IVF/FET Spring 2012


Holding- so sorry about the continuing blood scares. I’m sure every time you go to the bathroom you have some anxiety. Are you maybe going to go on more bed rest? I’ll keep you in my thoughts! Oh, and congrats on the baby boy! Were you surprised?

Elen- I’m sorry that you haven’t miscarried yet. The waiting is awful. I can remember always wondering when mine was going to happen. Are your doctors thinking about a d&c since it has been 2 weeks? I guess our bodies do what they need to do in their own time. I really hope it doesn’t happen while you are on the road. When I was waiting for mine, I made sure I had heavy pads with me at all times. I hope your family has a wonderful easter! I’ll be thinking of you

Schmoo- glad things are going good!!

BBluck- I’m happy your little one is doing good with the helmet, and its adorable that it’s pink! And down to once a week for therapy is very encouraging! You are a brave woman wanting one more with already having twins! I wish I had your energy to even consider that! :slight_smile:

Thank you ladies for the continued support and being open to hearing our stories. It made me feel good to hear I’m not upsetting anyone.

Speaking of my little one, he will be 5 months old tomorrow and yesterday I felt his first tooth coming in! I can’t believe it, his first tooth! Wow, time flys when you’re not sleeping! haha! He actually hasn’t been that cranky yet, so I hope it stays that way.

I hope everyone else is hanging in there and doing great!


Hey everyone!!! I’m so sorry to have been MIA. My computer crashed, and while I could read posts from my ipad, I couldn’t reply for some reason. I know I have a lot to catch up on, so I just wanted to say hi real quick and let you know I’m thinking of you all! I’ll post again after I catch up and can do personals!!


Elen - I’ve been thinking about you! I hope you had a good Easter with your family and that everything went well on that end. I hope you are doing good, I know it’s not easy.

Jenn - Glad to see you back, I can’t wait to hear your update on your little one! I bet the baby is growing fast!

I hope everyone else is doing good! I know with Mother’s day coming up I have had a mix of emotions, mostly grumpy angry ones, but still a mixture. I know I should be grateful for my little one growing, but still miss my Sammie.

I did something today that blissfully ignorant pregnant women do normally…I bought baby clothes today. It was so fun. We had gone to the doctor for hubby and down the street from there is a Prime Outlets. We only stopped at the outlets because I had to eat lunch and there is literally NOTHING in the town where the doctor is located, so we thought we would hit the food court. When we were done my hubby said let’s stop at Carter’s (totally forgot they are a kiddos store) and Osh Kosh before we go. I said sure. We went into Carter’s and I was like a kid in a candy store! It was so cool. I got three little outfits for under 12 dollars. It feels good to do some normal things!


Hi ladies,

I finally had a minute and wanted to jump on to thank you all for your support. I waited until I was 10 weeks pregnant and then went in for another ultrasound to confirm nothing had changed (it hadn’t, no more growth and no heart beat). I had to be sure before I could do anything further. What I also learned then is that the pregnancy sac had kept growing and my body seemed to have no intention of miscarrying anytime soon. Great, I can’t even miscarry correctly :slight_smile: Anyways, I decided to take medicine to bring on the miscarriage rather then go in for a D&C. So I did that about 12 days ago. I won’t lie, the pain was much worse than a natural miscarriage and I’m not sure I’d ever go that route again. It did work though. I’m waiting for my latest HCG, but the ultrasound a week ago suggested everything appeared to be out. Now we just keep monitoring HCG until it gets to 0.

And we’re starting our adoption process again so I’m excited about that.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


hello there everyone-

Elen, I’m sorry it took so long for you to have your miscarriage. Sounds like your body didn’t realize that the pregnancy wasn’t viable. But it sounds like you are ready to move onto your next steps of finding your daughter a sibling! Good luck! I hope it moves quickly for you.

How is everyone else doing? some of you are moving further into your pregnancies, I hope everyone is doing great! Would love to hear some updates .

We are getting ready for company this weekend for the holiday. Lots to do with very little free time as my little man is trying to crawl and is scootin all over the place! We will be taking him for his first adventure in the pool this weekend, he loves the water, so I’m assuming its going to be a big hit. He also has his bottom 2 teeth.

Have a great week ladies!


Elen - I’m so sorry you had to use medication. I know that couldn’t have been easy at all.

Arbor - That sounds exciting having company and having little man trying to crawl.

