IVF/FET Spring 2012


No more complications = no more ultrasounds :slight_smile: and :frowning: … I will have one around 32 weeks to see what’s happening with the placenta previa and that will determine C-section or not.

It’s been nice having it “quit” so to speak. I live in a region where most people don’t have a/c, but I’m lucky that I do. Last night I went to my support group for pregnant women after loss and her house was so hot!! I think I swelled four sizes just sitting there. I’m glad to have the group though.

I hope you are fairing well then. If I’m two months behind you are going to be having your little one soon and that’s exciting! I hope once you have the baby your medical issues get better. When I was pregnant with Sammie I was sick the ENTIRE 39 weeks, but it was like magic that as soon as I gave birth to her I no longer had the nausea or indigestion that kept me up day and night. I hope that happens for you and the carpel tunnel.

I hope everyone else is having fun. I hope there are some great plans on July 4th with your kiddos and parades. Or if they are still a bit young just some good old fashion quality time. I will be working from 7 am to 3 pm on the fourth, but I don’t mind the time and half and evening off with hubby. (plus, none of those stupid fireworks calls if I’m there during the day)

Happy Fourth everyone! Enjoy your kiddos and those of us still “cooking” our kiddos enjoy the time with our hubby’s at our (hopefully) last fourth without kiddos!



Hello everyone!

Schmoo- sorry about the carpel tunnel, I know that’s gotta be rough. The good news is it should go away after the baby is born. Speaking of, any contractions yet? How excited are you to find out what you are having? We tried to wait, but we couldn’t do it. So I think it’s great that you and your hubby have the patience to find out! You’re getting close!! Can’t wait to hear how things are going.

Holding, great news that your bleeding so far has stopped. And yes, your hubby is right that puppies prepare you for children!! We have 3 small dogs, and I know that dealing with them as puppies taught me to have some patience! Hopefully your puppy will do well with the new baby. Ours adjusted just fine, they mostly stay away from him when he comes at them. They’ve learned quickly! And one of my dogs just loves to give him kisses. Drives me crazy, but it’s very sweet of him. Especially since he was the one who got most of the attention, and now his time on my lap has decreased. But I still try to have some special moments with my dogs, because I still love them just as much and I want them to know that. They after all were my first babies!
sorry, got off track. :slight_smile: I hope everything else is going good with you. Baby moving a lot is a good thing.

Afm, my little guy is a moving machine! He’s crawling every where, climbing and pulling himself up on anything he can!! He gets so proud of himself when he does it, very cute to see and I’m one proud mama! Still deciding what to do about a possible number 2.

One thing I feel I should share about having a baby is how much it can effect your relationship. No one prepared me for that. I know everyone’s relationship is different, but know that a baby can bring stress to your relationship. My hubby and I had to have a very deep, serious conversation about our different parenting styles and are working on finding a common ground. We never bickered or got on each others nerves so much until we had our son. We are good, because we are talking about it. So if after your babies, you feel a change in your relationships, talk to your husband.

I hope everyone is doing great and staying positive!

Take care


arbor I’m glad you guys are talking. I took a psychology course once that talked about how much having children affects relationships. It is one of the biggest factors for divorce because of so many factors. Communication is definitely one of the biggest reasons. Also, it’s important for husbands and wives to take and prioritize time for each other with date nights where the child is not discussed. Knowing all I know I do expect things to change in our relationship, but I hope to remind myself that my hubby is going to have a different way of doing things than me and that is ok as long as the child being taken care of. It’s good for our son and my hubby to have time alone and more importantly it’s good for me to take that time and relax as well.

I took a huge leap of faith today. I went and bought diapers. I had over a years supply of diapers when I had my daughter (I coupon and stock up when there is great coupons and sales), but when she died I took them all back to the stores (I just couldn’t handle keeping them) I said I wasn’t going to buy anymore diapers until after baby boy was at home in my arms. I decided to give in and use coupons and sales today to get some diapers. I’m proud of myself for taking this set.

Everything else is moving smoothly right now. I hope you guys are doing good.



Hi Ladies :cheer:

I can’t believe I am 37 weeks tomorrow :grouphug:
No signs of labor yet we are seeing the doc once a week.

Jenn how are you doing I applaud you buying diapers good for you very exciting.:babydust:

Arbor so great to hear from you and the progress of your little guy.:grouphug:

Thread is very quiet hope all you ladies are moving along in all your different journeys


Schmoo - I’m jealous you are 37 weeks. I am ready for this to be done.

Last week I failed the 1 hr glucose, so today I did the three hour one. Here’s to hoping it comes back passing. I am so done with this pregnancy. Not just because it’s hot as the devil’s home outside, but other things. I want it to be the end of September.

