for me and baby. I am 10 weeks 3 days now. Morning sickness is coming and going. I didn’t have it yesterday, but I have some today. I was feeling better there for a few mins, but my husband just called and he no longer has a job. I am freaking out at the moment. I can only hope and pray that something comes through quickly. We might end up moving in with my parents, yuck and exciting. We really have no idea what we are going to do. It was only a temp job and it was suppose to end in the end of December so I should be happy that it lasted this long, but the longer it lasted the more I thought it wasn’t going anywhere if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, that’s what’s going on here.



Jenn- I know its’ scarry to be entering into the unknown, but you will do great! I was induced because my little guy was under fetal distress. They tried two different ways to induce me, one was a tampon like string that was inserted in me up by my cervix, and when that didn’t work, they tried a vaginal pill. There are different ways to get you going, so try not to focus on the horror stories of being induced, trust me, I had heard them as well. Try to remember that everyone reacts differently and that your body might just need a little help getting things started. I will tell you, so you are prepared, that when they check your cervix, it is uncomfortable. You are so strong to go pain med free, I couldn’t do it, too low of a tolerance for pain. But i have a friend who went all natural, with a water birth at home, to a 9lb baby!! It amazes me what we can go through as women! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I’ll be more than happy to help if I can. And if not, I will be thinking of you Sunday and praying that you get to meet your little girl soon!

Holding- sorry about your DH losing the job he had, I can only imagine the stress that adds to you. But I have faith that you will figure it out! Glad to hear the morning sickness is letting up a little. I’ve been meaning to ask you, how is your puppy?

BBluck- how are your girls doing?

. It’s 5am here, just got my little one back asleep. Yesterday was my wedding anniversary, so we had a very nice date night.

Have a great weekend!


Happy Belated Anniversary Arbor! I’m glad you guys went out on a date!

Yes I am a bit stressed about the job thing. After I posted yesterday I was talking to my hubby about a job that I had sent him to apply to. I told him National life is hiring again and this is a new posting I sent you. So he went to it and he’s like no it’s LSW (this was the company he worked for before we moved to MA). We are hopeful and excited that maybe he can get a job with them again. It takes us back to Texas where my family is and well he’d be working! The only problem is he’s not completely qualified for the job, but I hope that them knowing him and liking him will over-ride that. I did tell him maybe they could rearrange someone who is already there with the company and you could have their position. If not I’m sure with some training he’d thrive in the posted position. So now we are praying hard. I’m scared to tell anyone. I’m scared to hope that it will happen. National Life is the parent company to LSW, and we always thought they were our hail mary for a job, but he applied to a position with them and they passed. My hubby got rave reviews from the folks at LSW, but National Life said thanks but no thanks still. We can only pray and hope we get good news from Texas. The interesting thing is if he gets the job he and I have already talked about it and I will stay in MA until I give birth and he would go to Texas and start working. It will definitely be interesting. I hope in the next couple of weeks he gets it and we get to drive him home :). I would drive down with him and get to visit family for a week, then fly back here to work. Like I said here’s to hoping that our luck has turned around and things are going to be going better our way!

Jenn I’m thinking about you today.

Elen how did the transfer go? I’m thinking about you the next two weeks I’d say stay busy, but I’m sure between an 11 month old and your work you will! We are here for venting and or support in any way we can!


Jenn today’s the day I hope labor is fast and you can have her in your arms soon!!! Good luck!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


Hi ladies,

Jenn - I assume you have your sweet daughter with you by now. I look forward to hearing all about her very soon!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. The transfer went well. We transfered 1 embryo. Now we wait. My pregnancy test is 3/27. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll POS. If I do, how long do I need to wait before it’s accurate?


Well Elen you didn’t use any hcg did you? I wouldn’t do it until maybe a couple of days before your actual blood test. I think I did mine four days early. Last time I think it was five days and I got that faint positive, then a bunch of negatives, this time four days before I got all positives. I only did the hpt this last time because I had to work on the day of the test and I didn’t want to find out bad news while at work. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for a negative result. I’m so glad it all went well I can’t wait to hear your news! I hope to have a pregger buddy on here.

