IVF in Ukraine



My two IVF efforts were unsuccessful. Decided to change the place.

I’ve read a lot about this issue and studied the market. Ukraine is said to be popular for infertility treatment. Another advantage of in vitro fertilization in the Ukraine is that the country has a well established track record in reproductive medicine and its clinics are modern and very well equipped. What’s more, most doctors are trained to high international standars and are very attentive and caring. Succes rates for IVF in the Ukraine are also quite impressive – in some patient profiles they are as high as 42% and 60% for egg donation treatment

I selected Babyboom clinic based on reviews. Got profound consultation from the manager.

Currently I am negotiating with Babyboom clinic. They have convenient all-inclusive packages.

We are planning the first trip there soon together with husband. Has anyone came across their website?

Does anyone have experience of infertility treatment in Ukraine?

Thanks in advance


I have experience with infertility treatment in Ukraine. I delivered my first child with no problem at all. However, 1 years later when I was TTC my second born it seemed kinda hard. 2 years trying to conceive. The journey was not rosy at all. I never bothered going to the hospital because I presumed I was healthy. My first born came so fast without even trying. Then my DH told me to start seeking medical care. I moved from one clinic to another with no help. I had a failed IVF and another failed IUI. It was so disappointing. You can imagine the money that I lost to fund those procedures. Then my friend introduced me to Bio tex in Kiev. Their services were of high quality and affordable., They had a long history of success. Even when I checked their patients reviews, it was full of positivity. I decided to give a try., Since then I do not regret joining their patients list. they told me my problem and offered a list of solutions. They explained everything to me from scratch. I have never had a assisted pregnancy before so I was new to all those stuffs. I am now a mother of 2 kids and very happy. I hope your clinic will do wonders to you too.


Yes, i’ve heard about them too. In Ukraine there are lots of clinics.
I am working with Babyboom now. They seem realy professional and I am satisfied with their flexible approach to each client.
Also contacted some of their ex clients and got positive feedback.
Its good to find some good agency because the problem is very intimate and support is needed


I prefer Bio texcom clinic more than any other. There services are of high quality. Can you imagine that they are even running out of 2018 economy package. Many clients are streaming in. Now if someone wants to register for the economy package they only have this week. Unless other wise they will be forced to go for either the standard or VIP packages. They are very affordable. I have been there severally. Even the clients results are satisfying. A friend of mine introduced me there after she had several failed IVF too. But when she went there just one trial and she was successful. That is why I always believe the clinic has a lot to do with the success of a treatment. You can also learn more about their surrogacy here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj1tXv5j5Q4. The vlog is of more importance if you want to know more about them. As they will be posting there for more information.


Hi Alisha. I am so happy for you. You choose the right place to have a baby. Even I myself went there to have a baby. Everything goes very well. Doctors treated like a family member. I am just thankful to them for experiencing us such a wonderful time. You should go there without a doubt. Also if you have any kind of doubt you can also meet a lot of people there. Best of luck.


Ukraine is very popular regarding surrogacy and IVF. There are many infertility clinics in Ukraine. The surrogacy rates in Ukraine are much less than the surrogacy rates in other countries. I have read alot about surrogacy as i have to go for surrogacy to have a baby. I read on many forums that many infertile couples went to Ukraine to have a baby and it was successful. I have watched a number of videos from different couples sharing their surrogacy journey with everyone.


Hi. I think you should try Ukraine. Their treatments are affordable and good. Their reviews have been amazing too. If IVF doesn’t work for you this time, then you should know there is some other problem. You might wanna consider surrogacy or adoption then. Good luck.


Hey there. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really happy that you didn’t lose hope. However, I have had my surrogacy from biotexcom. I prefer it more. Its better know too. Has a great reputation. However, do your research about both. see whats best for you. Tae care.


I think you should make your way to Europe. Treatments there are affordable and good. People reviews about them are amazing too. I think instead of IVF, you should give surrogacy a chance. Surrogacy has benefited many infertile couples in past. Wishing you very best of luck!


Hi Alisha. Hope so you are doing good. Well, I feel so sad for your unsuccessful experience. Well, it’s not your fault. Sometimes it’s just a time that is not in your favor. But you don’t have to give up. Try try try again till you succeed. As it is the only way to achieve your desire. Well, I do not know about clinics much. But before you make any choice just check clinic reviews first. Best of luck.


You got that right. The place you are talking about is been under so many conversations. And are offering fewer rates. And this place is been providing much success rates from years.
You did a good thing. Going over suggestions. And finally proceeding. But I believe that you must keep your own research. Before you proceed. Even I have some names in mind. That I am looking forward to my surrogacy procedure.


