IVF first try in march/april 2012


Is anyone planning for ivf in march/april 2012? if so when should u start accupunture ?


Hey Greeshma!!! I didn’t think I would ever find a cycle buddy. Im not doing accupuncture. What is the purpose of that if you don’t mind me asking.


Hi Greeshma.

If you are looking to improve egg (and/or sperm) quality with accupuncture you should have atleast 3 months of treatments before Ivf. It takes roughly 3 months for the egg/sperm you are working on to mature/be production ready.

If you aren’t looking for that feature, then you can start shortly before your Ivf (a week or two). During the IVF cycle, they focus on helping your body process the drugs, reduce side effects, and work on building your lining to aid implantation. I also had electro-accupuncture to help with my lining.

They typically will want to see you once a week—and sometimes twice at certain times during stimulation. If you get your BFP, they typically would like to see you once a week until you hit the 2nd trimester.

I had very little side effects besides gloating during my Stims and pregnancy before I m/c and I hive the acupuncture the credit.

I’d also suggest hunting around for an acupuncturist that specialized in infertility—/they are not all created equal. I fell in love with mine when she suggested the “making babies” book! I had read it months prior to my ivf and looked and looked for someone local with that belief. I eventually gave up. Out of the blue I picked this acupuncturist because she was close to me RE. I found her a couple of weeks before starting my IVF. She tried to talk me into delaying and giving her atleast 3 months of weekly treatments with hubby and I----but I was too excited about the IVF. In hindsight—I wish I would have done it. Our IVF worked, but I miscarried at 10 weeks. We’re now focusing on trying to improve my hubby’s sperm issues—I’m going to give my acupuncturist 3-6 months before trying Ivf again.

If your acupuncturist recommends any herbs or supplements, please check with your RE first though!

Good luck on your cycle—I just may be on here in April with you!


Greeshma, geojenn, passion104,

Hello ladies!! I’m also scheduled for IVF in my April 2012 cycle. Nice to find cycle buddies so early on. I have just managed to get on the IVF wait list yesterday just before my RE went on Xmas vacation! I’m so excited. Hadn’t been able to afford IVF until now. So all systems a-go!

Acupuncture starting in Jan 2012. Just started on Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM this cycle to help ovulation, strengthen womb, increase blood flow, regulate hormones, improve ‘heat’. Hopefully preparing my system for IVF and like geojenn, hoping perhap a natural :preg:

Re accupuncture, what geojenn said. Weekly acupuncture starting from end of menses, twice weekly during ovulation.

Lovely to meet you ladies here. :babydust: to you all