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Hi, all! I’ve been going through IUIs and it’s looking like I may need to move to IVF soon. So I’m looking for some responses about financing IVF. What are some of the ways that you all have been able to pay for IVF? My insurance does not pay for anything. We’re paying for all fertility-related expenses out-of-pocket. Also, I asked my clinic today about financing options and they don’t really have any there. There are no package deals or anything. So I’m just wondering whether people have been able to get loans or what other ways people have paid for IVF, since my DH and I don’t have the money to pay for it upfront. Thanks ahead of time for your input!


jp362: Originally, my DH and I were going to use ARC for financing. You do have to use one of their clinc’s though. Infertility, Fertility, IVF, fertility clinics, infertility clinics, fertility specialists, fertility experts, - Advanced Reproductive Care We thought their interest rates were too high, so we opted to take $$ from our 401(k) and pay for the IVF. By doing that we pay ourselves back at 4.25%, which was a better option in our case. I had a friend use carecredit to pay for her IVF…if you qualify, you can get 18 months interest free. Because we chose to use the 401(k), we didn’t check into carecredit, but it’s worth a try.

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We took a year to save for IVF b/c I was not really comfortable going into debt for this. I maxed out my Flexible spending account for 2010 and 2011 ($3000 each year), so we only had to save the difference, which made it a little more feasible. If you and/or your DH’s employer offers a flexible spending account, you can max it out and use it all at the beginning of the year–it is kind of like an interest-free loan. Tax returns will also be coming up soon, so if you are expecting a refund you can use that too. I also have a 2nd job, which doesn’t bring in much, but every little bit helps.

Good luck!


My clinic had something set up with Capital One. We took a loan out from them for IVF.


We also have no coverage for any IF treatments, so it’s really hard. We’ve been saving for about 2 years to pay for our first IVF cycle- just completed, BFN unfortunately, but we do have 2 frosties to attempt FET.

my clinic had a brochure and link on their website to medicalfinancing.com- we may look into that if we end up going for IVF #2.
For our FET- we are going to put it on our CC since it will end up being under $3k total with meds, and then we’ll pay that off with our tax refund next year- since We’ve had all these medical expenses this year relating to the IVF, we’ll hit the threshhold for the medical expenses deduction, so we should be able to take the whole cost of the FET as a deduction on our taxes for 2010.

Otherwise, if you have an option for either an HSA or FSA- those are great ways to at least pay for it with pretax dollars! If you have enough in your 401k to do a loan that way, that could be an option as well, since at least you are paying the interest back to yourselves, rather than to a bank.

Have you looked for any clinical trials in your area? go to clinicaltrials.gov to search. There are a couple i know of that have threads on this forum- I seriously considered doing one of those, but ended up not going that route for various reasons. If I lived closer to a participating clinic though, I definitely would.

Good Luck! I know exactly what you are going through- we are completely OOP and time is ticking. Our FET may very well be our last chance since we used all our savings for our IVF cycle, and not sure we want to go into debt to do a 2nd cycle, and it would likely take us another 2 years or more to save enough to pay for a cycle, and I’m already 37 1/2.

Best of Luck in finding your way through this!


Thanks for all the responses and great ideas! Best of luck to all of you and :cross: you get your :bfp: soon!


Ask your clinic for donated meds

I talked to some people and got some great advice. The best advice by far: ask your clinic if they can help out with extra/unused meds from other patients. My clinic probably just got me over half our needed meds for free.
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We are going to borrow part of the money for our cycle and pay it back as aggressively as possible. If you take out a loan make sure you can make extra payments without a penalty. We were approved for a loan at 10% interest over 48 months, but I think we can pay it back within 6 months if we really watch our expenses and therefore reduce the amount of interest we pay.

I was also told that I could borrow money from my retirement plan, but I felt more comfortable instead suspending contributions for a few months and taking a more conventional loan. Our financing will come from a company recommended by our clinic.

I also checked out CareCredit but unfortunately our clinic doesn’t accept them. It would be a great opportunity to get the 0% interest for up to 24 mos., that’s awesome.

We are also trying to max our our FSA/HSA accounts.

There are also programs that will offer you discounts or grants depending on your income, but unfortunately our modest incomes were still over the limit.