Jenn I hope all is well with you and your little one!


Elen how has the last couple weeks been going?? Three more days, did you decide about hpt???

Jenn i hope everything is going good I’ve been thinking about you


Hi everyone! All is well, but I haven’t wanted to put down my baby girl! She is here and perfect. I’ll post more once I get a chance!


Congrats jenn!! enjoy our baby girl :clap:

elen, how are you doing? did you ever pos?


I had a huge scare today woke up to bleeding like a period. Went in to Ob got to see the baby. The heartbeat is strong 182, but I’ve been put on bed rest for the next couple of weeks. The placenta is right over the cervix, so I have about an 80% chance of having a c section if things stay the way they are.


Elen- todays the day of your pregnancy test, fingers crossed!!

Jenn- how are you and your baby doing? What did you name her? How big was she? How are you feeling?

Holding- so scarry to have bleeding, but glad to hear the heartbeat is strong! I was on bed rest, mine was moderate, just had to reduce my activity. Is your strict? Like you’re not allowed to do anything but eat and go to the bathroom? I wouldn’t worry to much about your placenta yet, it has plenty of time to move and go to where it should be. But I will tell you that if you have a c section, it’s rough. It took me almost 3 months before I felt normal in my uterus. and there are still times that my uterus hurts. Hopefully you won’t have to worry about that. Get some rest

Better., how are things with you?

Schmoo, how’s your pregnancy coming along?

I was going thru this thread the other night and came across Myssthang’s signature, she’s got a pic of her little boy up. So cute. Hope she is doing good.

And I also noticed that Jencat is due anyday. I miss hearing from her, but I hope she is doing great and all goes well with her future little one!

Take care ladies!


Better - scary about the bleeding! I can only imagine how you were feeling, but thank God the heartbeat is strong. I have a hard time with the couch rest my doctor prescribes after a transfer, so I can’t imagine even a day of bedrest. Hopefully it’s not too bad for you and you have someone to pamper and spoil you! You deserve it!

Jenn- Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to hear more about your daughter!

AFM - my pregnancy test was POSITIVE! I didn’t POS. Honestly, this 2 week wait went by before I knew it, I’ve been so busy. So I kind of forgot to POS. I had meant to yesteday, but did not have a pregnancy test and therefore couldn’t. My beta was 239, which is the highest I’ve ever had, although I know that doesn’t really mean anything. We’re going out of town this weekend, so I’m waiting to hear from my doctor about next steps (they wanted me to go in Friday for another blood test, but I’ll be out of town). I’m excited but nervous at the same time given my previous miscarriages. Please pray for me.

Happy Easter to those of you who are celebrating! I am Eastern Orthodox, so our Easter is not until May 5.


arbor - thanks for the info about C-sections. You had an emergency one after you labored for a bit right? I bet that is much harder to recover from than an actual scheduled C-section. I hope not to have either, but we will see how time goes with the placenta. I had kind of the same problem with Sammie, but it was found much later in the pregnancy and I never bled like I did yesterday with her. I’m actually still bleeding and will for a bit longer until the blood clots resolve. It’s not “STRICT” Strict, but my doctor said I couldn’t go to work and she knows I sit for 8 hours straight. She also told me I can’t be making any elaborate meals on Sunday. I told her ok.

Elen - I’m so excited for you! I now it’s just the beginning but here’s to hoping we are in this together for the long haul :slight_smile:

asm, just hanging out in bed. My doggy is driving me crazy, but she’s a puppy and she doesn’t understand rest. My hubby is suppose to be pampering me, but I get grumbling when I ask for “too” many things (which is lunch). It’s not too bad yet, I hope not to be going mad by the end, but we will see.


