Ivf + Icsi Question


[FONT=Calibri]Hi ladies. Wondering if you can give any advice. DH SA cameback the other day 2.5 mil / 22% motility / 8% morph (due to double hernia& undescended teste as a baby with surgery to correct). I had a HSG done,test results great, FSH levels OK, Progerstone low- last draw on 100mg ofClomid 6.1. (I had 3 failed rounds). I have read various forums that suggestthat with his count it will be IVF + ICSI. How many months of monitoring wouldwe need to do in order to start our 1[SIZE=2]st[/SIZE][SIZE=3] cycle. My insurance does notrequire IUIs before IVF. Thanks so much in advance, we go Saturday again to RE.[/SIZE][/FONT]


[FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’][SIZE=3]Kmjf114 – You will not need months of monitoring for IVF. But you will need a work up which includes your HSG and various labs. Depending on where you are in your cycle you can start as early as in a few weeks! My protocol was BCP for 3 weeks, Lupron then stimming injections. Best wishes once you get started everything will move quickly. [/SIZE][/FONT]


Most RE’s have a required workup of tests that they want done before starting or making the recommendation for IVF w/ICSI, but since you already have many of those tests it appears it shouldn’t take months. Even if you had to start from scratch it may only take two months before getting the recommendation. Seems like you already know you need IVF w/ICSI though and often RE’s will recommend it with only male factor being an issue which you all have. My clinic for example does 80% of their IVF’s as ICSI as that is all they recommend where male factor is part of the equation.

We were part of a program so had to do a ton of pre-required testing (that most RE’s don’t require), but even with all that testing it only took us two months to complete them. My DH was deployed for a year so that is the only reason it appears in my signature that it took forever–lol. We had to do an SA, HSG, Saline sono, pap smear, and a ton of blood work for thyroid, prolactin, FSH, LH, Estradial, Progesterone, a clomid challenge test, STD testing, Cystic Fibrosis, and more. Once all that came back clear then we were accepted into our program and given a cycle date.

Things went very quick from there.

We did the same protocol as webelieveinmiracles. Birth control for 3 wks. approx. then Lupron then Menopur and Gonal F.


Before starting IVF my RE required a HSG or other type of cavity scan which you’ve already had so that’s good. Your RE may want to have it done within a certain timeframe so…

My RE wanted a recent PAP, breast exam, blood work panel for infectious diseases, mock transfer, doppler U/S, and some other testing which I had already completed so I’m not sure what all they would have required had I not completed some of it beforehand.

The best thing to do is ask your RE what testing is required. The testing phase for me took about two months to get everything all done and ready to go.


We got our recommendation after my husband failed his sperm test. The doctor took one look at it and said you need IVF with ICSI. This was march 5th. Since then I had a mock transfer, two types of ultra sound and blood tests for infectious diseases which are a pain in my side right now because one came back irregular and I had to go for another one. If that one comes back ok which I’m sure it will then we are set to have our IVF medication tutorial the first week of June. Then I will start the stop Lupron protocol and hopefully have an ER date of July 15th. We could have done it a month earlier but I teach and I want to be out of school before starting the Lupron. It gives massive headaches and I don’t want to deal with it at work. I’m too stressed already. So it only takes a few months. Good luck!


Thank you everyone for you advice! Very much looking forward to Saturday to finally get on a treatment plan to get this started :clap: :clap:


Just thought I would let you know that I answered these questions on the other thread that you started :).


:nerd: Thank you much Britt!