IVF is next


Did an IUI today. I’m not very hopeful. Doctor had a talk with us after for the future, she still says trying IVF again will be our best chance (had one failed attempt). Don’t get me wrong I’d love to do it…it just costs so much! But I found a new blog that I like today about infertility. I can’t wait to read more.

Inside Infertility


Hi Gardengirl11,
I do know that I went through a few IUIs and they did not work. My RE said with my age he could get me pregnant on the first try using IVF. I took a chance and we took on a great expense but it was all good in the end. I did carry a full pregnancy and now we have a 16month old little girl. I do wish I had done IVF sooner but everything happens for a reason! If you need someone to talk to feel free to private message me… Good luck you will do great!