I’m doing good. Just hanging in there. The anatomy scan was good, we were pleasantly surprised that we got a 3d or 4d (whatever) scan and it was cool seeing him in that dimension. We are 20 weeks now, so just hanging out until it’s over :slight_smile: (in the good way over). I did get a bunch of baby clothes for free (used but oh so cute), it did cause me to have a little breakdown because of fear that I would be stuck with “stuff” and not have any baby to show for it. But I am better and doing better now. I very excited.


First time posting on this thread. We’re in the midst of our 2ww and I’m starting to lose my mind a bit. Today was my due date for the twins we lost, so it’s making me more nervous for this time around. I don’t know what scares me more, a bfn or another miscarriage. I know it’s possible that everything could work out. Just really hopeful.


Maimou - Welcome to the group. The 2ww is normally nerve racking, add a loss and it makes it that much more nerve racking! Getting a positive outcome will also make it that much more nerve racking. I was told you won’t relax until you reach and pass the time of your loss. I don’t know how that works because I lost my daughter at birth, but I have found a lot of great support with these ladies. We are here to walk the journey with you.


Rough day

This is my first time posting here, not sure I am in the right place. Today is the anniversary of when we found out our baby stopped growing after just 12 days, it has been 6 years and it stilll hurts. Even harder was having to go to work tonight as that is where I got my message we were mc, from a phone message. I remember crying so hard leaving work and having to tell ,h dh, it broke our hearts. We are starting the journey again after 5 years off and giving it one more shot. I think today was a little harder due to the fact we are getting ready to try again. I am so sorry for all of your losses and hope that one day we will all get the chance to be parents. Enough of my ranting. Just needed to share how difficult today has been.


Hockeygoof14 - Welcome to the group. I’m sorry yesterday was so hard! I know it takes me off guard sometimes when it’s hard and I’m not prepared for it. I hope this next step of your journey works! It’s definitely not fair us having to deal with infertility and loss. We are here for you.


Hi Ladies

I have been thinking about all of you :grouphug:

Elen - great news about the adoption process I will be thinking about you on your new journey.

Arbor- 6 months on Saturday…time flies but it sure sounds like you are enjoying every minute.

Holding - I am still cautious on baby shopping… we have a few things that were given to us. We have bought two sleepers… nursery is no where finished. Are you still on bed rest or has the bleeding subsided?

BBluck - how is Maddie’s helmet? Have you seen any improvements…?

Jenn7951 - how are you and your little one…?

Hockeygoof14 & Maimou-:welcome: us girls are here to support your in your upcoming journey here you will find a fabulous group of ladies who have had shared losses from all different times in our pregnancies. I hope we can help you heal and you find support in us in your new journies ahead. Maimou when is your 2WW wait up…?

AFM - we have been busy trying to complete the reno’s in our house… after this weekend we will be finished. I am so in love with it and look forward to finally relaxing with baby. We have a ultrasound on Friday I am excited to see baby again.

Sorry if I missed anyone :grouphug:


Had my first beta yesterday, 333. Hoping for good news tomorrow and Monday and then I will have passed the first hurdle. I figure I’ll feel a lot better once I (hopefully) make it out of the first trimester. Many weeks between now and then, so just hopeful for now. I have a good feeling about this time around and, I guess, that is what makes me frightened. Sounds crazy I know and it’s far too early to be excited, but this is our last opportunity for reproduction assistance. It’s now or never, save a miracle.


Maimou - Seriously, it’s ok to be excited at this stage. Each step is closer to your dream coming true! I know it’s hard to get excited and staying realistic at the same time. I am excited for you though! I want to walk this journey with you and I’m glad that today’s hurdle is successful!!!


Schmoo - I was randomly clicking on the forums tonight and just wanted to say congratulations to you! I’ve been enjoying life with my 2 month old sweet girl. Best wishes to you!


Hi ladies! How the heck is everyone doing? Looks like things have been quiet around here, hopefully that is a good sign that all is well.

Schmoo, I saw on your signature that you are 32 weeks! Holy crap, when did that happen? :slight_smile: I can’t remember what you are having. How did the last ultrasound go? You must be getting excited to be towards the end!

Holding- your coming along in your pregnancy as well, 23 weeks. So exciting! I hope you are feeling good, relaxing and getting ready for that baby. Did your DH find a job? Weren’t you talking about moving? how’s the puppy?