My hubby is still looking for a job and it’s getting FRUSTRATING!!! He applied to two Actuary jobs that he’s more than qualified for (not over qualified but exactly what they are looking for according to their job posting) and we haven’t heard a thing. It’s just frustrating in and of itself. I’m just sick of waiting and not know what to do for his job situation.

Anyhow, needless to say I’ve been quite emotional lately. I hate having hormones over run my body some days. I don’t mean to be such a whiner today. I just can’t wait for this to be done. I want to see my son and I want to bring him home.

I too hope everyone is doing good. I know once the little ones start to grow it gets busy for everyone!


Hi everyone,

Schmoo, you are so close!! I can remember 37 weeks, the anticipation is so high right now. Waiting for every sign of the baby is ready. Hang in there, You’ll get to meet your little one soon!

Holding, sorry you’re having a rough, emotional day. Hormones will magnify things and make them seem worse. Sorry about your DH, that whole situation has been going on for a long time, I can imagine how frustrated you both are. I will keep your family in my prayers. And hang in there with your pregnancy! I was 5 months pregnant in AZ during the height of our summer heat, I know your pain of the heat!! Happy thoughts to you, keep cool!

Hope everyone else is doing good.

Well, as you all know I’ve been struggling with whether or not to have a 2nd baby. Today I found out that the decision has been made for me. Yup, to my surprise, I am pregnant! I only took the pregnancy test to verify that I wasn’t pregnant and that my period was just late, since I’m not totally on a regular schedule yet. I think I almost passed out when I saw 2 lines forming. Obviously it is very early, so as we all know, anything can happen. So for now we wait for the 12 week mark before we tell anyone. However, I knew my secret would be safe with you all. I think I’m still in shock. I sent a pic of our new garage cabinets (they got installed today) to show my hubby and then sent a pic of the pregnancy test. I called him on his work phone, as he looked at my text, I hear him say, “is this real?” He said he almost fell out of his chair!! Needless to say, we both are still soaking it in. Thanks for letting me share.

Take care everyone


:cheer: :cheer: Congrats!!! :cheer: :cheer:

I got my test back today and I have Gestational diabetes :grr:

Arbor have you contacted your Ob and/or Re? With your history they would probably do a quantitative pregnamcy test. I’m so excited for you!!!


holding- so sorry about the gestational diabetes. so what are your next steps going to be? I think BBluck had the same thing while she was pregnant.

I called my dr’s office yesterday, they usually see you btwn 6-8 weeks, so I’ve got my appt set. I don’t feel like it’s necessary to go for testing right now, it won’t change the outcome if I stay pregnant or not. I honestly am very guarded with my feelings right now, because I don’t know if this pregnancy will stick or not. So I am hoping for the best, but kinda expecting the worst. I know this happens to women all the time. But there are reasons why we had to have help with getting pregnant the first time. So time will tell. Thanks for your good wishes!


Arbor I’m sure some of the guarded feeling also comes from having had a loss…I’m excited for you!! I appreciate the cautiousness as I was too in the beginning… I’m actually getting to the part of my pregnancy that is scary for me.

As for the next steps I don’t know. The Ob is sending me to an endocrinologist. They are going to try and control it through my diet. I’ve gotta start weaning myself off Dr Pepper now :frowning: . There is a lady in my subsequent choices group (a group of women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or adopting after loss) and she is 6 weeks ahead of me with her pregnancy, I’ve been following in her foot steps this whole pregnancy…she had placenta previa - I got placenta previa…she got gestational diabetes- I got gestational diabetes…he’s to hoping for happy healthy births for both of us :slight_smile: …she’s having a girl and I’m a boy so that’s the only thing we aren’t following on


holding- I’m glad you have someone in your support group who can understand what you are going thru. Kinda weird that you guys are going thru the same things! I’m sure there are ways to get your gest diabetes under control and it’s just temporary giving up your dr pepper. Hang in there.

Afm, I’m losing my pregnancy symptoms and yesterday I had some intense cramps. I don’t think this pregnancy is going to last. I haven’t called the dr yet, just trying to wait and see what happens right now. My gut tells me that I will miscarry. I’m sad, but not totally surprised. Like my husband said, we are blessed to have one little guy and if that’s all we get that’s ok. I’ll keep you updated.