I went to the same country for the treatment. It was surrogacy, however. Also, the clinic was different. Though I agree about the popularity of IVF in the city. These procedures are very successful in the country. Many people around the globe come here. In fact, the clinic I chose, had a very long queue. I was terrified first. Then DH explained the reason. He said the clinic was very popular. That is why it had so many people coming in. I dont mind that though. As long as my purpose was fulfilled. Which got fulfilled. I have a baby boy from surrogacy.


Hi Alisha. Where are you from? Why did you decide to go to Ukraine? Isn’t it risky to go abroad for such treatment when you can simply do it at any clinic closer to your home? I am not up to IVF so I may be wrong. I’ve googgled clinincs mentioned here and haven’t found anything about Babyboom clinic except for the clinic’s website. Wishing you all the luck and be careful, it doesn’t sound safe to have treatment in Ukraine


Hi Cara? How are you doing? I read in your post that you are also going for surrogacy? Well, I need some information about surrogate mother. One of my friends is opting surrogacy as her last choice for becoming a mother. But she is a bit worried about surrogate mother. She doesn’t have good reviews regarding surrogate mothers. She thinks that surrogate mother does it for money. As money of them belongs to the poor background. That’s why they are doing it. And it will put a negative impact on the mind of her baby. And also there are legal laws relating to surrogate right there. So she is not really convinced for surrogacy. Do you know any of these fact related to surrogate mothers? As I am not aware of these facts.


Hey Alisha! I hope you will be all right. I just read your post. I’m glad to know that you are adopting IVF. I’m really proud of you. I have also got many great reviews about them. Such clinics also provide their customers with gender selection. I hope everything will be fine. Just stay positive and hopeful.
All my sympathies are with you.
All the best.


Hi ladies! Can definitely relate! Here’s my background leading me to ivf with donor egg. Dh was 42 yrs old. Me- 40. We got married in 2013. ttc since 10/14. After a year of unsuccessful tyring I was diagnosed on pcos & blocked fallopian tubes. Dh was just ok. My amh results came in less than 3.2 which was extremelly low to count on. IVF #1 9/15 - failed. IVF#2 12/15 - failed.I never saw the faintest of BFP with both ivfs.
Doc suggested PGD as he suspected me of being a carrier of Wilson disease. Very rare treatable disorder. Our further step was using donor eggs. It took us 2 shots to get prego with them. Currently we’re into the same process again. Working for a sibling. Just wanted to say you did right when headed off to Ukraine for ivf treatments. Firstly, it’s cheaper than anywhere else. Biotexcom, for example, where we’re currently undergoing the program, provides 1 IVF cycle for EUR 4,900, 2 cycles for EUR 6,900 (EUR 3,450 per cycle) and 5 cycles for EUR 9,900 (EUR 1,980 per cycle), which is incredibly cheaper than average cost for cycle in Ukraine. All of the packages include donor eggs, all medications, transfer from/to the airport and from/to the clinic, accommodation, meals, interpreter services. Their prices were the huge factor for us. Also short waiting time frames comparing to other clinics. And probably the most important - their high success rates. With that package of 5 shots for 9,900 EUR you get unlimited number of attempts + life birth guarantee. It means they will try again and again unless are successful. In case you face 5 failures in a row and you don’t want to continue trying they refund 100% money paid back! I’ve definitely haven’t seen such sort of guarantee anywhere else! So I’m sure you’re on the right way with the country chosen. Now do your best to choose the right clinic for you. Wishing you the best of luck in the world!


Hey there! Just wanted to ask you for some updates. What clinic are you using for surrogacy? Ukrainian one, right? What stage are you at so far? Have they matched your surrogate? Did you have to wait long? Thank you.


Oh, I am sorry to know about your failures. I think you should give it try in Ukraine. I have heard many good reviews about it. I wish you luck in future, Don’t forget to share more about you. More power to you. Bay dust on your way. Stay blessed and strong.


Oh wow, I also went to the same country. However, I had surrogacy treatment from there. Also, the clinic was very prominent. IVF is practiced nowadays but it’s risky. It requires good physical and mental health to conceive a baby. That’s why experts prefer to recommend the surrogacy treatment. The clinic I went for surrogacy is very prominent in the area. When I went to the clinic, I had many questions in my mind. Then my friend told me everything about surrogacy. Hence, at that point, my all doubts were eliminated. I peacefully had surrogacy treatment from there. It was beneficial for me. It filled my life with colors. I’m glad that I went for such treatment. I will also suggest you the same.


I am really sorry to hear your story. You have gone through a rough time. Yes, I was infertile too. Then I moved to Europe for my treatment. I was scammed by Lotus clinic in Europe. Then I moved to another good clinic in Europe. They suggested my surrogacy. They said that don’t waste your money on IVF. Because of chances of conceiving in IVF is low. So I decided to go with surrogacy. Trust me it was the best decision of my life. They were best in dealing with surrogacy. They have less expensive treatment. I had a baby boy through surrogacy. My family was completed. I wish you a very good luck too