Elen, I hope the adoption process is going good and you and your little one are doing great!

Jenn, how are you and your little girl doing?

better, what have you been up to lately? R you still trying?

BBluck- how are the twins doing? Still thinking about having another?

How is everyone else doing?

Afm, me and my little man are doing great. He is crawling and turning into such a little person. It’s amazing to watch him learn new things. He’s got 2 teeth, gives “high” fives, loves his toys, sleeping thru the night, has started solid foods, that’s been fun, and is all boy!

We are still struggling with what to do next. I really want him to have a sibling, biological or adopted, but man kids are a lot of work! We have one frozen embryo left, another cycle of IVF is not an option for me. I worry of the success rate of transferring only one, will it even make it thru the thawing process, (we already had one not make it during the thawing process) what will our new insurance cover? If I was younger, I wouldn’t feel so much pressure to make a decision quickly. So ugg, I don’t know what to do!

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing great! I think of you all often and love seeing the success rates. You ladies hang in there! Take care


Hi jflower2 - congrats on your little girl :grouphug:


Hi ladies

Unfortunately this is going to be short and sweet… I have been struggling with carpel tunnel in my hands for the last 3 weeks. As the days pass it seems to get progressively worse… I can barely hold a pen to write today. The days are not as bad as the nights I sleep three hours tops and then up with these achy hands… :cross: that this goes away like my OBGYN thinks after baby is born.

I have been thinking about you all and check the site often to see if there is any updates… Arbor is right its very quite… still would like to hear from you ladies and your journeys.

Arbor - we didn’t find out what the sex of the baby we want it to be a surprise… The last ultrasound was great the placenta has moved 6 cm away from the cervix which will allow us to have a natural child birth.

Thats a tough decision between you and DH … I know we are only having the one… a sibling would be nice and we have a few frozen but pregnancy at my age I am finding really difficult… I love it and cherish every moment but seems hard on my body…

EOE - hope you are all well… :grouphug:


Arbor - The puppy is driving me crazy :wink: My hubby told me today she’s just trying to get me ready for when our baby comes. My hubby is still looking for a job. He did get hired back at his temp job, but we have been looking for his career job for 3 years now. He did have an interview last week, but it was the beginning step and we are hopeful.

As for having another kiddo it’s a hard thing to figure out. I would suggest trying the FET. It only takes one and I know maybe the embryo won’t survive the defrost, but what if it does. I don’t know what to think about the pressure. I felt a lot of pressure to get pregnant with my daughter and funny after her passing I didn’t have the “NEED” to get preggers fast. I do feel stressed about how many kiddos we will end up trying to have since we are continuing to get older everyday. My hubby is 10 years older than I am and like you said kids can be a handful. Elen did say she would be happy to discuss adoption with anyone who wants more info, you should PM her. We talked about doing foster to adopt, but if we go that route it will be a bit more time before we look into it. Finding a job for my husband has to be our priority right now.

Schmoo - I’m so very sorry that you are having such a hard time. That does sound very painful with the wrists. I get tired very easily, but I think that has to do with not being able to do much.

We are 24 weeks today and hanging in there. I feel the little boy most every day. He definitely kicks more than his sister did. I haven’t bleed in a while and that makes me VERY happy. As I was telling a friend of mine last week we had our first “boring” ob appt. It was nice to go and hear the heartbeat and move on. Next OB appt I get to do the 1 hr diabetes test. I’m not too concerned I don’t eat a lot of sweets, but I do drink more soda than I would like to admit, so hopefully that doesn’t make me fail. Anyhow, I gotta get back to cleaning. I hope everyone is doing well.


Schmoo - I’m thinking of you! I wanted to take a minute to tell you I hope you are doing good. 34 weeks wow not much longer! I know with your hand pain it feels a lot longer than it will be, but I’m thinking of you!

Nothing going on with me. Counting down the days. I look forward to the next two three months to pass by quickly.



[quote=holdingmybreath]Schmoo - I’m thinking of you! I wanted to take a minute to tell you I hope you are doing good. 34 weeks wow not much longer! I know with your hand pain it feels a lot longer than it will be, but I’m thinking of you!

Nothing going on with me. Counting down the days. I look forward to the next two three months to pass by quickly.


Thanks Jen ! I am thinking of you too you are just two months exactly after me…any more ultrasounds…?