I hope everyone else is doing good. Schmoo, have you had that baby yet? :slight_smile:

Take care


Holding - man I feel for you … Your pregnancy has sure had its ups and downs. Hang in there you are almost at the end…

Arbor - :pray: let us know how you are doing :cross: for you and DH.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday baby hasn’t dropped and neither has my cervix … so we wait. My hands are so crippled the left one is partially numb making any small task difficult. We are getting so excited to finally meet baby I am starting to feel anxiety about labor…

Sorry this is short and sweet thinking about all of you :grouphug:


Arbor - I’m so sorry! :grouphug: :grouphug: Keep us posted on any happenings and how you are doing. It sucks getting excited (especially about a surprise) only to have it taken away. I’m so sorry!!

Schmoo - won’t they consider inducing you with your hands being so bad? It is definitely almost the end for you! I’m so excited for ya!!

The gestational diabetes isn’t that bad I guess. I am doing diet control for now. They have me checking my blood sugar 4 times a day once when I first wake up and one hour after each of my big meals. They also want me to have snacks, which is not something I’m used to. I told the lady I was doing good eating three times a day and now you want me to eat more. I’m not hungry, I don’t even get hunger pains normally. Once I get indigestion is when I figure out “oh, maybe I should have eaten” Anyhow, I’m hanging in there. I used the same finger for three sticks today and I bruised it, so this is going to be interesting for me. I did pass all the blood sugar tests :slight_smile:


Schmoo- so sorry about your hands. My friend said her left hand was numb almost her entire pregnancy. It’s crazy what pregnancy can do to other parts of your body. Hang in there. You are 38 weeks, only 2 more weeks to go. I don’t know how you feel about being induced, but if I were you, if possible, I’d wait until the baby is telling you he/she is ready to come. I was induced at 38 weeks, ( baby was under fetal stress) and my body wasn’t ready, so it was very painful. So if your dr’s start talking about it, really consider your options. On a another note, you are so close! I also had major anxiety about labor, totally normal. It is the unexpected that always freaks me out. But you’ll do great!! Keep us postedHolding, sounds like you have a plan in place to monitor your gest diabetes. Sucks having to take your blood 4x’s a day though. But it’s temporary, right? I can’t believe you don’t snack thru out the day. When I was pregnant, I had to snack all the time! Of course, that could be part of my almost 50lb weight gain! haha, or was it the cheeseburgers from Red Robin. Yum. Anyway, hang in there. Afm, nothing is happening here. I haven’t cramped or had any spotting yet. I did talk to the dr’s office, they said to call if I start spotting or bleeding. So as of right now, I am still pregnant. I just don’t know if it’s viable or not. I know every pregnancy is different, so maybe I just had a crampy day? But still, the fatigue has gone away, the heavy breast feeling is gone. I don’t know what to think. We are going to Portland in a few weeks to meet up with friends, so if things are still unclear, I’m gong to try to see the dr before we leave. Right now I have an appt the week we get back. I’ll keep you updated.


arbor how are you hanging in there? I know taking the “temp” on what’s happening every day can be stressful, but I’ve been thinking about you! I hope all is well. I hope it was just a crampy day that day and all else is well.

Afm, I’m doing fine. I have been monitoring my blood sugar and ketones the past several days. I called the pharmacy to see how much my strips were going to cost (co-pay wise) and found out the test strips for the meter the diabetes clinic gave me is not covered by my insurance. So now I have to call the clinic first thing on Monday and hope they can either get me a new meter or prescribe one that the insurance will cover. Then I have to figure out what the copay will be for those. Ugh I hate insurance some days. I have great coverage for the most part, but this is just crazy. When I asked how much they wanted for the test strips the pharmacy said 230.97. I was like that’s crazy!! I couldn’t imagine if I had to do this daily for the rest of my life. I am also throwing moderate to high ketones, which basically means I’m not getting enough nutrients and my body is burning fat. I have to call the clinic for that on Monday anyhow, as I called Friday and the “covering” doctor wasn’t all that helpful. He said to monitor all weekend (duh they have me monitoring daily) and if it stays mod to high call back on Mon or Tues, so I guess he’s not all that concerned. Any who besides all that I’m doing fine. I hope everyone else is doing good! Schmoo almost to the finish line!! I’m cheering for ya!


Hello ladies!

Holding- sounds like you’re getting things under control, but what a hassle with the testing and dealing with insurance co pays, and that on call dr sounded like he couldn’t be bothered. That kind of attitude annoys me. But like you said, he must not have been too worried. I hope you get things figured out and things go smoothly. Baby still moving a lot? You guys thinking of names? Have you picked a theme for his nursery yet?

