IVF/FET Spring 2012


Wow, trying to get used to this new format. haha. Hope everyone is doing good. Looks like its just you and me right now Holding. So how excited are you that you have an end date, one month to go!! If you have any questions about a c section, let me know. How did your hubby’s job interview go? I hope he got the job and you guys can have one less stress on your shoulders! How is your gest diabetes? You feeling ok?
Afm, we went to the dr last week, all looks good so far, I’m 10 weeks and we were able to hear the heartbeat! I still have to go for an ultrasound, just waiting for the place to call me. It was nice to hear the heartbeat, but I’m still not 100% confident that this will be a successful pregnancy. But I am hoping that It is. I am excited to have a little brother or sister for my son. So God willing, all goes well. And my little man did great on our trip to Portland. He’s such a little ham, like my DH, the flight attendants loved him. It was such a relief that it went well. I’m truly blessed, he is a wonderful little boy. I never knew I could love someone so much.
Hope everyone else is hanging in there.
Take care ladies


Hi Ladies I am proud to announce the birth of our baby girl Gracie Kenneth Anne Gielen weighing in at 8lbs 6oz 20.5 inches long born on August 6th. I have logged on a few times to post but have had problems logging on. Congrats Arbor! I am so excited for you. Holding your almost at the end. Hope the time flies by Sorry this is short and sweet fill you in later about the birth. I hope EOE is doing well.


Schmoo congrats!!! I haven’t replied yet because this new format isn’t cell phone friendly. Don’t get me wrong I like several of the changes, just trying to still get used to it too. Arbor, that is exciting hearing the heartbeat!!! We haven’t heard about the job yet, but it could be a while. They had just started the process and hubby was the first they interviewed, so… It’s kinda better the longer it takes if they do offer him the job, because we can ask for a Nov start date. If the come back sooner than it might be harder to get a start date in Nov. Either way I am hoping and praying he gets the job!!! The yes diabetes has been hard to control, but they are following me closely and all will be well I hope. I’d love to hear anything you want to tell me about c sections. I did just ask another friend of mine what to expect, she’s had two planned c’s and she told me a bit.


Congrats Schmoo! I’ve been wondering how things went and what you had! Love the name, Gracie, so cute and you had yourself a good size baby!
Holding, keeping my fingers crossed for your Dh and his job! And I’m glad you have someone to talk to about a c section. I didn’t, and not knowing what was normal or not after would’ve been nice.
It took me at 2 1/2 months before I felt normal.
Afm, we went for an ultrasound on Friday, all looks good, little peanut was moving around like crazy. Very cool to see.
Sorry so short, hope everyone else is doing great!


Hey Arbor,

How’s the early stages of pregnancy going? I’m still hanging in here. Not much more time left. My doctor took me out of work, so no much more until baby boy arrives. I am going to be giving birth at a different hospital. It will be at a hospital that has a NICU in case his lungs aren’t developed enough. With the previa they do not want me to go past 38 weeks. Actually they might even have me go sooner at 37 weeks. Right now we were set for 37 weeks 3 days, so we’ll see what they decide to do. I have three appointments next week that will help determine where we go from here.

Schmoo I hope you are loving that baby up I bet it’s taking time to get used to having another one around now.

As far as jobs go we haven’t heard anything from the job in Jersey, but hubby did just have an interview this past Wednesday that seemed promising. It would be in NY and would actually be commutable from where we live, but because it’s a NY government agency we would have to move to NY immediately if he were offered the job. How interesting. Anyhow, I think we are ready to either or both to come through. I’m more concentrated on the forth coming baby now.

I hope everyone else is doing great!!



Hi Holding, looks like its just you and me right now! You are almost there, you could be having that baby next week right? how exciting for you. Will you stay on the thread once you have him? If you don’t think you will, lets exchange numbers or become facebook friends. I feel like I know you, after all we’ve been on this thread for almost 2 years, going thru each others ups and downs. What do you think? If you’re not comfortable with that, I’d understand. Back to your baby who will be here so soon! Are you nervous about the c section? It’s just like what you see on tv, the sheet up so you can’t see, your hubby by your head, etc. The recovery is hard, but they say to take your meds and stay on a schedule with them to help with the pain. I didn’t take the prescribed meds, wanted to be aware of what was going on. So I did over the counter ones instead. I’m very excited for you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a safe delivery! Keep me posted of how the dr appts go.
Afm, I’m doing pretty good with this pregnancy. Honestly, I think I’m so busy with my little one that I forget that I’m pregnant, until the nausea hits and I get reminded real quick! But it’s not bad, as long as I’m not throwing up, its all good! So as far as I know, all is well. We don’t go back to the dr until the end of the month. Will keep you posted. And my little man is almost walking! He’s 9 months and so close! I think by the end of the month, it will happen.
Good luck this week at the dr’s.


Hi Ladies Arbor - so thrilled to hear this pregnancy is going well. I am excited for you. 9 months time sure flies. Holding - your so close to end. Hang in there before you know it that little guy will be in your arms. I ll keep my fingers crossed for your hubby. AFM -Gracie is wonderful so in love. She is a great baby we are so blessed. Think of you two often. Its been a long 4 year journey I am glad I had your support and encouragement. There are days I look at her in awe and think of how blessed we truly are.


