IVF Good HCG Spotting No Symptoms


Here is a little history: first pregnancy was natural but miscarried twins at 7 weeks, second pregnancy iui and it was chemical, third pregnancy iui birth to wonder baby girl, fourth pregnancy iui got a good heart rate then miscarried at 8 weeks, fifth was iui and ectopic, current pregnancy was IVF 5 day transfer of 2 excellent blasts on 10-16-10. Now here is where I am. We got our first Beta reading of 233 on 10-25 then 639 on 10-27, super excited. On 10-28-10 had some brown and dark red spotting which stopped within hours. I did not have a lot of symptoms with any of my pregnancy but I did have very sore breasts with my one live birth. Now we are in the dreaded 2WW and I have no symptoms except for a little increase in appetite and some dizzy spells. Any thoughts, how does it all look?


I had no symptoms of pregnancy and didn’t have beta testing at that point, either. I was so convinced I was NOT pregnant that I refilled my next round of provera and clomid, but held off taking them until after the holidays. New Years Eve I started worrying that I would mess things up by taking the meds if I were pg, and lo and behold…

You’ve got those nice strong beta numbers…hang onto that and try not to read to much into symptoms. Every pregnancy is so different!! Congratulations and good luck. :slight_smile:


Forgot to add-the bleeding was probably implantation. I had bright red blood at 14 dpo (thus, convinced I wasn’t pg). Hope this helps!


If you read around on here there are tons of IVF ladies who have had spotting early in their pregnancies. As scary as it is, I think it is pretty common and would try not to worry if you can! I know the beta number doesn’t matter as much as the doubling but your numbers look great and I would just try to stay as stress free as possible until the first ultrasound (much easier to say than to do, I know!)
Best of luck! :clap: :clap:


I’m an IVG pg (well, FET to be exact) and am having pretty regular spotting that is both brown and red (switches from one to the other). My RE said that’s common, and I’ve had two U/S done early, and the little guy is still in there. A couple other ladies on my FET board have had similar spotting. If all you are getting is spotting, I wouldnt’ worry to too much. And as for the symptoms you’re not getting…They’ll come. Your betas are great. You’re pregnant. Try to relax until your U/S. (I know, easier said than done).



Ok well we went in today for our ultrasound. We are technically 6w1d. We had one heartbeat but it was only 70bpm and measured 5w4d. I am freaking out here. We are going back in one week for an ultrasound to see how things are looking. Ahhhhhh what do you think?



Praise Jesus. Baby is on track. The little darling measured exactly 7W1D which is consistant with where we are and the heart was a beautiful 127 BPM. Thank you for all the prayers.