Schmoo- how are you holding up? I wonder if you have delivered yet? So excited for you

Afm, I’m not sure what is going on with me. I haven’t had anymore bad cramps, some of my pregnancy symptoms have come back. Yesterday I was exhausted, very emotional, ugg I just wish I knew if this pregnancy was viable or not. I got so spoiled being an infertility patient, where the dr will monitor you so closely, as opposed to getting pregnant naturally, it’s a wait and c process. The dr’s office just says call if you start spotting or bleeding. I tried to get in earlier, but there where no openings. So now I wait and pray that this pregnancy is viable. As much as I’m not excited about being physically pregnant and having to have another c section, I am very excited about the possibility of another little one. And my little man is doing great, he is 8 months old, a crawling machine, walks along the furniture, pulls up on anything he can. He’s wonderful, and I thank god for him everyday.

I hope everyone else is doing good. Hopefully the lack of posts means things are gong good.

Take care everyone


Arbor - We have thought of names. At the top of the list is Liam Michael. We keep a running list and will decide for sure once he’s born and we see if the name fits him. We also like Dalton Michael. The theme is the same as Sammie’s. We choose a gender neutral theme because I was afraid they might have gotten the “sex” wrong and/or because we wanted more children and I didn’t want to have to get all new stuff every time. The theme is wildlife. I do still feel him move really well. He has some days with little movement, like yesterday, but that is usually after a day full of a lot of movement like Saturday.

Arbor I would call the doctor’s office and say, “Because of our infertility issues in the past is it possible to at least do a quantitative hcg test (which is only a blood draw and you don’t have to see the doctor), then do the blood draw two days later and at least see what is going on with the beta numbers” It would bring a little peace of mind and you are right we are spoiled knowing how closely we get monitored when we do a transfer. Unfortunately, no matter what the tests show you know as well as I do that we won’t know if it’s viable until much further along. I am excited for you and I’m here for you.

Schmoo almost there!


Holding- I like your name choices. We also waited until he was born to know for sure which name to go with. And the wildlife theme will be really cute. I hope your pregnancy continues going well. Soon you’ll get to meet your little man.

Schmoo- I bet you’ve had your little one by now. I hope to hear from you soon with all the wonderful details.

Hope everyone else is doing great

Afm, we leave tomorrow for Portland, our first plane ride with our little man. Cross your fingers for a nice sleeping baby! He’s a pretty chill kid, but he likes to be on the move, so keeping him still is going to be the challenge. And I go to the dr next week for my first pregnancy visit. I never called for the blood work, decided to just wait. It’s all in God’s hands.

Take care everyone


Ughh…I’ve typed this out a couple of times and had it crash each time, now trying cell…

Arbor - how’d the plane go?? I hope this is a relaxing great time for you guys!! Can’t wait to hear how the appointment goes next week!!

Schmoo - I hope you had the little one and are enjoying getting to know her

AFM, we have an END date!!! I go in September 19th for amniocentesis and if his lungs are good to go we have C-section September 20th…I’m so ready!!! The diabetes still not controlled, so here’s to hoping he’s not 15lbs. Ultrasound yesterday everything looked good and they estimated his weight at 4 lbs 2 oz. The C is due to complete privia still. Oh!!! Pray hard for us hubby has a job interview on Wednesday. The company skipped the phone interview and he’s going straight to the in person interview (which is usually unheard of unless you live in the city and we are three hours away). The other thing is there are two people who work at this company that used to work with my hubby at his last job, so this feels like a hail mary!!! It’s so hard to keep our emotions in check hoping and praying it comes through. Ironically it’s not our first choice for location or job, but we just want him to have a job in his career field again SO bad!!!


Wow, trying to get used to this new format. haha. Hope everyone is doing good. Looks like its just you and me right now Holding. So how excited are you that you have an end date, one month to go!! If you have any questions about a c section, let me know. How did your hubby’s job interview go? I hope he got the job and you guys can have one less stress on your shoulders! How is your gest diabetes? You feeling ok?
Afm, we went to the dr last week, all looks good so far, I’m 10 weeks and we were able to hear the heartbeat! I still have to go for an ultrasound, just waiting for the place to call me. It was nice to hear the heartbeat, but I’m still not 100% confident that this will be a successful pregnancy. But I am hoping that It is. I am excited to have a little brother or sister for my son. So God willing, all goes well. And my little man did great on our trip to Portland. He’s such a little ham, like my DH, the flight attendants loved him. It was such a relief that it went well. I’m truly blessed, he is a wonderful little boy. I never knew I could love someone so much.
Hope everyone else is hanging in there.
Take care ladies


Hi Ladies I am proud to announce the birth of our baby girl Gracie Kenneth Anne Gielen weighing in at 8lbs 6oz 20.5 inches long born on August 6th. I have logged on a few times to post but have had problems logging on. Congrats Arbor! I am so excited for you. Holding your almost at the end. Hope the time flies by Sorry this is short and sweet fill you in later about the birth. I hope EOE is doing well.