Hi Ladies

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile … I got pretty sick with Shingles then a bacteria infection spread into my arm then when I thought I was on the mend from that I got a sinus infection…:cross: that I am now on the mend. Baby is great went for my 18 week ultrasound didn’t find out what we are having and I tried to tell but baby was so busy bouncing around we were there for almost 2 hours trying to get measurements. I have another ultrasound at 26 weeks so I will again try to sneak a peek…

Jenn - congrats on the baby girl

Elen - congrats on :preg: how exciting…

Better - how are you?

Arbor - thank you for thinking of me… how are you and your little one… settling down into a routine.?

Holding - I am 1 cm away from placenta previa so I know how scary you must feel… I am not on bed rest but not allowed to do anything which at this point is fine by me… DH has really picked up the slack and has done everything… :clap: I will be thinking about you keep us posted… hope hubby pampers and spoils you…

Have a great Easter Weekend ladies …


Hi ladies-

Elen- CONGRATS!! So happy for you!! :clap:

Schmoo- you poor thing! Nothings worse than getting so sick while pregnant, and man, did you have a few issues latelty!! so glad to hear that you are on the mend now and that your little one is doing well. Bummer about not being able to tell the sex! Looks like you’ve got yourself an independent one! What do you think it is? so glad your DH has been helping you. I know that when I was on bed rest, my hubby was a huge help. Keep us posted on your progress.

Holding- glad to hear you aren’t on total bed rest. Sounds like it was the type of bed rest I was on, limited activity. My husband wouldn’t let me do anything as long as he was home. I hope your bleeding stops soon. As far as my c section, yes I labored for several hours before they decided to do the c section. So you could say I had the best of both worlds, labor and a c section.

Afm, Schmoo you asked how we are doing. We are doing great, he is growing like a weed, will be 4 months on the 1st, already in 6 month clothing! You’d never guess that he was born with health issues and only 5 lbs 13 ozs. He sure has made up for it, and he’s a formula baby. I could only imagine how big he would be if I had been able to breast feed! He rolled over for the first time a few days ago, smiles up a storm, talks, wants to stand, he’s a very determined little boy. I love him more each day, and am so thankful for him. We put ourselves thru so much to get these babies, and it is so worth it.

Have a great easter weekend!


Hi ladies! I have been on and off reading but had not posted personals…so here it goes, sorry if I missed anyone, but thinking of you ALL!

Holding, glad things have been good and that the scare was nothing too serious. Please take care of yourself and that cute little baby. I’m always praying for you!

Elen, yippee!!! POSITIVE! O.M.G. I am sooooo happy for you. I wish you a Happy and healthy pregnancy.

Jenn, congrats on your new baby girl!!! How precious and wonderful. Bless you, your honey and that sweet baby girl…keep us posted.

Schmoo, glad to hear things are going good in your pregnancy. Can’t wait to hear more about your little acrobat! So cute! Did you at least get good us pictures? I hope so!

Arbor, oh goodness, I LOVE hearing your updates on your little man bc we are so close on the age of our babies. It sounds like things are going great. It’s incredible that he is also in size 6m! Same with my girls…and they were early. I wish you continued happiness!

AFM, twins are doing great. Madison will need a helmet for her plagiocephaly and has been going to PT twice a week. She will be getting it in the next couple of weeks. I’m glad we are being proactive about it. The neurosurgeon was letting us wait another month if we wanted to, but was glad we were ready to move forward. He said 5-8 month age rage is very critical bc it is when the skull is the most malleable. She will wear it for 3 to 5 months, so not too bad. I’m also weaning from the pump. I’m down to ZERO pumps this week. I was pumping 5 times a day, then down to 4 for a week, then 3 pumping sessions the next week, then 2, then 1 …and this week NONE. O.M.G. The PAIN!!! I’m miserable right now and want to tear my breasts from my chest. UGH…okay, but other than that, I’m still loving my sweet little girls…more than ever!