Hey ladies just thought I would check in real quick. We went in Friday the 13th and had an amnio done to see if the baby’s lungs were developed enough to be born that day. Unfortunately, his lungs were not developed enough. We are now scheduled to have him on Thursday the 19th. We won’t be having another amnio because it then comes down to what’s more risky under developed lungs or my going into labor. So we have the end date in sight. I was hopeful for Friday, but also had several things I wanted to complete at home still, so it’s good to have a couple extra days.

Schmoo I’m so glad that you have fallen so in love with Gracie. It’s wonderful that you have her in you arms. How is your wrists doing now? I hope you are healing well.

Arbor - I’m so glad the pregnancy is moving along well. We are here for you for the whole thing! Hang in there, he/she will be here before you know it. I’m glad your little man is doing so well.


Congrats Holding! He is beautiful! Can you believe he’s here? How was the c section? I saw the other day that you were going to have him, but the site was all screwy and I couldn’t reply. But I was thinking of you and am so happy that your little boy is here! Keep us updated
Schmoo- I’m so happy to hear that things are going good with Gracie, and you all are doing good!
Ladies, I am so happy that you have your babies, and can know the joy that is being a mom.


Schmoo, if you are interested in keeping in touch off the thread, private message me. I’d love to keep up on you and your new life with your daughter. We could do facebook if you’re comfortable with that. If not, I understand. Take care


Holy Cow! So many wonderful things going on here! I could not find my login this new format is crazy on here. But so far I gather Jenn had her beautiful boy!!! I’m soooooooo happy for you!! I can’t wait to hear more! And Arbor, you are preggers again??? OMG! Wow! I’m gonna read back on this thread to catch up. AFM, babies are 10 months now. Madison no longer has to use the helmet. She is my lazy baby and likes things done FOR her. Mackenzie is independent and even tries to feed herself. They are sweet, funny’ and silly. They make me happy. We keep busy with library time for babies, fun Spanish class for babies, My Gym for babies, and2 play groups that we have joined. My life revolves around them and I love it! I have two little dolls to play with. Sometimes I miss work but not enough to go back for now, maybe later. I hope you are all fine please keep posting updates…I’m back:)


Arbor, I love your idea for keeping in touch on FB. I would like to create a page for this group. It will be a CLOSED Group with the name Forum Friends for Spring 2012. There are is still privacy, but so much easier to communicate and share updates. No one in the group can see your profile or any of your FB stuff unless they are your FB friend. So being in the group works very much like the forum, except we do see your FB name and anything you have set to PUBLIC. Read the info for a Closed Group. In order for me to create it, I need at least one member that has to be on my friends list. Arbor, let me know if I can create it by adding you and I will make you an admin too. If you agree Arbor, PM me so we can be FB friends and then I can create group by adding you. What do you ladies think?


Hello BBluck! It was so nice to hear from you and an update on your girls! I’m happy they are doing great and you are enjoying your new life. I sent you a private message with my info so you can friend me. My son isn’t letting me type much, will catch up later.
Take care everyone




Ladies!!! Hi!! How are you all?? I am so sorry that I’ve been MIA. My laptop dies in the spring, and for whatever reason I could never post from my iPad or phone. I’ve been trying to follow along but I still have lots to catch up on. But Holding - I am so so so happy for you! Liam is beautiful! Schmoo - congrats on your little girl! So exciting. THey grow so quick, don’t they? Arbor - hooray! How far along are you now? How are you feeling?
I feel so bad that I haven’t been able to support you all. My thoughts were with you, even if I couldn’t type anything though. I am happy for everyone!
Im not sure what I last posted about my little girl - she arrived March 18, 2013 at 9:11 am, weighing 10lbs, 2 oz and 23.5 inches long. I was induced, and delivered 9 days late. Labor/delivery was really not too bad, and I was able to go completely natural. She is now 6 months old, growing like a weed and doing so many new things every day. She just got her first tooth and just began eating cereal. I am exclusively breastfeeding and she is so very attached - I went back to work at 12 weeks and she began reverse cycling - not eating much and sleping a lot during they day and eating a bunch and not sleeping much at night. She has never slept through the night, and absolutely will not sleep on her own. So, we co-sleep and nurse and snuggle. I’m tired, but really, I wouldn’t change it for the world!
Paying my first bill for embryo storage today and yikes! Is it expensive. We ahve 10 embryos remaining. I 100% want to have another baby, my husband isn’t so sure yet. He is worried about the finances since daycare is so expensive. I figure we will wait at least a few years before we make the final decision.
Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell! I hope everyone else is doing well!
PS - has anyone ever heard from Jencat? I hope she is doing ok.


Hi Jenn! Great to hear from you! I also paid my storage fee and it was expensive too! I thought it would be closer to 300 per year, but we paid 500…ouch! Hey arbor, holding and I just started a little private FB group. We would love it if you joined! It’s called Forum Friends Spring 2012 and all convos are kept private, no one in the group can see your profile unless they are an actual FB friend…it’s so much easier to communicate. I hope you find us and join. Look for the link in the last post. Glad your little girl is doing great!


Hi Ladies I would love to join the Facebook group to catch up with all of you. Would someone PM so I can be added to the group. Aimee


Don’t know if anyone is checking this thread and/or wondering about the group, but there is a facebook group for us if you aren’t apart of the group already we would love to have you come join and get updates from everyone. I’m starting another round of FET in January (technically already doing the meds) Come and join if you haven’t.



Hi! I’m also checking in to see if we find any old friends on here! Hi Holding!


Hey BBLuck! I do hope more join us in our closed facebook group. It would be awesome!!