IVF in Europe


Hey I’m new to the whole IVF process! I read the blogs all the time trying to learn more about the procedure. I was curious to know if any of you have or have heard about getting IVF abroad. My DH is Army and we are stationed in Germany. My RE is great his accent is a little thick so I find myself trying to concentrate on what he is saying at the moment that I forget to ask questions. I have been taking Gonal-f and now Cetrotide is this a usual? I go for another U/s on Wednesday…and possible ER on Friday if all is well which I am praying it is. I was also wondering how you felt physically before an ER? I know this maybe a lot but if anyone has time please humor me!:slight_smile:


Hi Wanabby,
Drop me a private mssg if you’d like learn about experiences in Germany. I have tried both Germany and the US, not sure if the rest of the forum is interested. Take care!


Hi Lynus, I would also be interested to hear of your experience in Germany; we are trying to decide on an IVF clinic either in the US or overseas (possibly Israel, Holland). Thanks!


The very general rule is that European protocols give more emphasis to safety and low cost while the American protocols give more emphasis to success rates.