IVF for #2 or more


Hello, My name is Christine and I am IVF success! With IVF #2, I have a beautiful baby girl name Joselyn who is nearly 20 months old. I am starting the process for IVF #3 in search of a sibling or two for her. This will probably be our last time since age is getting up there, but I am ready for this. Is anyone else going through IVF for a sibling?


me…23 month old girl … and a 17 year old that will be off to college next year. Looking for a sibling or 2…starting IVF 3 next week.


I am! Very similar to your story. Have a 15 month old daughter from IVF #2 - and just started stims last night in hopes of giving her a sibling! I had planned on doing this round in August, but had a natural pregnancy that ended in a MC at 9 weeks in August, which set me back a bit. Last week they found a polyp in my uterus, so I had to have surgery on Tuesday to have it removed (yes, 2 days ago). I was cleared yesterday to begin, and am thrilled!! What’s your schedule like? I have been on 10 units of lupron for a few weeks, lowered to 5 units and began 150 folistim and 75 menopur yesterday. Let the journey begin! Best of luck!!!


Me! You can see my siggie. I have 2 children and we’ve been trying for #3 for four years now with lots of miscarriages in the middle. Hopefully IVF is the answer for us.


So happy I have others to join me. On other forums, I for one feel a little out of place. Zelmo - hello my friend! I am glad we are together, you are very inspirational, uplifting and helpful. Xerxella - have been through a lot! Here’s hoping you have find some answers! cap1978 - that is familiar! Happy your surgery went well and are ready to rock and roll! AFM: I am on day 11 of diluted Lupron. I will be stimming with Gonal-F (the same meds as before just a change with the Lupron now being diluted). Tomorrow I go for my baseline as AF finally arrived. Where is everyone else at?


AF should start any day…baseline on day 2…stims start same day if all is ok


I’m on day 11 of my cycle, day 10 of stims. I go in for an u/ s this morning and I’ll find out if I trigger tonight or tomorrow. I’m guessing tomorrow.

Good luck everyone!!!


Zelmo so we are very close to one another. I had my baseline yesterday and started stims last night. Xerxella ready to trigger soon awesome! Sending positive vibes and baby dust your way! Keep us posted. So how does everyone balance life with baby or babies and possibly work and infertility? I feel like I am trying to be Wonder Woman/Mary Poppins and I am exhausted already. Is anyone working full-time and doing all this? Just curious on if someone has a secret on how to make this all work without going insane… Happy Sunday!


I did it, working full time and caring for a (then) 2-year-old. It certainly wasn’t easy, but my husband and our amazing day-care provider really picked up the slack. The hardest part was finding time for the progesterone shots, since DH had to give them to me and we didn’t want our nosy son watching! We did them either before he woke up or right after he went to bed in the PM.

Honestly, the hardest part has been pregnancy the second time around. I’m a teacher and work with young children all day, then come home to my own young child. I’m exhausted, and by the time he goes to bed, I don’t have much left to give my amazing partner. I try to pace myself and take breaks (ie. hire a sitter, call my MIL) when I really need it.

It IS doable. Best wishes!!


One more question: I am on 300 iu of Gonal-f twice a day. Has anyone ever had that much for stims? I am nervous about it…even though both times I have low egg #s I was never on this much. Again, just curious!


Thanks Francesca13! This helps! I can already feel that I am going to need some extra help. I am just not good at asking for it…but I better start practicing now!


I’m on 300 iu of follistim and 300 units of menopur daily… I have low amh though so we are or will be on high doses…


I’m on 450iu of follistim and 150 of Menopur. Buti also have low AMH. You can see my last 2 cycles in my siggie. I wish I was on a higher dose, but I guess after a certain amount it doesn’t add anything.


I’m in the same boat…work full time, run to daycare to pick up my 15 month old, then cook dinner, play and get her ready for bed! I’m on day 7 of stims and starting to feel a little uncomfortable and tired. I ended up calling my sister for help yesterday after work though, and luckily she was able to drop my 13 year old niece off to help me until my husband got home. As my husband said this morning, every shot I get I am closer to retrieval! I love how he is trying to be supportive, but if he only knew!! I just can’t wait to trigger…never been so excited to get a big shot before. I’m losing it!!!

Good luck ladies!!!


Hello Ladies. This is IVF #5 in 2013 for me. I am on lupron 10 units daily, then AF comes, then gonal-F last cycle was 300 am and 225 pm, and menopur 75pm and lupron as suppressant. On Lupron 14 days I believe. We froze 8 embabies on Day 5 of IVF #4 in Sept. Will thaw those and add to fresh to biopsy for PGS.


E2 I don’t remember what is good or not. I am on day 5 of stims and it is only 281…the nurse said that it was a good start but…


Good luck HeartSick4Girl! I hope your embies get you your baby. Welcome!


cap1978 Thanks for relating to me and letting me know I am not alone on this island. It is quite daunting if you think about it. I am totally exhausted! My husband has stepped up but if only I can get a maid and a cook for a little while…just fantasies! I am now on day 5 of stims and its going okay. Headaches have started and teething is thriving…but I love it! I am ready for my big shot too!


Everyone is so different, and as long as it continues to go up I bet you are good.


We will see what it is today. Bloodwork and u/s this morning.